Smith, Asa Dodge

first name (variants): Dodge
Other names: President
Birth: September 21, 1804 in Amherst, NH
Death: August 16, 1877 in Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College


Dartmouth College (1730), Andover Theological Seminary (1834)






Minister, President of Dartmouth College

  • New York City, NY (from 1834 to 1763)
  • Hanover, NH (from 1763 to 1877-08-16)
Marital status

Married Sarah Ann Adams; the two had seven children.


Asa Dodge Smith, Dartmouth class of 1830, was the seventh president of Dartmouth College (1863-1877). He came to the post after a long career as a minister at the 14th Street Presbyterian Church in New York City. Under his tenure, the college saw a major expansion in financial resources, enrollment, and academic breadth. In 1866, Asa Dodge Smith received a letter from William Leete Stone (Jr.), a historian who wanted to donate a manuscript he had used in his research on Sir William Johnson to the college. The manuscript was a letter written by the college’s “First Indian student,” presumably to Sir William Johnson. It is not clear which student Stone was referring to, nor has the manuscript been identified. It is unclear whether Smith had any special interest in Dartmouth history; Stone’s letter seems to have been unsolicited.


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