honorific(s): Mr.




  • Bartholomew-Close, near West-Smithfield, London

Fundraising Tour of Great Britain


J. and W. Oliver were the London printers who printed Moor's Indian Charity School publications in England, including Wheelock's 1766, 1767, and 1769 Narratives, and the 1767 composite narrative, "A brief narrative of the Indian charity-school in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England : founded and carried on by that faithful servant of God, the Rev. Mr. Eleazar Wheelock." They printed primarily religious and missionary titles. A Mr. Oliver, perhaps either J. or W., appears in several letters from Robert Keen to Nathaniel Whitaker written during the fundraising tour. In these letters, Keen responds to Whitaker's complaints about not receiving narratives from Mr. Oliver as quickly as expected. These letters offer an illustration of Keen and Whitaker's deteriorating relationship, as well as how difficult Keen found Whitaker's personality. Mr. Oliver the printer should not be confused with Andrew Oliver, a member of the London Commissioners in Boston and Massachusetts Assembly, who appears in different letters from the same time.


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