Samson Occom, journal, 1789 May 11 to 1790 January 10


abstractOccom details his travels through New York and New England, from May 11, 1789, to January 10, 1790.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. There are some crossed l's and uncrossed t's, which the transcriber has corrected.

paperSeveral small sheets folded into a booklet and bound with small pins are in fair-to-poor condition, with significant wear that results in some loss of text. There are a few loose pages and the last page is torn in half.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity throughout.

noteworthyThere are underlinings in black ink throughout and notes by later editors on the back of the last page (16 verso) in black ink and pencil; these edits have not been transcribed. On the scan of 11 recto, text from 12 recto shows through; the actual first line of 11 recto begins "gether. to Meeting…." Several other of the following scans show text from adjacent pages. On 15 recto, the name of the river that Occom mentions is uncertain; however it is possibly the Thames River. Persons and places whose names are illegible have not been tagged. If Occom's intention regarding a word or abbreviation is uncertain, that word or abbreviation has been left unmodified in the modernized transcription.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Monday May 11: 1789

We arrived at Albany, just be fore Night, and we went to  See about getting a wagon to  carry us to Schenectady, — but  got none,

Tuesday May 12:

got a wagon  early and we Loaded about  10: and we set off, and we got  to Schenectady just before  sunset, and we were very  wet for had Rain most of the way  and I was much beat out, and  we put our things in Mr. John  Post Barn, and there we lodged  We went to Bed Soon — —

Wednesday May 13:

about  5: I attended upon a Lecture  and there was not many  People, because they had not  Notice— I Spoke from, 1 Corinthians  7: 22: 30: and the People a[gap: worn_edge][guess: t] 
[gap: worn_edge][guess: t]ended becomingly, and they  made me a Collection, and  it was good for the Times — —

Thursday May 14:

was at  the Place all Day — —


was at all Day  again — —

Saturday May 16:

About  10 we put aboard of a bateau  our things, and we went  over the River, and walked  up the River about 2 miles  and there we stopped Some at  a Certain house, and the man  of the house gave us a Dinner  and about 1: the Boat came  up, and set off sometime  in the afternoon, and we  got to Hi[illegible][guess: c]ry Tavern, and the[gap: tear][guess: re]  we lodged,—

Sabbath May 17:

Set off early  and we got to Warrens 
Bush , at Night and my  wife and I lodged at Mr. Bar tlets, my good old Friends —

Monday May 18:

Went on again  early, and reached to Caughnawaga  and my wife I lodged at Mr.  Vedders, — —

Tuesday May 19:

Set off again  early, and we were over  with Rain at Major Fonda's  and my wife I went into the  house, and we were kindly  Treated had Dinner, and  we went a little farther and  there lodged at Mr. Hardys —

Wednesday May 20:

got up  early and got us breakfast  and then we pushed on and  we got up above fort Plain  and we Made up a fire by  the Side of the River and  there we Spent the Night —

Thursday May 21

got up  early and got breakfast 
and as Soon as we had eaten  we went on again, and in  the we got to Canajoharie and  we lodged a little above old Mohawk  Castle, and we made up a fire  near the River, near by one  Mr. John Vantreser, — —

Friday May 22:

Soon after  eating we went on again  and in the Evening we got  a little below Fort Herkimer  and we made up a Fire  again by the River, and  there we slept — —

Saturday May 23

in the  morning we went on again  we made a Halt at Mr. Franks  and after that we passed on  here a white woman took  our Little Salley, and made  walk about 8 miles She  only four and half year old  She was much wearied 
in the Evening we got Mr.  Tygurts, and the we lodged  my wife and I in a Hovel  the Rest lodged in the Boat —

Sabbath May 24:

got up early  and I went over the River  and went to Fort Dayton and  there I preached, Twice to a  large number of People, and  I Spoke from Jonah III: 5  and 1 Corinthians XVI. 22 and the  People attended with all gra vity and Solemnity,— took my  Dinner at Mr. Tolcuts — and  as Soon as the meeting was  done I went with Dr. Petre  and there took Tea — and  as Soon as we had done I  had an horse got up for me  and a young man with a nother horse to accompany  me towards Fort Schuyler  and we Soon set off, and we 
got about 4 miles Short of  the Fort, and there I got down  and the Young man went back  with horses, and I walked a long about a mile, and found  Tired, and I went into a Certain  house, and asked whether I  could not Stay there, and they  Said I might, and so I stayed—  and the man of the house asked  me whether I could not give them  a discourse, I told them I could,  and So they Sent out word, and  Neighbours Came in directly  and there was a considerable  Number of People Collected.  and it is a New settlement,—  and I Spoke from the words  he that believeth on the Son  of god, hath the witness in  himself — and the People at tended with Solemnity — Soon af ter Meeting I went to bed, and  rested well. — —

Monday may 25:

got up  early and set off, and I got  to weavers Town Soon, and went  in old Mr. Weaver's House, and  there took breakfast, and  Soon after went on again and  got to my Family. about  10 at Fort Schuyler and found them all well,  and there we stayed all Day  and the Boat that brought us  went on to Niagara. – —

Tuesday May 26:

was again  at the Place all Day — towards  Night, our Anthony Paul   and Brother David Fowler  Came to us, and stayed all night  with us — — —

Wednesday May 27:

Soon after  breakfast, we set off for Bro thertown,. and we had Rain  to travel in, and to our Place  a little before sunset, and  were very much wearied, and  we went to Bed Soon. — —

Sabbath May 31:

preached at  Brothertown [illegible] to not a large  Congregation, Spoke from,  [gap: omitted] and the People were  attentive, and were glad to See  me once more. — —

Monday June 1 etc.:

this week  went to Warrens Bush, — —

Sabbath June 7:

Preached at  Elder Mudges meeting House  in Yankee hill, Spoke from  [gap: omitted] and there was a vast  Number of People, and attend ed with great attention, —


Towards Night preached  at M

Tuesday June 9.

went to  Albany Bush, and there  I preached at a Certain  house. and there was not  many People, and they attended  with seriousness — —

Wednesday June 10,

was at  Philadelphia Bush, Came here  last Night, and lodged at one  Mr. Sharmans,— and about 9  the People Collected together at  the Same house, and I preached  to them, Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well  as Soon as the meeting was  over, I with one Mr. [gap: omitted]  and I Dined there, and as soon  I had eaten, I went on to Johns Town, and So on — — —

Friday June 12.

got to Fort‑ Plain before Noon, put up 
at Mr. Jonathan Deans, one of  my good old Friends, found them  all well; — — Towards Night the  People Collected, and there was  but few, — and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  [gap: omitted] lodged at at the Same house

Saturday June 13

Sometime  before Noon, set off again, and  got to German Flatts some time before, night and I put at Esq.  Franks,—

Sabbath June 14

after break fast went over to Fort Dayton  and there preached in a Dutch  meeting house, and there was  a large Number of People, and  I Spoke from [gap: omitted] Isaiah V:

July 1 Sabbath

Preached at the Ger man Flatts

August 1 Sabbath September 1. Sabbath and  September the last Sabbath.

the Texts  I Spoke from [gap: omitted] 
by one man Sin entered into  the World etc. Jesus Christ the  Same etc. Understandest thou  what thou readest — at Esq.  Franks on week Day, thy heart  is not right in the Sight of god  So then every one of us Shall give  an account of himself to god. —
Blank page.

September 1

was called by the Major  Coldbreath to be with them in their  Training at Clinton; about 2  in the afternoon they were all  Collected, and the major Came to  Capt. Tuttles where I was and  he accompanied me to the Com pany, and a fine appearance  they made for the first Time  there was upwards of a Hundred  likely young men, the Place  has been Settling only 2 Year  and an half,— I gave them  a few words of Exhortation, and  then prayed, and then they exer cised a little while,— and then went  to Dinner, they put me at the head  of the Table, and a fine Dinner  we had,— in the evening I went  to Capt. Billings and there lodged  and was kindly entertained.—

September 2:

I went home —

September 18: 1789 Friday

left home  and set out for New England, my  Son Andrew accompanied, we got to  Fort Schuyler before Night, and we  stayed there all Night —

September 19

we got up very early  and set off, and we got to Fort  Dayton near 12, called on Mr.  Talcutt, and took Dinner, and  Soon after eating, my Boy went  back,— And towards Night I  went over to Esq. Franks, and  there lodged, — —

Sabbath September 20:

preached at  Esq. Franks Barn, and there  was a vast Number of People,  lodged at the Esq.'s — —

Monday September 21:

Sometime in  the morning, I went to Mr. Kains  and was there a while, and then  went back to Fort Herkimer,  took Dinner with Mr. [gap: omitted]

Tuesday 22

Toward Night, Esq. Phelps bat eau Come along, and I got a B[illegible]th  in it, and I went aboard, and  we went down and got to the  little Falls after sunset and  there we lodged, — —

Wednesday September 23:

got up very  early, and had things carried below  the Falls, and So we went on down  the River, and we go to Caughnawa ga and we lodged at a Tavern,  we found the River exceeding low  and very difficult in Some Places  to get along, the men were obliged  to get out of the Boat very often —

Thursday October 1

Set off very  Early again, and got to Schene ctady a little before Night. and  I lodged at Mr. Posts -– — —

Friday October 2

got up early,  and went to a Certain house  where I expected to have a Chance  in a Wagon, but was disappointed  and So I went on afoot, and Some 
in the afternoon a Friend over  took me, and he took me in his wagon  and we got to Albany just after  sunset, and I lodged at Mr. Orrs  and I went to Bed Soon — — —

Saturday October 3.

Sometime  before Noon set off afoot again  went to Coeymans Patent, and  I met Dr. Utter, and his Brother  and they Said they would be  back Soon, and would take  Me in their wagon, and just  before sunset they overtook  and I went with them, and we  called at Dr. Utters a little while  and Mr. Jesee Utter carried to his  house, and it was near midnight  before we got there, and there  I Lodged, — — —

Sabbath 4:

as Soon as we got our  breakfast, we went into a  wagon and to meeting at 
Dr. Utters about 4 miles. and  there I preached. Spoke from  Acts VIII. 21. and the People attended  well,— In the afternoon, we went  to Mr. Conrad Tenikes Barn, and there  we had a meeting, and there was  a large Number of People, and  I Spoke from Jonah III: 5: and  the People attended with great  Attention, and it was a rainy  Day,— in the evening preached  in Mr. Conrad Tenikes House, and  there was a considerable of  People, and I Spoke from Matthew  I: 21: and the People behaved  well — Lodged at the house they  are Dutch People, and they were  very kind to me, and rest well — —

Monday October 5:

Sometime be‐ fore Noon, I had an horse brought  me and I went to Mr. Northrops  and found them very Religious  about 2. we began the meeting 
and there was a great Number  of People,— lodged at the Same  house. —

Tuesday morning October 6

As Soon as I  had done eating, we went to  Dr. Stantons, — and we began  the meeting about 11: and there  was a great Number of People  and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] in the after noon preached again — and  Spoke from [gap: omitted] in the  Evening I went to Mr. Stantons  and did not expect to have  any People, but there was  a number, Came together and  we a little meeting, — and  I lodged at the Same house  and rest well — — —

Wednesday October 7:

Soon after  Breakfast we went to Mr. Tenik  about 2 we began  
the meeting, and there was  a great Number of People  and I Spoke from Mark V: 4  and the People attended well —  — — —  after meeting I went to Mr.  John Colvins' and there we  had another meeting, unexpectedly  and there was a large number  of People and I Spoke to them  Matthew Seek you first etc.: and the  People were much moved, it  was a Comfortable meeting, I  lodged at the Same house, — —

Thursday October 8:

in the morning  I went to See a woman that  had been Sick Some Time.  and Said few word to her and  prayed with her, — and then  went back, and took break fast, and Soon after Mr. Colvin  went with me to the River, [gap: worn_edge][guess: and]
Mr. Wells at Albany 
1 Corinthians 6: 19 —  we parted the River, and I  over to Schodack, and from there  went to Mr. Lotts about 7 miles  and I walked about 2 miles and half  and then Mr. Brown overtook  me, and he carried me to Mr.  Lotts, got there near sunset  and we were very glad to See  each other once more,— lodged  at the Same house — — —

Friday 9

Sometime in the  morning I went to Mr. Daniel  Muckmullins, and to Mr. Ephra  Bailys, towards Night went  back to Mr. Lotts, and there we  had a meeting in the evening  and there a large Number  of People I Spoke from [gap: tear]  Galatians IV 11 
gether to Meeting, and I Spoke  from Job I: 9 and the People  attended with great affection  I lodged at the Same house —

Tuesday October 13:

Mr. Whilly  Came to Mr. Lotts quite early  to accompany me down to Schodack  Landing, got there Soon, and  Capt. Allyn was not ready, and  Mr. Whilly went back, —

Wednesday, October 14:

was at the Schoon ner all, Day —

Thursday October 15:

Sometime  in the afternoon we weighed  anchor, and spread Sail to  the Wind, and went the River  got but about 10: 11: and  there we dropped anchor

Friday October 16

found  the wind ahead of us and 
So we lay Still 'til about 2  in the afternoon and the  wind Sprang about west North west and went down again —

Saturday October 17

Sometime  in the Day went on again  but did not go but little ways —

Sabbath October 18:

went on again  but did not go far — —

Monday October 19.

got but a little  ways again —

Tuesday October 20

went on again  not far.

Wednesday October 21.

went on Still  got near New York — —

Thursday October 22

a little after  sunrise we were ashore —  went directly to find a passage  to New London and found one  Soon, in a Sloop going to New London  Towards Night I put [gap: worn_edge] 
my things. and lodged aboard  Capt. Fellows is Master of her —

Friday, 23

Sometime before  Noon we set Sail, and went  on the Wind in our Favour  and we sailed all Night,—

Saturday October 24.

we went  the wind in our favour conside rable. towards Night the wind  began to Blow hard, and the  Clouds gathered thick and So  we Sought for a Harbor, and  sometime before sunset  we made a harbor, against  Brandford, and there Lay  all Night, and it was a  Stormy Night. —

Sabbath October 25

Sometime in  the Morning we set Sail, the  wind was right ahead as we  were geting out of the Har  [gap: worn_edge] 
but it was very fair when  we got out, and the Sun was  about an Hour and half high  at Night when we got fast  at a wharf and I went to See Some  Friends — lodged at Mr. Perrys  a public House,— and I sat up  late with two women, convers ing about Religious matters  about 11. I went to Bed, and  I was taken Strangely in the  Night with an uncommon Sweat  but after a while went to Sleep  but did not Sleep well — —

Monday October 26:

Got up early  and it was a Stormy Day it  rained very hard, and wind blew  hard also — towards Night I went  over to Groton, called on Capt. Lathem  a few minutes, and then went  to Mr. Streets, and there I took  food, and they let me have a  horse and went to Mr. Woodman 
cys and there I lodged, and was  very kindly entertained, went to  Bed somewhat late, and Soon  after I got to Bed, I began to Sweat  again very much and was un  comfortable Slept but poorly —

Tuesday October 27.

got up early  and after breakfast, I had a  horse, of Mr. Woodmancy and I  went to Mr. Saunderss and I met  Mr. Saunders, and Mr. Woodworth  and they glad to See me, and so  I passed on, and when I got to the  house, how glad they were, and  there I stayed all Day — I expect ed my Mare, that I Left with  Mr. Culver but She was ridden  away last Sabbath and was not  returned, and and So I stayed all Day  and all Night —

Wednesday 28:

after breakfast  took leave of the Family, and 
went to old Mr. Culvers, and by  the way I met Mr. Culver bringing  my Mare to me, and So got up  and went on my way, and Soon  got to Gales Ferry, and the wind  was very hard, and could not get  over, and So stayed all Day at  evening the Wind was Still very  Strong and fl[illegible][guess: a]wee and So Concluded  to Stay all Night, and in the even ing the People of the Family asked  me, whether it would be agreeable  to me to have a few Neighbours  Come together, that I might Pray  with them, I told them it was  quite agreeable,—

Thursday October 29

got up  early, and took breakfast and  then went over — and got to  Son Benonis sometime before  noon, and found him Sick and  had been very Sick for a bout 6: weeks, and was now 
a little Better,— and I went  on to my Old house, and  them that live in my house  were well, except the woman  and there I stayed — and I was  poorly with the uncommon  Cold that is everywhere —

Sabbath November 1:

was very warm  and I felt a little easy, and  I went Samuel Ashpos expecting, to  Seen meeting, but he had none  and So went back — —

Saturday November 7

was much poorly  yet I went to groton Indian Town  got there after sunset, and  was received with great Love  in the evening we had a little  meeting — — —

Sabbath November 8

the People got  together about 10, and a great  number there was, and I spoke  from Matthew I. 21: and Acts VIII. 21  and the People attended with  great attention and many was  [gap: worn_edge][guess: greatly aff]ected — in the evening 
went to Mr. Stantons, and there had  another meeting, and a great  many People there was — I Spoke  from Galatians IV. 11 and the People  were very Serious — I lodged at  the Same house — —

Sabbath 15.

went to Mr. Whalley and  preached to a great Number, of  People I Spoke from Galatians IV. 11  and the People gave very great  attention,— as Soon as the meeting  was over I went to widow  Fitches, and there was conside rable Number of People, and  they attended well, and as Soon  as the meeting was done, I went  home to my old house — —

Sabbath November 22

went to go over  to [illegible][guess: Paweuttuunuck], but it was  very Stormy, and stopped — about  10 the Storm abated Some and  I set off got there about 12  and we the Service about 3  and there was a [gap: worn_edge] [gap: worn_edge][guess: People] 
and I Spoke from Jeremiah VIII. 6  and the People attended with great  Solemnity — and the People desired  to have another meeting in the evening;  and So we had another, and there  was more People in the evening  than in the daytime, and Spoke  from 1 Corinthians VII: 29. 30. and there  was greater attention. than in the  daytime — I lodged at the house  the Mans Name was Mr. Herkules  and was kindly Treated. — —

Monday November 23

after Brea[gap: worn_edge]  I went to the River on horseback  and the Wind blew very hard.  but I had a fine Chance, in a  Whale Boat, to get over the River  got home about 10: and directly  went to the People, that were Sur veying our Land. — —

Thursday November 26.

was to go over  to Mr. Babcocks at groton  but it was a very bad Storm 

Saturday November 28:

towards  Night, I went to Mr. Posts at  Wecus Hill, in Norwich, got  there after sunset, Called at  Mr. John Posts and took Sup per there, and after that  went to old Mr. Posts, and  found, him very poorly, and  there I lodged, and he had Se veral fits in the Night —

Sabbath November 29.

The People  began to get together about  10: and there was a large con course of People we began  the exercise about 11. and  Spoke from Isaiah I: 12: and the  People attended with great  Solemnity, and many were affec ted, to Tears — Soon after meeting  after Dinner, I returned home  and had a meeting at my 
own house and there was a  great many People, and I  spoke from 2 Timothy 3: —

January 10

I have been to no meet ings four Sabbaths, we had  one very bad Stormy Sabbath and  my Mind has been filled with  Trouble So that I have had no  peace, but Sorrow, grief and  confusion of Heart — and I am  yet in great Trouble, — —
Non-contemporary text has not been transcribed.