Connecticut Board of Correspondents, letter, to Sir William Johnson, 1765 July 17



abstractThe Connecticut Board writes to Sir William Johnson, seeking his advice and support for a plan to send Wheelock and Whitaker to Europe to raise funds for the Indian Charity School, and to obtain a Royal Charter for a new location. Wheelock appends a note saying that he forgot to enclose the Board’s letter with one written by Wheelock and sent by Occom.

handwritingUnknown hand is largely clear and legible.

paperLarge single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.


signatureThere are three signatories, with Wheelock's signature after the addendum. The signatures are all in the same hand.

noteworthyThis document is almost certainly a copy.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

We take Leave to inform your Excellency that the Board of Correspondents Commissioners in Connecticut of the Society in Scotland for promoting Christian Knowledge did at their Meeting in Lebanon the 2nd of this Instant July Vote to send some suitable persons to Europe to solicit the Charities of good people there for the Benefit of the Indian Charity School under the Care of the Rev. Mr. Wheelock, and for the support of missionaries among the Indians. And as the Rev.Messrs. Wheelock and Whitaker are the persons we expect will go on that busi­ness, we have desired them to wait on your Excellency to desire your Advice and assistance in it, and your Advice with respect to the fixing a place for the said Charity School, it being necessary that a house should be built to accommodate the same and as it is judged expedient by some that it should be removed nearer to the Indian Tribes, to ask your advice therein, and your assistance to obtain the Royal Favour for a Charter for said School, and any other things relative to it as they shall judge proper. Perhaps your Excellency will think in the View of the whole Affair, that to settle the School in the Indian Country will more than any other measure that can be gone into contribute to promote the temporal and eternal Welfare of the Indians; to advance his Majesty's interest the Peace of his North American Subjects, and that no measure can raise so great and lasting a Name and Honour to your Excellency. If these things should appear to you in such a Light, we assure ourselves you will readily give your Weight and Influence to such an important design And we doubt not but if a good Plan was laid, and a fair prospect opened for the extension and greater usefulness of this design, much greater Bounties might be obtained to prosecute it, and even a Fund to perpetuate it. But whatever your Thoughts are we pray your Excellency to
to give us your best and most friendly Advice. If the Gentlemen appointed to wait on your Excellency should through Mr. Wheelock's indisposition, or any other Act of Divine Providence fail to attend you we pray you will be so good as to write your thoughts to us.
We are Sir, with great Respects,  Your Excellency's most obedient  humble Servants Solomon Williams Benjamin Pomeroy Richard Salter {Committee {of the Board {of Correspondents
To his Excellency Sir William Johnson
Lebanon 17th July 1765 Honoured Sir
I ask your Excellency's Pardon for my Inad­ vertency when I sealed my Letter to you by Mr. Occom this Morning I forgot to enclose the Letter from the Committee of the Board of Correspondents which occasions you and me this Trouble. I hope it may by some kind hand seasonably reach you.
from Your Excellency's most obedient humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock
Letter: to Sir William Johnson by Messrs. Williams Pomeroy and Salter. July 17. 1765