House of John Ledyard, Hartford, Connecticut

Geographic position

41.7627° N, 72.6743° W


Fundraising Tour of Great Britain


Occom returns to Mohegan

Sources Crompton, Samuel Willard. "Ledyard, John." American National Biography Online. 2000. Web.

General note

John Ledyard’s house was located in Hartford, Connecticut. The grandfather of the famous American explorer of the same name, Ledyard donated money to Wheelock for the education of two Delaware Indian boys in 1755. In 1765, the Board of Correspondents in Connecticut held a meeting at Ledyard’s house. The meeting minutes indicate that several votes took place regarding the Indian missionary project of education among the Six Nations, and also refer to Occom’s move from Long Island to Mohegan and the loss of his possessions during the trip. The board further agrees that if Occom does not go to England with Whitaker, he will be employed as a missionary to the Six Nations and will receive a “reasonable allowance.”