Gazlay Family

last name (variants): Gazley; Gasley
honorific(s): Mr.; Mrs.
Birth: John was born July 9, 1722 in Goshen, NY
Death: August 9, 1811 in Green County, NY






  • Great Nine Partners, NY (from 1746)
Marital status

John Gazlay married Anna Ward (November 15, 1725-1797) on October 30, 1746 in Great Nine Partners, Duchess County, NY. They had twelve children: Mary "Polly" (October 4, 1747-1805; married Dr. Forman), John (January 11, 1750-February 26, 1813; married Sarah Furman), Daniel (March 22, 1752-1777; married Keturah Platt), Anna (b. July 8, 1754; married William Carter), Hannah (b. April 18, 1756; married William Wright), James (January 23, 1758- August 6, 1823; married Huldah Carter), Jonathan, (August 17, 1760-September 7, 1835; married Karenda Carter), Elizabeth (February 9, 1763-June 1, 1847; married Samuel Furman), Deidamia (June 18, 1765-December 11, 1850; married Philip Heartt), Abigail (April 27, 1768-1795), Joseph and Benjamin (twins: born November 27, 1771; Joseph died June 29, 1821 and married Annie Marshall; Benjamin married Ruth Bradford.


In 1787, Occom records preaching tours for December and June in his journal during which he visited extensively with the Gazlay family, also spelled Gasley. However, it is unclear which members of this large family he means, except for John and Deidamia Gazlay. John (Jr.) was the son of John Gazlay and Elizabeth Sayrs, who emigrated from England in 1715. John was born in Goshen, New York, in 1722 and served an apprenticeship as a mill-wright in Orange County, NY. He moved to Great Nine Partners, in Duchess County, where he purchased 500 acres of land, and married Anna Ward in 1746. They had 12 children. Occom calls Deidamia the "sister" of the Mr. Gazlay he travels to Schenectady with, which would make that person the son of John and Anna, either John Jr., James, or Jonathan. (The twins Joseph and Benjamin, are also possibilities, but would be only 16 years old at the time of Occom’s visit.) It is also possible that he refers to different Gazlay men on different occasions. Occom also refers to a "Mrs. Gazlay and her daughter." This could be Anna, the matriarch, or one of her married daughters and granddaughter.


Gazlay Family History.