Fowler, James

honorific(s): Father
Birth: c. 1700 in Montauk, Long Island
Death: c. 1774 in Montauk, Long Island






  • Montauk, Long Island (from 1700 to 1774)
Marital status

James Fowler was married to Betty Pharaoh. They had six children, of whom three (Mary, David, and Jacob) played significant roles in Occom's life.


James Fowler was a notable Montaukett and the father of Mary Fowler Occom, David Fowler, and Jacob Fowler. He married Elizabeth (Betty) Pharaoh, a member of the prominent Pharaoh/Faro family (the current sachem of the Montaukett tribe, as of 2013, is a Pharaoh). When Occom arrived at Montauk in 1749, he took a special interest in the Fowler family and began courting Mary. They married in 1751, and, through Occom’s influence, the Fowler family became quite Christian. David and Jacob Fowler both attended Moor’s Indian Charity School and played important roles in the founding of Brothertown. James’ health deteriorated in the 1760s and 1770s. He died around 1774.


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