Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1772 January 27


abstractOccom updates Wheelock on his travels. He notes that he hopes to visit as soon as he can make longer trips, and to attend Indian congresses at Stockbridge and at Sir William Johnson’s.

handwritingOccom's hand is formal, clear and legible.

paperLarge single sheet is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThere are red wax-pencil markings along the left side of one recto.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

  Rev. and Honoured Sir   
I have only Time to let you know, that I  am now in Boston, Came here, this Day a Week, and Shall  Stay 'til next Monday by the importunity of Friends, —  I left my Family 3 Weeks next Friday in tolerable good  Health through mercy, — I am much troubled with my old  ails at Times, Yet I am able to ride Short journeys, and  I have work enough Preaching both among the Indians and  English, and there is great attention among the People, —  I fully intended to Come to See you the fall past, but my  difficulties Came upon me about the Time I was to Set out,  as Soon as I am able to ride So far I will Come to See You —  for I want much to see, how you Go on in the Grand cause  I Cant be easy, 'til I See with my Eyes, and not only hear with my  Ears, — Be so good as to let me hear, where Mr. McClure  and his colleague are and what they are a doing, —  A Wampum of Friendship Flew from Massipy through,  Various Tribes of Indians, Came to our Hands about Six  Weeks ago, and we received it Cordially, — Several Tribes  of Indians are to hold a congress Next march at Stock‐ bridge, and a grand congress is to be at Sir William Johnsons  sometime next June or July, — and if I am able, I intend  to be at Both of them — I am, Rev. and Honoured Sir 
your most obliged and very  Humble Servant  Samson Occom 
To the Rev.  Dr. Wheelock  PS Mr. Peck and his Lady send their kind regards to  you and yours 
From Mr. Occom  January 27. 1772 
To  The Rev. Dr. Wheelock  President of Dartmouth  College