Huntington, Christopher IV

Other names: Deacon
Birth: June 20, 1719 in Norwich, CT
Death: March 1800 in New Concord, CT






Marital status

Married Sarah Bingham 1748. They had four children.


Christopher Huntington (IV) was a physician and deacon in New Concord, CT (Bozrah, CT), a satellite parish of Norwich. He was one of Eleazar Wheelock’s cousins. Occom seems to have struck up a friendship with Deacon Huntington on his later travels; this may suggest that the deacon was a New Light or even a Baptist.


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General note

The identification of Christopher Huntington as Deacon Huntington in 785301 is mainly situational: he was a deacon with the right name in the right place at the right time (another Deacon Huntington, Theophilus, left New Concord for Lebanon in 1780). Deacon Huntington in 785301 is not the same man as Deacon Huntington in 757378. Aside from the span of time between the two references, their places of residence seem to differ: the 1757 Deacon lives in or near Norwich, while the 1785 Deacon lives in or near New Concord (a parish to the west of Norwich, now Bozrah). The sheer geographic spread of the Huntington name—and the tradition of churches appointing Huntingtons as deacons—further increases the odds that these are different men.