Huntington, Hezekiah

Other names: Colonel
Birth: December 16, 1696 in Norwich, CT
Death: February 10, 1773 in New London, CT

Colony of Connecticut


New Light Congregationalist




Merchant, Judge, Statesman

  • Norwich, CT
Marital status

Married twice: to Hannah Frink, in 1719, and to Dorothy Williams, in 1750 (Hannah died in 1746). He fathered a total of twelve children, eleven of whom died, mostly as adults.


Hezekiah Huntington, Eleazar Wheelock’s uncle, was a wealthy merchant and public figure in Norwich, CT. He was very involved in civic and religious affairs: in addition to serving as a lieutenant colonel in the Connecticut militia, he was the deacon of the First Congregational Church of Norwich (1737-1773), a member of Connecticut’s Council (1740-1743 and 1748-1773), and a judge on various local and regional courts. He was also a devoted New Light; in fact, the most significant break in his public service (he was not a member of the CT Council between 1743 and 1748) has been attributed Connecticut’s crackdown on evangelical activity in 1742 and 1743. Col. Huntington had a long-lasting relationship with Wheelock. During the Great Awakening, he helped Wheelock find preaching opportunities. He later provided his nephew with mercantile services and personal advice. Col. Huntington died unexpectedly in 1773, while sitting in court in New London.


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General note

One should be careful not to confuse Col. Hezekiah Huntington with Major (and, perhaps, Captain) Hezekiah Huntington, active during the Revolution proper.