John Wheelock’s discharge, 1790 March 4


abstractJohn Wheelock relinquishes claims on the funds collected by Whitaker and Occom and deposited with the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge. The discharge is certified by John Hancock.

handwritingDocument appears to be written in three different hands; it is clear, legible, with very few additions and deletions. Letter case is occasionally difficult to decipher, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperGood condition, with minor creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthySignature reading “John Hancock” does not appear to be original — note the identical “H” in both “Holten” and “Hancock.” The L.S. above the signature means “locus sigilli” or “place of the seal” likely indicating where Hancock’s seal would be if the document were original. See also 790204.2, which is a copy or draft of this document, which itself is also likely a copy.

signatureThere are several signatures.

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