Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Solomon Williams, 1765 January 7


abstractWheelock writes to Williams urging that plans be laid for a fundraising trip to England. He also reports on the arrival of Theophilus Chamberlain, and possible plans for a mission.

handwritingHandwriting is small, crowded and informal; there are several deletions and additions.

paperSmall single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document is possibly/likely a draft.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

  Rev. & Honoured Sir.
Yours of 5th January Instant is just come to Hand  I observe your Doubt of the Expediency of Sending  Mr. Occom — If that Should be thought inexpedient  here are other Indian lads who would make a good  appearance at home etc..
Since I wrote you I've received a letter from Mr.  Brainerd Dated New York 19th ultimo in which referring  to my discourse with him about going on such an  Errand to England, he says "If any thing be done in that  affair it must be done very soon or he cant have  the time that will be necessary to prepare for it etc.  He Says also that it is the Advice of the Honourable  William Smith and Lady, and other Gentlemen of Cha­ ­racter there, that whether Mr. Occom goes or not  it will be best that one of the Indian Boys and  if it may be a Mohawk, Should go.
Mr. Chamberlain is come, who according to the  president's Recommendation I esteem an Excellent  youth and well turned for the business. and I don't  See why we may not furnish out 3 missionaries and 8 or  so schoolmasters next Spring. and will it not  be best that the commissioners Should determine that Affair,  as Soon as possible, in order that we  may have as much Time as may be to make  provision for them?
I have been waiting this 3 weeks to have the  Road feasible to come in a Sleigh, with   my wife to visit you on our way to Norwich.
I am concerned lest the cause Should Suffer by our  Delay. We Should at least be ready to Send Home  by the first Ships that goes. I am
Yours most heartily  Eleazar Wheelock 
P.S. it will be best that their  Meeting Should be at My  House on account of Mr. Smith's  Examination etc..
Rev. [gap: tear][guess: Sol.] Williams 
3rd letter to Mr.  Solomon Williams desiring  meeting of commissioners  January. 7. 1765.