Lathrop, Daniel

last name (variants): Lothrop
Birth: May 1, 1712 in Norwich, CT
Death: January 8, 1782 in Norwich, CT

Yale College


Studied medicine at Yale College, graduating in 1733, and at St. Thomas's Hospital, London (1736-1737).


Merchant and druggist

  • Norwich (from 1712 to 1782)
Marital status

Married Jerusha Talcott, December 18, 1744.


With his brother Joshua Lathrop, Daniel Lathrop was a prominent businessman who owned a mercantile and pharmacy in Norwich, Connecticut. Daniel Lathrop was also an early benefactor of Moor's Indian Charity School, and advanced fiscal support for Samson Occom's fundraising trip to Great Britain. Daniel Lathrop was a cousin of John Lathrop of Boston, minister of the Old North Church and husband to Mary Wheatley.


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