First Society in Hebron

The Occom Circle

First Society in Hebron


Hebron, Connecticut


From its earliest settlement, Connecticut's established religion was Congregationalism, also known as Presbyterianism, the secular business of which was run by ecclesiastical societies or parishes. As towns grew, the societies established for each new Church were named numerically. The First Society in Hebron is, thus, the first ecclesiastical society established in the town to govern the first Church established in Hebron, and dates from October 1716. It then expanded and part of it became the Andover Society in May 1747, the Marlborough Society in May 1747, and the Gilead Society in 1748. Hebron is a neigboring town to Lebanon, Wheelock's "own Parish" (ms. 765169.2) and home of Wheelock's good friend and supporter Benjamin Pomeroy.


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