last name (variants): Crague
honorific(s): Mrs.
Marital status

married to Captain James Gregg


Mrs. Gregg was the wife of Captain James Gregg, veteran of the Relutionary War. While serving at Fort Stanwix in 1777, Gregg left the Fort to shoot pigeons and was shot, tomahawked and scalped by unidentified Indians. He recovered, returned to duty, and in the 1780s was living with his wife in central New York near the Mohawk River in the area east of Brothertown where Occom frequently traveled to preach. Occom records staying with the Greggs on numerous occasions. On June 26, 1786, he notes that he stopped at the Greggs to find only Mrs. Gregg at home, who told him that she was the daughter of a man he visited in Blooming Grove many years ago when she was very young, and showed him the book he gave her. There is no more information on Mrs. Gregg or how she and her husband came to know Occom so well, but Mrs. Gregg's memory of Occom and his gift seems to suggests how generous and renowned he was in the region.


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