William Leete Stone, letter, to the President of Dartmouth College, 1866 December 12


abstractStone encloses a letter from “the first Indian student (or scholar)” at Dartmouth.

handwritingHandwriting is loose, informal and not highly legible; transcriber has transcribed words as they appear rather than attempting to decipher each individual letter.

paperSquare sheet of white paper is folded vertically and is in good condition.


noteworthyIt is undetermined to which letter, or to which Indian student, the author is referring. This appears to be the same hand, or at least is very similar to, the one that has made many non-contemporary notations on Occom-project manuscripts. The word Ms with a circle around it is at the top in a different hand and ink. Trailer is in different hand from letter and may be same hand as “Ms” note at top.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

layoutPage one of the letter is on one recto, but one verso contains page three of the letter, which is written in landscape orientation. Page two of the letter is on two recto, and two verso contains the trailer, which is upside-down.

Dear Sir/ 
The enclosed letter  which I find among my  manuscripts, I would,  through yourself, present  to Dartmouth College.  It is a letter from the  first Indian Scholar  (or Student) that, I believe,  entered your College. You  will find a reference to it  in my father's Life of Brant.  The Life of Sir W.m Johnson, 
also, as you doubtless  are aware, contains  a full account of  Dr Wheelock's efforts  & the history in full,  from original papers, of  the causes which made  Lord Dartmouth give  the land to the College.  It was entirely through  Johnson — & the entire  correspondence is there  given.  This Letter has no value to  me, beyond an antiquarian 
one; & as it should be with  you I cheerfully send  it. 
Rspt Yours  M.r L. Stone    To The President of Dartmouth College  Please acknowledge receipt 
W. L. Stone  1866