Peck, Moses

Other names: Captain
Birth: November 19, 1717 in New Haven, CT
Death: March 27, 1801 in Boston

Old South Church


Congregationalist, perhaps a Sandemanian




Watchmaker in Boston 1730-1796; Market Clerk in Boston 1755-1758; United States Army (Captain) (drafted December 18 1776); Repairman for Old North Church clock as of June 9, 1779

  • Boston ( to 1801-03-27)
Marital status

Married twice. To Elizabeth Williston in Boston on July 4, 1743; to Elizabeth Townsend in Boston on January 17 1758. He had a son, Elijah Peck, by his first marriage, and a daughter, Hannah Peck, by his second.


Watchmaker Moses Peck took collections for Occom, and Wheelock had an account with him that involved shipping items to Lebanon and debits/credits for funding Occom. It is possible that Peck was Occom’s credit source in Boston. He was enthusiastic about and involved in the Indian education mission, and offered Wheelock advice about how to deal with Anglicans. Wheelock had Peck print his brief defense of Occom to counter the London Society’s rumors. Peck paid to send his son Elijah to school with Wheelock, although Elijah eventually failed his graduation examinations.


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