Folts, Conrad Jacob

first name (variants): Conorad; Conrod
last name (variants): Fols; Folt; Fol
Other names: Captain
Birth: December 7, 1747 in Herkimer, NY
Death: June 7, 1793 in Frankfort, NY


Marital status

Married to Anna Dygert (or Deichert; 1749-1813); they had ten children: Jacob (1775-1831), Warner, Mary, Johan Jost (or Joseph 1782-1856), Anna, and five others.


Conrad Folts was the son of Jacob Melchert Folts (1710-1808) and Anna Catherine Petrie Folts (1714-1799), who settled in the area around Herkimer, near the Mohawk River in central New York. The Folts were probably part of the large German settlement concentrated around German Flatts. Conrad was a Captain, though the records do not indicate where or whom he served. In the 1780s, when Occom, David Fowler and others from Mohegan and Stockbridge began moving Christian Indians up to the Oneida lands they had been given to settle, Occom met and befriended Folts and his family, who lived close to the settlements of Brothertown and New Stockbridge. On October 21, 1785, Occom recorded the first time he lodged with "one Mr. Folts," a phrase he used to denote this as an initial meeting. By September 11, 1786, however, Occom noted, "put up at my good friends Mr Conrod Fols." He lodged and "tarried" with the family several times during 1787 after visits to and from Brothertown. Folts is buried in the Oakview Cemetery in Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY.