State of New York, resolution, 1791 February 24


abstractThe NY State Assembly and Senate grant Occom 15 pounds to pay his expenses in attending the legislature on behalf of the Brothertown and New Stockbridge Indians. Also, Samson Occom’s receipt for the sum.

handwritingDocument appears to bear four different hands, all clear and legible.

paperSingle medium-sized sheet is in good condition, but there is heavy creasing and some discoloration along creases.


noteworthyOccom makes note of attending the Assembly in a letter to his son Benoni, manuscript 791117. As noted next to the signature of John McKesson, the document is a copy. The words “HAVERMEYER COLLECTION.” are typed on the bottom of one verso.

signatureThere are three different signatures; given that this document is a copy, it's possible that some or all of the signatures are not in the hands of the signers.

Resolved if the Honorable the Senate concur herein  that the Treasurer of the State be requested ^to advance^ to Sampson Occum  the sum of fifteen Pounds to enable him to pay his Expences  in attending the Legislature in behalf of the Brothertown and New  Stockbridge Indians, and that the Legislature will make Provision  by Law for the payment of the same—
Ordered that M.r Vandervoort and M.r Clowes — deliver a Copy  of the preceding Resolution to the Honorable the Senate and  request their Concurrence  A Copy John M..c Keſson Clk
In Senate 24,,th February 1791
Resolved that the Senate do concur with the Hon. the Aſsembly in their  preceding Resolution  Order that M,,r Pye and M,,r Tillotson deliver a Copy of the preceding concurrent  Resolution to the Hon. the Aſsembly  By Order  Ab,,m B. Bancker Clk.
See the Supply Law of March 1791.
Received 26,,th 1791 from Gerard Bancker  Treasurer Fifteen Pounds, pursuant to the within  Concurrent Resolution —  £15 – –
Samſon Occom 
[illegible] Expences  Samson Occom £15 – – Febr,,y 1791