Solomon Williams, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 January 5


abstractWilliams writes to voice his objection to the proposed trip of Occom to England.

handwritingHandwriting is loose and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperSingle large sheet is in good conditon with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear. There is some tearing near remnants of seal, but it results in no loss of text.


EventsMason Land Case

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  Rev. and dear Sir 
Your favour of December 31. I received  this Morning. the letter you Refer to of the 11   I received last week. I ask Pardon for Not an swering that before Now. but Indeed the wea ­ther and traveling has been such that I knew  of No way to get a Letter to you and now  I am quite at a loss to know what to say to  your proposals. the Snow is so deep, falls  so often and the Cold Renders traveling so  Difficult that I doubt a meeting could be  obtained yet a while. I have some Difficult  ties In My Mind about Mr. Occoms going to  England, especially as Sent by the Commissioners  not only because I am suspicious he will be  prevailed on to Take Episcopal orders, but be cause, he has by his meddling in the Indian  Affairs very much disgusted the Government  and A Good Deal disaffected some to the Indian  School who before had a Favourable Opini on of it. and if he goes as Sent by Us Now I know  Mason is in England soliciting the old Mason  Affair it will be Difficult to make the government  believe that we have no eye to that or that  Occom's being there will have no Influence  upon it. there is Nothing lies in My Mind  against Mr. Brainerds going or in any proper  way desiring the assistance of the New York and  New Jersey board of Correspondents In the Affair, but  Really My Mind is too Dark to judge about it in  Expedients   
I am Sir your affectionate brother and servant  Solomon Williams   
Mr. Solomon Williams Letter  January 5. 1765   
To The Rev.  Mr. Eleazar Wheelock  In Lebanon