Simon, Sarah

last name (variants): Symon; Simons; Symons
honorific(s): Mrs.
Death: After 1773

Charlestown Narragansett


Converted Narragansett



  • Charlestown, RI
Marital status

Her husband may have been James Simon, a "separtist Christian Indian preacher" in Charlestown who led a large congregation in the 1740s. She was a widow.


Mrs. Sarah Simon is the matriarch of the Narragansett Simon family, which included herself, Miss Sarah Simon, James Simon, Abraham Simon, Daniel Simon, and Emmanual Simon. All five children (there was at least one other) were educated at Moor's, to some degree. The Simon family spells their name Simon, but Wheelock and others vary it. She sent five children to Wheelock. Although Miss Sarah wrote that Mrs. Sarah was ill in 1769, missionary records indicate that Mrs. Sarah survived until at least 1773.


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