Joseph Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 September 27


abstractJohnson writes that he is on his way to Fort Stanwix, and complains that he is never trusted with any money.

handwritingHandwriting is small and loose, yet largely clear and legible. The trailer is in a different, unknown hand.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.

inkBrownish gray ink is heavily faded.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

 Rev. and Ever Honored Dr. 
I desire Once more to write to you  and desire once more to Acquaint your Honour,  that We have through the kindness of that Ever good God who is good, Even to the Evil and Unthankful  Got on Our journey thus far. that we Expect  tomorrow to get there where the Indians are meeting  we are Acquainted that they are not yet meeting  but are gathering. I have much to say, but no time  to write much. I have kind Sir thus far Enjoyed  my health as Usual,. I desire Humbly to Acqu ­aint you that I am Under great disadvantage  that I cant get the things that I stand in great  need of, by Some means or another. Because you did  not give any Orders of So doing or express Orders  for Every article; So that it is likely I shall suffer.  I have not as yet, been trusted with one Copper not  So much as in sight, much more when I shall be  out of sight; it hurts me very much, as I have not  yet been lavish of any, of Christ money, or been found  dishonest. I desire most Humbly to leave it to you  if I have so done I think it not strange. or ask Mr.  Kirtland if I Ever proved dishonest to any of the  Money He has from time to time trusted me with.  or to your Honoured son whether he was acquainted,  by any one when he was up here. if so, I desire to Be  content under a punishment which I justly deserve.
I am fully Determined henceforth to leave myself  to that Ever good God who has hitherto guided my  doubtful paths, I feel quite Content as to that affair  when I set off. I never came off with so much Reluct­ ­ance before. but it was merely for want of considerat ion. and reflection of the many favours I have  hitherto, been the Subject of. O how is the Maze of  fate I have blindly Run and Backward trod those  paths I sought to Shun. I have no more time to  write. But to humbly Recommend myself to your  Prayers daily that I may be made humble and be  kept from all that will be dishonour to His  great Name. forgive my Brevity, and all that  Seems to be out of a wrong Spirit in this letter.  no more; but desire to subscribe myself
your Ever  humble, and Obedient, (though Hitherto Contrary)   Pupil. though Ignorant. Joseph Johnson. 
PS. please Sir to give my duty to your Honored
Son. no more. Ut ante.  To Rev. Dr. Eleazar Wheelock.
Blank page.
Joseph Johnson's   September 27. 1768   
To-  The Rev. Eleazar Wheelock D. D.   In   Lebanon, Connecticut.  Per favors  of Mr. [illegible]