Pomeroy, Ralph

last name (variants): Pomroy; Pomory
honorific(s): Esquire
Birth: December 8, 1737 in Hebron, CT
Death: March 19, 1819

College of New Jersey; Moor's Indian Charity School; Continental Army; State Government of Connecticut


College of New Jersey, 1758




Master at Moor's Indian Charity School for one year (1758); Lawyer in Hartford, CT; Military Paymaster of Connecticut during the Revolutionary War; State Controller of Connecticut

Marital status

Married Eunice Belding on January 31, 1770


Ralph Pomeroy was the son of Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy and Abigail Wheelock and the nephew of Eleazar Wheelock. Although he was not as involved in Wheelock's mission as his father, he still had close ties to Moor's Indian Charity School. After graduating from the College of New Jersey in 1758 (unlike his brother Josiah, Ralph did not attend Moor's), he was the master at Moor's for a year. Following this tenure, he studied law and became, in effect, Wheelock's lawyer on retainer. During the war, Ralph was a paymaster in the Continental Army. He remained involved in state politics, acting as State Controller after the war. Ralph appears in a letter from Brainerd to Wheelock on March 23, 1757, quoted in McCallum, about a religious revival at the College of New Jersey.


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