Peck, Samuel

honorific(s): Reverend; Mr.
Birth: 1706 in Rehoboth, MA
Death: November 26, 1788 in Rehoboth, MA

Did not attend College; Ordained by separatists


Separatist New Light




Separatist Minister

  • Rehoboth, MA (from 1706 to 1788-11-26)
Marital status

Samuel Peck was married; he and his wife had five children.


Samuel Peck was a New Light Separatist minister in Rehoboth, MA. Although he came from a prominent local family and prepared for college, he never attended. Instead, he was ordained in October 1751 by several Separatist ministers. He led a Separate congregation, which was technically classified as Baptist, in Rehoboth until his death in 1768. Occom visited him in 1777.


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