Secutor, John


Narragansett Tribe

  • Charlestown, Rhode Island
Marital status

Married, father of at least two children.


John Secutor was a member of the Narragansett tribe in Charlestown, Rhode Island. He was the son of David Seketer and their family was considered to be influential during the Colonial time period. John sent both his daughter Mary (in 1763) and his son, also named John, (in 1767) to Moor's Charity School. In March of 1767 he sought help from Eleazar Wheelock in disuading Mary from becoming engaged to Hezekiah Calvin, a Delaware Indian whom she had met at the school. Though it is not known if Wheelock followed through on this request, Mary and Hezekiah never married.


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General note

Though no variation of "Secutor" appears in 767231, Love indicates that "Seketer, Sickerton, Secutor, and Sequettass" are known variations.