Tallman, Samuel


Moor's Indian Charity School; Delaware; Brothertown; Stockbridge


Moor's Indian Charity School (1762-1767), carpentry


Delaware, Stockbridge (adopted)



  • Lebanon, CT (from 1762-07-22)

Samuel Tallman (Delaware) studied carpentry at Moor’s Indian Charity School. He was one of the few students taken into the school specifically to learn a trade. Tallman stayed in close touch with other Moor’s alumni and participated in the initial migration of the Brothertown tribe in 1775 (the Brothertown tribe was a composite tribe of Christian Southern New England Algonquians, organized by Moor’s alumni. In 1775 and again in 1783, they relocated from Southern New England to a tract of land purchased from the Oneida in central New York). Although he was involved in Brothertown before the Revolution, Tallman did not relocate to Brothertown after the Revolution, probably because he moved to Stockbridge and seems to have migrated to Oneida territory with that tribe in 1785.


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