Kinne, Aaron

last name (variants): Keen
honorific(s): Mr.
Birth: September 24, 1744 in Voluntown, CT
Death: July 9, 1824 in Talmadge, OH

Yale College; Moor's Indian Charity School


Yale (1765), M.A. (1774)


New Light Congregationalist




Missionary; Minister

  • Moor's Indian Charity School (from 1765 to 1766)
  • Old Oneida, NY (from 1766-07-07 to 1766-10)
  • Kanawalohale, NY (from 1768-05 to 1768-08-16)
  • Groton, CT (from 1769 to 1798)
Marital status

Married the daughter of a Groton Deacon; they had 11 children.


Aaron Kinne was a Congregationalist minister and scholar who, like Titus Smith and Theophilus Chamberlain, worked as a missionary for Wheelock after graduating from Yale. After his 1765 graduation, he taught and studied at Moor's for a year before making two trips as a missionary in 1766: one to Maine to report on the local Indian tribes, and one to the Oneidas, the latter being cut short by poor health. He returned in the summer of 1768 to substitute for Samuel Kirkland. Kinne was ordained in 1770 and became the minister of the Congregationalist church at Groton, Connecticut, where he served until he was dismissed in 1798. He also became a prolific scholar, and during the Revolution, served as chaplain to American troops, including those massacred at the Battle of Fort Griswold. After dismissal from Groton, Kinne lived in a variety of locations in New England and was sporadically employed as a missionary. He died in Ohio while visiting one of daughters.


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