Stephen Williams, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 December 11



abstractWilliams writes to recommend a young man as a possible missionary.

handwritingHandwriting is casual and frequently difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. A tear near the location of the seal results in no loss of text.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

noteworthyOn one recto, Williams refers to “Mr. Brewster” and “Sir Brewster.” These are most likely Charles Brewster, the father of the youth, referred to as “Sir,” whom Williams is recommending.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Rev. And dear Sir
your surprising letter is now before me, upon receiving it — I was ready to say: Great, and marvelous are thy works, Lord God almighty, just, and true, are thy ways, thou King of Saints etc. and Even to put up that prayer, that All nations might come and worship before him, who only is holy etc. what matter is it, of joy, and rejoicing, that the time is coming, when God, will be more abundantly feared, and glorified on Earth, than hither to, he has been; when all na­­tions of the world, shall come as a willing people unto God, and own, and Honour him, and pay their solemn Adorations to him etc. the Lord, who is not unrighteous, to forget [illegible][guess: that] work, and La­bour of Love, which any have showed towards his name, I trust will reward, those that have so freely, and generously Given of their wordly substance, to promote, the noble and pious design of gospelizing, the poor indians etc. — . dear Sir, your letter came to me last Evening, so that it is impossible for me, to See Sir Brewer — before Mr. Brewer returns; Sir Brewer's character is good, he is esteemed a pious man, his carriage and Behaviour very different from the wild airy youths who are rea­­dy, to despise him, for his Gravity and seriousness, and because he will not run with him, into [illegible] [illegible] riot etc. —. he is accounted a good Scholar — calm, and Sedate in his temper — but he is of a tender or rather broken constitution, occasioned by his able application to his Studies; what his inclination, would be, as to Such an under­taking I dont know — nor how his friends, would be disposed I cant Say, but suspect, they, would be unwilling, he Should engage etc. but, I shall take an opportunity to talk with the young Gentle­­man himself, without making a noise about the matter; and if I find it is worth while, to advertise you of it, I Shall.
my most respectful, and affectionate Salutations to yourself, Mrs. Wheelock, and your children.  from your unworthy Brother and Fellow Servant Stephen Williams
From Rev. Stephen Williams December 11. 1765.
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