Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, letter, to The Long Island Presbytery, 1765 September 24


abstractThe Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge writes seeking assistance from the Long Island Presbytery to offset Occom’s debts. Document also includes minutes from a meeting of the Board, with what appear to be mentions of other letters written to different organizations.

handwritingThere are two hands: the body of the letters is written in one hand that is clear and formal, with some deletions and additions; while Wheelock appears to have added a sentence (beginning "we beg Leave..."), along with the signature and address.

paperHeavy wear and staining with some loss of text.

noteworthyAppears to be draft or copy.

signatureFull signature missing due to damage.

EventsBuilding of Occom’s house

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

Rev. Gentlemen   
The Board of correspondents in the colony of connecticut  at their meeting in Norwich the 23rd Instant, taking into  into their consideration the necessitous circumstances of the Rev.   Mr. Samson Occom, and the debts under which he lies, and that   Some part of what he owes is due to persons on Long Island  and were contracted while he was employed in the public Service  of Christ's Kindgom there, and while under the pay of the Honourable Com­ missioners of Boston, which was too Sc[gap: tear][guess: an]ty for his Support.  And that Mr. Occom labours under great [gap: tear][guess: disadv]antage on account  of Said Debts, and is desirous that his ki[gap: tear]rs Should be no  longer kept out of their just dues, but [gap: tear] this Board  have no fund, and are not able to pay th[gap: tear][guess: e] [gap: tear][guess: h]ave app[gap: tear][guess: ointed]  us to address you and entreat your assistance[gap: tear][guess: in] collecting mo­ nies for that Purpose . And as numbers in this country  have done generously towards his relief and Support and for building him  a house, So we trust your own thoughts will suggest considerations  sufficient to move you to do every thing which a regard to his  usefulness and the advancement of the Redeemers Kingdom require  We beg Leave to subscribe with much Affection  and esteem Rev. Gentlemen. 
Your Brethren and Fellow servants  Signed by Order of [gap: tear][guess: Correspondents]  [gap: tear][guess: Nor]wich September 24th 1765 
Reverend Presbytery  Long Island ——   
[gap: tear][guess: Le]tter to the London Commissioners  [gap: tear] the Honourable society in Scotland  [gap: tear] Commissioners in New Jersey  [gap: tear][guess: Gener]al Gage  [gap: tear][guess: provisions] for missionaries etc.  [gap: tear] General Johnson  to the Corporation at Nassau hall  to the Presbytery of Suffolk.
Minutes  of the Doings  of the Board  of Correspondents  in the Colony  of Connecticut Minutes of the Doings  of the Board September 23 1765
 31   1 29 20-h   31   30   27   ———   148