Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1761 June 24


abstractOccom reports from New York that collections were taken and recommendations written in support of his mission.

handwritingHandwriting is slanting and somewhat crowded, but largely clear and legible

paperTwo large sheets are in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.

inkDark brown.

noteworthyThe year of the letter is catalogued as June 1761, but the trailer gives a date of 1762.

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

  Rev. Sir
We reached New York the 15 instant, and to my  surprise, the gentlemen had Concluded, not Send me  at all, and all the reason that they Can give is,  they are afraid, the Indians will kill me, I told  them, they could not kill me but once, and told them  I intended to Proceed on my Journey, and if I perish  for want of Support, I perish,—But I intended to use  your Money Sir, that David has with him; and when  they perceived my resolutions, they immediately consulted  the matter, and Concluded, that I should go, and a Collection  should be made for me, and Recommendations should  be Sent by me to Gen. Amherst and to Sir William
And the whole Matter is accomplished to my surprise  beyond all my expectations, The last Sabbath after  the afternoon Service was over, at Mr. Bostwick's Con­ gregation, they made a Collection for me and my  Family's Support, and it mounted to £60 15s 7d and  Monday Evening the Baptists made a Collection for me  at their Meeting House, and it mounted to £13 0s 0d—  And my Recommendations are done by the most Noted Gentlemen  of this Place, not only to the generals, but to other gentlemen  of their acquaintance, from this City to the further most  English Settlements,— the People are uncommonly kind  to us in this great City;— But we live in the Suburbs with one  Obediah Wells an old disciple — I am invited to  the City Every Day to Dine with Some gentleman  or other; sometimes Two or three Invitations at once,
especially the minister, of all Sects and Denominations  are extremely Kind to me,— yesterday 3 o'clock PM I was introduced  to wait upon his Honor, Colden President and Com­ mander in Chief in the Province of New York, and wished  me Good success and Gave me good advice and counsel,  —I believe tomorrow Morning we Shall out from  here on our way to Oneida,
Please to remember us in your Fatherly prayers  Continually, accept Duty, and suitable Re­ gards to the Family from
Your Most obedient Indian Son,  Samson Occom  The Rev. Mr. Wheelock
I delivered £53 7s 10d to Mr.  William Hedges of East-  hampton, for the Support  of my Family  Samson Occom
The Letters that I have  to the generals are signed by  The Honourable William Smith Esq.   Rev. David Bostwick  Mr. Peter Vanbrugh Livingstone  Mr. David Vanhorne  William Livingston Esq.
Mr. Occom's  May 1762  Received £20 of Commissioners  and to draw on them  for last Winter— 
To  The Rev. Eleazar Wheelock  at  Lebanon, New England    These
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