Paul, Christiana (née Occom)

last name (variants): Paul
Birth: 1757 in Mohegan, New London, CT
Death: After 1797 in Lake George, NY

Mohegan Tribe





  • Mohegan, CT (from 1757 to 1784)
  • Brotherton, NJ (from 1784 to 1797)
  • Lake George, NY
Marital status

In 1777, married Anthony Paul with whom she had at least six children.


Christiana Occom was born in 1757 in Mohegan, CT as the ninth child of Samson Occom and Mary Fowler. Christiana spent her childhood in Mohegan, where she married the Reverend Anthony Paul in 1777. The couple eventually settled in Brotherton in 1784. There, they raised at least six children, four of which Samson Occom baptized. Occom's journals tell of many joyful visits he paid to his daughter and son-in-law while on his travels. Christiana and Anthony finally left Brotherton in 1797 to settle in Lake George, NY.


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