Huntington, Jonathan Sr.

honorific(s): Doctor
Birth: October 7, 1695 in Windham, CT
Death: September 15, 1773 in Windham, CT

Colony of Connecticut





  • Windham, CT
Marital status

Married Elizabeth Rockwell in 1734. They had five children, only one of whom (Eunice) survived infancy.


Dr. Jonathan Huntington was the first practicing physician in Windham, CT. Eleazar Wheelock hired him regularly from 1737 to 1768 to attend to the students at Moor’s Indian Charity School. Even after Wheelock moved to New Hampshire in 1770, Dr. Huntington continued to take care of Ralph Wheelock, Wheelock’s epileptic son. Dr. Huntington’s nephew, Jonathan Huntington, was also a doctor and also took care of students at Moor’s; thus, the two are sometimes referred to as Dr. Jonathan Huntington Jr. and Sr., respectively, to avoid confusion. Dr. Huntington also had a brief political career: he was on the colony council from 1754 until 1758 and he served as a local judge from 1749 until 1757.


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