Lyman, Thomas IV

first name (variants): Tho.s
honorific(s): Mr.
Birth: 1746 in Durham, CT
Death: June 6, 1832 in Durham, CT
  • Durham, CT ( to 1832-06-06)
Marital status

Thomas Lyman married Rachel Seward in 1771. They three children: George, Betsey, and Henry.


Thomas Lyman was born in 1746 and spent the majority of his life in Durham, CT. He was an avid reader and intellectual, and Thomas Jefferson hosted him at Monticello for a week. He accompanied General Phineas Lyman on a mission in the south, and during the Revolutionary War he was the quartermaster for the First Connecticut Regiment. Lyman also served as a representative to the convention that established Connecticut’s constitution. He married Rachel Seward in 1771 and had three children, George, Betsey, and Henry. He died in Durham, CT on June 6, 1832.


Coleman, Lyman. Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain & America: The Ancestors & Descendants of Richard Lyman, from High Ongar in England, 1631. J. Munsell: Albany, NY, 1872. "Thomas Lyman House (1778)." Historic Buildings of Connecticut. Accessed 24 July 2014.

General note

The evidence that this is the Thomas Lyman referenced in the manuscript is not definitive; however, his connections to General Phineas Lyman and CT make it very likely that Thomas Lyman is the son of General Phineas Lyman’s cousin. General Phineas Lyman’s (1715-1775) father was Noah Lyman (1686-1728). Noah Lyman had a brother, Thomas Lyman (1678-????), who had a son, Thomas Lyman (1714-1761), father of Thomas Lyman (1746-1832). According to the website Historic Buildings of CT, Lyman did not live in Durham his whole life; he spent some time in the south, although the dates of that period are unclear. Thomas Lyman IV is known for the Thomas Lyman House built in Durham, CT around 1774-1778.