Hebard, Augustine

Birth: March 27, 1748 in Windham, CT
Death: December 4, 1831 in Stanstead, Quebec

Moor's Indian Charity School; Dartmouth College


Dartmouth (Class of 1772)






Minister, Bureaucrat

  • Lebanon, CT (from 1767-09 to 1770)
  • Hanover, NH ( to 1772)
  • Claremont, NH ( to 1785)
  • Stanstead, Quebec ( to 1831)
Marital status

Married Eunice Ashley in 1771. They had 11 children.


Augustine Hebard (more often spelled Hibbard) was a charity scholar at Moor’s Indian Charity School. Compared to the likes of Samuel Kirkland or even David Avery, his career was entirely unremarkable. He accompanied Ralph Wheelock on his second journey to Oneida territory (1767) and, after graduating from Dartmouth in 1772 (unlike many of his compatriots, Hebard never attended Yale), went to the St. Johns tribes to solicit students in 1773. After his 1773 mission, Hebard chose to take the pulpit in Claremont, NH rather than engaging in further missionary activity (much to Wheelock’s displeasure). Claremont dismissed Hebard in 1785 and he emigrated to Stanstead, in Quebec, where he held a variety of official posts in the British government.


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