Bull, Daniel

Other names: Captain; Deacon
Birth: Before October 30, 1709 in Hartford, CT
Death: Probably November 6, 1776 in Hartford, CT

Second Church of Christ in Hartford/South Church/Second Society; 2nd Company, 1st Regiment, Colony of Connecticut; Yale College; The Company of Military Adventurers





  • Hartford, CT (from 1709-10 to 1776-11)
Marital status

Married first to Hannah Wadsworth, also of Hartford, on October 26, 1733. Hannah was born July 6, 1714, to Jonathan Wadsworth and Hepzibah Marsh, and died November 6, 1743. They had three recorded children: Daniel (born 1734), Joseph (born 1735 or 1736), and Manning (born 1736, died 1812). Married second to Elizabeth Graham of Woodbury, on November 28, 1744. Elizabeth was the daughter of Reverend John Graham and Abigail Chauncey, and died March 12, 1775. They had two recorded children: Nathaniel (born 1740) and John (born 1742).


Daniel Bull was a longtime resident of Hartford, CT, with whom Eleazar Wheelock, Samson Occom, and David Fowler all lodged between at least 1761 and 1765. He was a deacon of the South Church as well as a captain in Connecticut's 1st Regiment. In three letters between 1764 and 1765, Wheelock instructs recipients to direct their replies to the care of Bull in Hartford. Bull appears twice on lists of donations to Yale College for funding construction projects between 1756 and 1761. He may have also been a member of "The Company of Military Adventurers," a group of Englishmen who assembled in Hartford beginning 1763 to obtain grants of land from the Crown following their service in the French and Indian War. He died in Hartford in November 1776.


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General note

Nationality assumed. Not to be confused with David Bull (1723-1812), also of Hartford, and proprietor of the "Bunch of Grapes" tavern. Love makes this mistake once. Listed as "Bulls, Daniel" in index of Joanna Brooks' The Collected Writings of Samson Occom, but this appears to incorporate a possessive "s" present in Occom's letter.