Solomon Williams and Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to the Honorable Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1764 July 10


abstractWilliams and Wheelock write to inform the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge that, per its commission, a Connecticut board of correspondents has been formed, and officers have been elected. They state that the best prospect for furthering the Society's design lies with Wheelock’s Indian charity school, and that they hope to employ Occom and Ashpo.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible, with very few deletions and additions.

noteworthyContents of letter are identical to those of 763900.0. The narrative mentioned on one recto is the first of Wheelock's "Narratives," printed in Boston in 1763.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

  Honoured Sirs, 
We take the earliest Opportunity, by Direction   of your Board of correspondents in the Colony of Connecti­  cut, to inform you, that, upon Receipt of your commission,  the Gentlemen named therein, met in Lebanon July 4th,  and formed themselves by choosing the proper Officers named,  to enable them to act in Capacity of your correspondents,  and to give you an Account of their Doings, and present  prospects. And in the first place to return you our warm­ est and sincerest Thanks for the Honour you have done  them, in commissioning them to be correspondents of your  Honourable Society. We join our earnest Prayers  with you, and shall by God's Grace unite our fervent  Labours to promote the excellent purpose your pious  Hearts are set upon; the Advancement of the Kingdom   of our blessed Redeemer, and spreading the Savour of  his Knowledge among them who sit in darkness, and  the Region and Shadow of Death, the most glorious  Object of your and our Attention. As the doing this  will serve also the interest of our King, also there is  one circumstance peculiarly obligatory on us, that the  success of it will be greatly beneficial to the Peace and  happiness of our own Country. We humbly take Leave  to inform your Honourable Board, that the best prospect  which at present lies in our View, is in the School, which  has been for some Time under the Care of the Rev.   Mr. Wheelock; a Narrative of the rise and progress of  which to November 1762 has been sent to the most  Honourable Marquess of Lothian , and other Members of  your Society; but lest they have failed to reach  you, we herewith transmit one; and expect you will 
To the Honourable Society in Scotland  for propagating Christian  Knowledge july 1764   
will be served with the Continuation of it to November 1763, either from  the press, or manuscript from Boston, it having been some Months  ago transmitted to Mr. John Smith, Merchant there. And our present  prospects and purposes you will see as follows. Though we have no assu­ rance of Peace with the Indians, yet entertain strong Hopes that the  present Troubles will be brought to a speedy issue. And are persua ded, that when that Event happens, it concerns us, to be as speedy  as possible in exerting our utmost Endeavours to spread the gospel as far  as may be into the Bowels of the Pagan Country; if possible, before it is  thronged with unrighteous Dealers, whose unbounded Avarice threatens  the greatest mischief to the cause. We have voted to take the Rev.   Mr. Occom into our Service, if he may be freed from a pre engagement   to the London commissioners, which we expect may be without Difficult[gap: worn_edge][guess: y]]  We have also referred to our Committee, the sending of Samuel Ashpo,  a judicious and pious Indian, when Providence shall open a Door.  We have also the pleasure to inform you, that there are eight or ten  Indian Youth in this School, of good Moral Character, well accomplished  for school masters, except their Want of Age and Fortitude. We purpose  to send forth two or three of these, next spring, to remote Tribes, in the Capa­ city of School masters, and expect by the blessing of God, that in the course of a Year,  they will be so far acquainted with the customs and Languages of these Nations,  that it may be probably expedient to ordain and improve them as ministers among  them. We expect the Rev. Mr. Charles Jeffry Smith will return as soon as it will  be safe for him, on a mission to the Six Nations. And the union of all these,  in the same Plan, we apprehend will afford a more agreeable prospect than has  ever yet appeared of this kind. But these Things we have determined upon  without a shilling in stock, relying only on him, whose the Earth is, and the fullness  thereof, to support the same; who has hitherto appeared to own the design, and   increase it from small Beginnings; nor has suffered those, who have trusted in  him, to be ashamed of their Confidence. And considering, the great Evidence  of the Piety and generosity of your Honourable Society, we doubt not that, when  the Importance of this Affair shall be maturely considered by you, you will,  agreeable to the other expressions of your pious Zeal, do all that your wisdom  and Power enables you to do, to render us capable to execute these great and good  designs ­ And as the expected openings will probably induce missionaries and  School masters to visit remoter Tribes than any of our missionaries have hither  to reached; and these missionaries mostly Indians, we conceive will give them  more convincing Proofs of the Sincerity of our Intentions; and incline  them to send their promising Youth when invited, to receive an Education  with us: so we hope the Honourable Society will think this School, which subsists  on no other Fund but the Care and Bounty of Divine Providence, to be an Object  worthy of their kind Notice and Encouragement   
Signed by the Order, and in the Name; of the Correspondents,  by,  Honoured Gentlemen,  Your most humble servants Solomon Williams Praeses  Eleazar Wheelock Secretary 
NB. Jonathan  Huntington Esq. of  Windham is chosen  treasurer of the Board of correspondents