Samson Occom, letter, to Benoni Occom, 1791 January 17


abstractOccom writes that he is attending on the Assembly in New York about land, and urges Benoni to write and say whether or not he will come to Oneida. He also notes that he does not think he will live much longer.

handwritingOccom's hand is clear and legible.

paperSingle sheet is in moderate-to-poor condition, with significant creasing, staining and wear that results in some loss of text.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded.

noteworthyThe trailer on one verso is written in an unknown, likely 19th-century, hand. Because it is not contemporary, it has not been included in the transcription; it reads: "Mr Occom to his / son Benoni / Jn 17th 1791/ Selected for / Dr Sprague / Albany 1837." In Rauner Special Collections, the letter is accompanied by a sales slip, library notes, and catalogue clipping.

  My Son Benoni
I am now at Poughkeſey, going on  to New York to attend on the Aſsembly, a bout our Land  and, it is not likely, that I shall ^get^ Home, till, the latter  end of Next Month,— and I want, if You intend to [gap: tear]  up at all to Onieda[illegible] to Set out, So as you may[gap: tear]  there Time to Plant,— As I Came down I [gap: tear][guess: was]  Anthony's, and the Children had Hooping Cou[gap: tear][guess: gh]  other wiſe they were well,— And they expected [gap: tear]  there, where they live, last Fall, and they wo[gap: tear]  you dont Come,— Anthony Says, You talk very  Strong that You wou'd Come — and if you don't in­ tend to Come, Send us a word, that we may know —  I don't expect to live but few Days longer, but  you may Die before me, and therefore think of Death  and remember Death cComes the Judgement, and So  beg of god to prepare you — This with Love to you  both is —from
you[gap: tear][guess: r] Tender Father  Samſon Occom 
Not transcribed.