Peck, Elijah

Birth: November 24, 1752 in Boston

Moor's Indian Charity School; Old South Church in Boston


Moor's Indian Charity School (unclear if graduated)




American Colonist


Watchmaker in Boston from ca. 1780-1800

  • Moor's Indian Charity School in Lebanon, Connecticut (from 1765 to 1767-09)
  • Boston (from 1767-09 to 1800)

Son of Moses Peck. Moses paid to send Elijah to school. He occurs first in Moses' letter to Wheelock, dated December 24 1765. On September 18 1767, Wheelock wrote to inform Moses that Elijah had failed his examinations. It is unclear whether Elijah retook the examinations. He traveled home to Boston on September 23rd, and appears to have stayed there, as he went for a pleasure-ride on a boat with David McClure and John Wheelock on September 28 1769. Although both McClure and J. Wheelock were involved in Moor's/Dartmouth at the time (McClure as teacher, John Wheelock as student), it is unlikely that Elijah re-enrolled. He never graduated from Dartmouth, and although two Pecks graduated in the early years of the 19th century (1800 and 1807), neither was his son. Elijah disappears from written history around the time of his father's death in 1801.


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