Samson Occom, journal, 1787 December 10 to 1788 August 10


abstractOccom details his activities as an intinerant preacher and tribal leader as he travels throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. There are crossed uprights and uncrossed t’s, as well as undotted i’s and dotted e’s, which have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSeveral small sheets folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine (binding is loose in most places) are in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining and wear.


noteworthyThis journal picks up shortly after manuscript 787520.1 leaves off. If the name of a person or place is uncertain, it has been left untagged. If Occom's intention regarding a word is uncertain, that word has been left unmodified in the modernized transcription. After entering events for January 1-14, 1788, Occom returns, on 10 recto, to the date January 1 and records events from that date forward. On 10 verso, fifth line, last word, the meaning of the abbreviation “m” is uncertain, although it is likely “money.” On 12 recto, it is uncertain to whom Rev. Canada’s daughter refers, and so she has been left untagged. On 26 verso, the identity of Betty is uncertain; however, it is possibly Betty Peter. On 34 verso and 35 recto, the name of the lake is uncertain, and so it has been left untagged. On 35 verso, it is uncertain to which of his daughters Occom refers, and so she has been left untagged. On 36 verso, eighth line from bottom, last word, it is uncertain for what “L” is an abbreviation, although it is likely “legal.” On 43 recto, and 43 and 44 verso, the name of the lake mentioned is uncertain; however, it is possibly Oneida Lake. Although Occom does not specify whether or not he means father or son when he refers to Elijah Wympy in this document, it is, given the context, likely that that Occom is referring to Elijah Wympy Jr. An editor, likely 19th-century, has added notes and overwrites in black ink throughout. These edits have not been transcribed.

quite large Number of Peop[gap: worn_edge][guess: l]  again and the People were  very Serious I Spoke from [gap: omitted]

Monday Decr 10

got up very  early, and took leave of the  Family and we went on to  Albany, got there about 12  and we lodgd at one Mr [gap: omitted]

Tueſday Decr 11:

we got up  Some what early, and went  over the River, and got to  Esqr Woodworths before Night  and we Lodged there, we were  receivd with all kindneſs  and Friendſhip.

Wedneſd Decr 12

Some Time  in the Morning, we went on to  New Bethleham and we Stopt at  one Mr [gap: omitted] and I preachd  in the evening, Spoke from  the words, But one thing is needful   
and there was great many P  and they attended well, and  after meeting I went with one  Mr Mofat a Baptiſt Preacher  and there we Lodged. —

Thirdsday Decr 13

Preach'd  here this Day, and there was  a good Number of People, I  Spoke from [gap: omitted] as Soon  as the meeting was done we  went to another Place about  4 miles off, and there I preachd  to a Conſiderable Number of  People, and there Lodged, —

Fryday Decr 14

we went  to Phillips Town, and got to  Mr Cooks Some Time before  Noon, and there we put up,  and in the Evening we had  a meeting to another Houſe, &  it was extreem Cold yet there  was a large Number of People  and after meeting went back   
to old Mr Cooks and there we  Lodgd and we Lodged Comfort  ably by the Fire — —

Sabb Decr 16:

Soon after Bre  akfaſt I went to meeting to one  Mr Adamss, I went a foot thro  the Woods, about 1 began the  Meeting, and there was a large  Number of People, and I Spoke  from [gap: omitted] The People  expected Mr Perry from Rich  mount, but he faild them, and  they deſired me to adminiſter the  ordernance and I Complied &  we had a Solemn Day of it —  in the Evening we had another  meeting in Young Mr Cooks  Houſe, and there was a large  number of People, I Spoke from  [gap: omitted] and I Baptized Six  Children for Mr [gap: omitted]  their Names were [gap: omitted]   
after meeting went back to  old Mr Cooks again and there  we Lodgd. —

Monday Decr 17

got up very  early and went New Beth  leham and there I had a  meeting, and I Baptizd a Child  for one Mr Bunce, Soon after  meet went to green Buſh  and in the Evening we had  a meeting at Esqr Woodworths  and there was Conſiderable  number of People, and they  attended well, we Lodged  at the Same Houſe — —

Tueſday Decr 18:

got up early  and took Breakfaſt, and Soon  after took leave of the Family  and went on our way and  wrode about 30 miles and put  up at a Tervern —

Wedneſday Decr 19

got up very  early and went on our way  and got Staaſborough Some  Time in the after noon and  We Calld in at one Mr Straigh^ts^  and there we had a meeting  in the Evening, and there was  a large number of People for  a Short Notice, and the People  attended with great Seriouſneſs  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  we Lodged at the Same Houſe  and were kindly entertaind  by the Family —

Thirdsday Decr 20:

got up  early, and took Breakfaſt  with the Family, and Soon  after eating we went on a  gain and got to Esqr Firma^ns^  Some Time before Noon and  there we Stoptd, and in the  Evening we had a meeting in  a School Houſe a bout one m  of and there was a great   
Number of People and there  was great Solemnity among  the People, after meeting  went back to Esqr Firman  and we Lodgd, — —

Fryday Decr 21:

Some Time  after Breakfaſt we went  into Nine Partners, and  Stopt at Mr Gaſleys, and  in the Eving we had a Mg  and there was a Prodigious  number of People, and ther  was great Seriouſneſs. I  Lodged at the Samſe Houſe  this Family is a Chistian  Family in deed. — —  Saturday Decr 22 we were  here abouts all Day —

Sabb, Decr 23

after Break  faſt we went to meeting to  a Place Calld the Hallow. I  went with Mrs Gaſley in thei^r^   
Slay, and it was a Dread  ful Storm of Snow, Yet there  was good many People, and  they attended well. Soon after  Meeting, we went back, and  we Stopt at Collo [gap: omitted]  and took Dinner there, and  Soon after eating, we went  on again, and got to Mr  Gaſley's before Night, and  in the Evening the People  Came together, and I Spoſe  to them, and there was  great Solemnity in the  meeting, and after meetg  we had Exerciſe with Chriſtia^n^  Cards and it was late be-  fore the People Diſpercd  and we lodgd at the Same  Houſe — —

Monday Decr 24:

got up  very early, and went to   
Pleaſen Valley with Mr  Gaſley and her Daughter  in their Slay, got there be-  fore [illegible]meeting, and about  11: we went to meeting and  there was a large Number  of People, and with great  Solemnity the People attende^d^  the word of god, directly af-  ter meeting we went to Mr  Platts, and there we had  another meeting, and there  was a great many People  Mr Caſe & Mr Grover were  there and I Spoke from  James IV. 17 and as Soon as  I had done Speaking Mr  Grover began, and Spoke  Some Time with great fir  vency, and when he had  done, Mr Caſe got up and   
he Spoke Some Time with  great earneſtneſs, and the  People the were greatly So  lemnizd, and it was a Power  ful meeting; the Lord has  been viſiting the People a  bout here with his Divine  Power many have been  Converted to God, and after  meeting we took leave one  of another and it was an  affectionate parting, — we  lodgd at the Same Houſe  and had quiet Sleep — —

Tueſday Decr 25:

Some Time  in the Morning, we went  on our way after we had  took leave of the Family, &  directed our Courſe to Pough-  keepſie, and So down the  River, a bout 4. miles and  there w went over the River   
and we went into a Houſe  where one Mr Havens lives  and his Wife was upon point  of Death, I aſked her Some Quens  found her Comfortable in her  mind and was willing to lieve  the World, I pray with her &,  and then went on, got to  Major Deboiſes before night^[illegible]^  and there we put up, and  were kindly receivd. — —

Wedneſday Decr 26,

in  the Morning, a Certain  Man Came to the Houſe, and  gave information that Mrs  Havens was Dead, and Mr  Havens Deſired me to attend  upon his wife's Funeral  and accordingly as Soon  as the Breakfast was over  I went, and there was a  large Number of People   
Collecting, and I preachd  from the words, Set thiy H–  in Horder &c. and as Soon  as the meeting was over, we  went back to Majors and  from the[illegible][guess: re] juſt at Night to  ˄ meeting Houſe and there  was a great Concouce of  People and I Spoke from  Psalm CVII.31 and it was  a Solemn Aſembly, and as  Soon as the meeting was done  I went with one [gap: omitted]  about five miles of in a  Slay, and there Lodged, &  was kindly treated — —

Thirdsday Decr 27:

Some  Time in the Day Peter &  Henry Came to me, and  towards Night, we went  towards the South part of   
Newborough, and there  we had a meeting, and  there was a great many  People and I Spoke from  [gap: omitted] and the People be-  haved well, — here Brother  David Fowler Came to the  meeting, Juſt over took  us, after meeting we  went with one Mr [gap: omitted]  and there I Lodgd and were  Friendly entertaind, — —

Fryday Decr 28:

took  Breakfaſt and Soon after  Sot off and went to New wind  ſor juſt Call'd on Mr Cloſe  and So to Mr Woods 4 or 5  miles out the Town, and  we we^[illegible]^re very glad to See  one another, and we Con  cluded to have a meeting   
in Esqr Clerks in the even  ing, and accordingly mett  and there was a great Nr  of People, and I Spoke from  [gap: omitted] and the People  attended with great Solemnety  after meeting went back  to Brother woods, and there  we Lodged. — — —

Saturday Decr 29

got up  very early and took leave  of the Family, and went  of, Call in at Esqr Clerk's  and took Breakfaſt there  and Soon after paſt on again  Stopt a while at Mr Brewſters  in Blooming Grove took Din  ner there, after caling went  on again, and Juſt in the  evening, we got to Florada  and put ^up^ at Mrs Robinſons,  a Tervern. — — — 

Sabb: Decr 31

Had an In-  vetation to Preach, and I  Concented, and about 11 the  People got to gether, and  I went into the meeting Houſe  and there was a great Numr  of People, and I Spoke from  [gap: omitted] and the People at  tended with great attention —  as Soon as the Meeting was ove^r^  we took Dinner, and then we  went on Warwick, a bout 5  miles, and there I preach'd in  the Evening to a great mul  ti[illegible]tude of People and I Spoke  from Jonah III.5: and the P.  were very Solemn, after meet  ing, I went to a Certain Houſe  and there I Lodged and was  kindly treated. — — —

Monday Decr 31.

got up very  early, and we Sot of, and  Stopt at Colo Hathhorns and   
there we took Breakfaſt, &  Soon after eating we went  on again, and Some Time  in the afternoon at Mr Smith^s^  a Publick Houſe; and the P  deſired me to Stopt and So have  a meeting in the Evening and  I Concented, and the People  got together in the evening  and there was a large numr  for the Cold Seaſon and Short  notice, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People behaved well  in the Room, but Some in the  other Room made much  Noiſe — we Lodg'd at the  Same Houſe — — — 

Tuesday Janu 1. 1788

got up quite Early and  got ready Soon and went  on our way again, and   
in the evening we got ^to^ Mill  Stone, and Lodged at a Pub  lick Houſe. — — —

Wedneſday Janr 2:

took  Breakfaſt early and Soon  after went on ^a^gain, and  got to Docr Weatherſpoons  in Prince Town Juſt a bout  12: took Dinner with him &  Soon after we paſt on, and  got to a Certain Tervern.  and there we Lodged, and  it was very Cold Night, —

Thirdsday Janr 3;

we got  up very early and went on  Some Time in the after noon  we got to Agepelack ^Quakſon^ an Indi  an Place we went into one  Houſe and was there a while  found them Extreamly Poor. —  and So we went to a Tavern  and there we Lodged. — —

Fryday Janr 4

after Break  faſt we went back to the  Indian Place, juſt Calld  in the Same Houſe, we Calld  in Yeſterday, and So paſt on  and we got to Agepelack  andother[illegible] Indian Place, Calld  at one Mytops and I Stayd  I was very poorly with a  Cold and Lodgd here the  Night following, and was  kindly treated. — — —

Saturday Janr 5:

was here  again all Day, Continued  much ill, and Lodgd here  again — —. — —

Sabb: Janr 6:

about 11 we  went to meeting at the meet  ing Houſe, and there was not  ma^n^y People and it was now   
pleaſent Day and I Spoke  from the words that which  is wanting Can not be num  bered. and after meeting  Daniel Simon invited us to  go home with him to his mother  in Laws Widow Calvin, and  there we were all this week  and I was much troubled with  Cold attended with Cough, — —

Sabb Janr 13

Preahd here  [illegible]again, from the words Set  thy Houſe in order &c preachd  here 4 times in the whole — —

Monday Janr 14

left the Place  and went on towards Phila-  delphia, got to the River eaſt  Side againſt Philadelphia &  [illegible] there we Lodged in a Tervern  and reſted well. — —

Tueſday Janr 15

Tueſdad Janr 1. 1788.

we got up early and went on  our way, and get to ththe Revd  Mr Bal^d^win of [gap: omitted]  and in the evening we went  to a Certain Houſe to See a Sick  m[illegible][guess: y]an — and afterward went  back to Mr Baldwins and there  I Lodged — —

Wedneſday Janr 2

Some Time  after Breakfaſt, we went to  Paſeppanny to Mr Grover's, &  towards night went back to  Mr Baldwin's, and So to a  nother Houſe a mile of two off  and there we had a meeting  and there was a number of  People, and I Spoke to them  from [gap: omitted] and I Lodgd  at the Same Houſe. — —

Thirdsday Janr 3:

we went  of early in the morning   
and gone but a little way &  a Certain gentleman Calld us  and deſired us to go in and  we did, and took Breakfaſt  with him, and gave us Some m  beſides, Soon after eating we  paſt on, and Juſt Stopt at Mr  Baldwins and So paſt on, and  and went to Mr grovers, and  towards noon we went to Mr  Beaver[illegible]rout's. and in the even  ing we had a meeting, and  there was a great Number of  People and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and there was great Serious  neſs among the People, and  Lodgd at the Same Houſe —

Fhiryrd ^day^ Janr 4

after we broke  ofur faſt we Sot of again &  Call at the Revd Mr Greens  and was there a few minutes  and So on, and wee got to Mr  Capman's at Newardk mount-  tains a little past 12 and we   
took Dinner there, and Soon  afte[gap: stain][guess: r] Dinner, we went to  Crain Town and got there  a little before Sun-Sit, and  was word given o ut, for a  meeting and I put up at  Mr Crains, and in the eveng  went to meeting and there  was a great number of People  and I Spoke from 1 Joh V.10  and there was very great So  lemnity. after meeting went  back to mr Crain's and there  I Lodged & reſted well —

Saturdad Janr 5

Soon after  Breakfaſt, we Sot of for  Horſe Neck. and Soon ggobt  there, and it was extream  Cold, and we put up at Esqr  Crains — —

Sabb^.^day Janr 6:

about 11  we went to meeting, and it  was extreem Cold, Yet there   
was a large Number of Peop  and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well,  Soon as the Service wa over  I went back to Esqr Crain, and  the we took Dinner, and as  Soon as we had Swallowd  our Dinner we went of to a  nother Place, three or four  miles, and there we had  an Evening meeting and  good many People and a  well behaved People we Lodg  at the Same Houſe — —

Monday Janr 7

went off  Some what early, and diret  ed our Courſe to Morris Town  we Stopt a while at Mr Gro^vers^  and there we left Henry Sten  ſel, we Calld alſo at Docr  Darbes, and so on, we got   
Morris Town Juſt before  Night, and we put up  the Revd Mr Johnes's, and  in the Evening went to the  Meeting Houſe, and I preach^d^  to a vaſt number of People  and I Spoke from the words  thy Heart is not [illegible]right &c —  and the People attended with  great Solemnity — after meet  ing went back with Docr  Johnes and Lodged, — —

Tueſday Janr 8:

after eating  I Sot off and went to Baſking  Ridge, Stopt at Deacon [gap: omitted]  where Peter and David Lodged  and it began to rain, and  we Sot of, and we got to the  Place Some Time before noon  and we Calld in ^to^ a Certain  Houſe, and about 11 we  went to attend upon a Fune  ral of one ˄ the Revd Canadas   
Daughters, and it was very  uncomfortable Rainy Slop[illegible][guess: y][illegible]  Day and Yet there was a  large number of People, and  I Spoke from the words, But  the End of all things its at H  and Soon after, we followd  the Corps to the grave, and  went directly to the Houſe  where we firſt put up and  there we Lodgd, — —

Wedneſday Janr 9:

after we  Broke our faſt, we Sot off a  gain, and got So far as to  Mill-Stone and there we  put up at a T[illegible]avern, — —

Thirsday Janr 10:

got up very  early and took Breakfas^t^  and Soon after went on our  way, and about 12 we  arrivd to Docr Whetherſpoon's  in Prince-Town, and took   
Dinner with him — and Soon  after we went on again &  in the evening we put up  ^at^ Black Horſe Tervern, and  it was very Cold, Sot up Some  what late, — — —

Fryday Janr 11:

after eat  ing we went on again, &  got to Quahſon towards Nig  where there three or 4 Families  of Indians, we Calld in at  one, and they appeard ex  treemly Poor, So we went  to [gap: omitted] and put up at Ter  vern, and it was Cold yet  we Sot up long and I was ill  with a Cold & Cough'd — —

Saturday Janr 12:

after  Breakfaſt we Sot off again  and we arriv'd to Agepelack  Some Time before Night, and  we Stopt at Friend Mytop's  and I was very poor ˄ with   
my Cold and Coughd much  and So I Stayd here over Night  and was kindly treated — —

Sabb. Janr 13

I felt a little  better, and about 11 went to  meeting, and there was not  many People they but little  Notice, and it was now a Plea-  ſent Day, I Spoke from the  words, that which is wanting &c  and the People attended well, after  Service I went home with Daniel  Simon to his Mother in Laws Houſe  and Stay'd here all the week  Daniel Simon Loſt an [illegible]only Ch  this week and I preach a Funer  Diſcource, from the words Set  [illegible]thy[illegible] Houſe — & and we had Sing  ing meetings every Night  and prayd with them and  gave them a word of Exhorta  tions — — —

Sabb Janr 20

Preahd here  again and it was very bad   
TTraviling. and there was  a Conſiderable number of  People Collected, and I Spoke  from [gap: omitted] and the  People attended well, and  after meeting went Back  to Widow Calvin's and in the  Evening People Came together  and we had exerciſe with  Christian Cards and we S[illegible]ung  and prayd, and it was a  Solemn Time many were  much affected and the People  were very loath to leave the  Place & they Stayd late — —

Monday Janr 21:

we were  up very ea^r^ly and got read^[below]y^  as Soon as we Cou'd, and we  took leave of the Family, and  others that Came to take leave  of [illegible]us, and So we directed  our Cou^r^ſe to Philadelphia   
and in the Evening we got  to the River againſt the City  and we put up in a Tervern  one Friend Coopper, — —

Tueſday Janr 22:

we got up  very early, and went over  in a Boat upon the Ice, &  a little after Sun Riſe we  were in the City, and we  went to See Docr Duffield a  Phyſition, and were kindly  receivd, and from thence we  to See Docr Sprout, and he  receivd us kindly, and we  went on to viſit Miniſters of all  Denominations, and they were  all very Friendly, and we  Dind with genetlemen al'  moſt every Day — We Lodgd  two or three Nights at Mr  Buſhels, and then we were   
invited by Mr Innes a brewer  a Scotchman and a good man  and the whole Family is very  agreable we were treated  with all kindeſs — —

Sabb Janr 27

in the after  noon Preachd in Docr  Duffield's Meeting Houſe, in  the Evening Preachd in Docr  Sprouts Meeting, and they  made Collections for me —  This week viſited all week  and found kindneſs by all  Sorts of People — —

Febr 3:

on Sabb in the morn  ing Preachd at Duffield's  in the after noon preach'd in  a Baptiſt meeting and there  was a large number of People —

Fryday Febr 8:

this evening  we were invited, with a num   
number of gentlemen and  Ladies to Drink Tea with  a Dutch Captain in his  Ship, his Name was De  Horſe — and we had a genteel  entertainment — and after  Tea the Company Plaid the  little man, which died very  often — Stayd till near 9 and  then we Indians took good  leave of the Company and  returnd to our Quarters —

Sabb Febr 10

Preach'd in  the Morning in Docr Duffields  Meeting, in the Evening prea^chd^  in Ewning's and they made  me Collitions — —  This week went on in our Uſu  al viſits amongſt all Sorts  of People and were kindly  treated by all People — —

Sabb Febr 17

I went in the  morning to Docr Sprouts, and   
it was a Sacrament Day Mr  Green Preach'd, and I par  took with them, and it was  a Solemn Day with me, and  I believe with o thers — In the  after Noon I went to Baptiſt  meeting, and heard Mr Enſtic^k^  one of the Baptiſt miniſters in  the City — — —  and we were now geting  ready to leave the City and  it was hard work to take  leave of the People that have  been So kind to us Since we  have been here — —  the Quakers in particular  were exceeding kind to us  and Freely Commucated  their Subſtance to help our  People in the Wilderneſs —  Two Schools Communicated  Some thing to our Children in  the Wilderneſs — —

Fryday Febr 22

about 10  we left Philadelphia and it  was bad Croſing the River, we  went on Ice moſt all the way  over and it was Cold Day, and  in the Evening we got Mores Town  and Brother David was Sick, &  Peter went Agepelack, and D  and Lodgd in a Tervern —

Saturday Febr 23

I went to  Quakſon ^& left David very Sick^ and got there before  noon, and put up at a Public  Houſe, in the after noon went to  an Indian Houſe, towards Nig^h^t  went a Public Houſe — —

Sabb. Febr 24:

about 11 went  to meeting to a meeting Houſe where^˄^  Mr John Brainard uſe to preach  to a Number of Indians, and there  was Conſideraber of People and  I Spoke from Acts XI:26 and  Some Time towards Night, Iwe  went to Mount Halley, got there  near S[illegible]un Sit and we put up at   
Docr Roſss, and David was  very Sick, and here we Stayd  Some Days, and I preahd four  Times in this Place, — —

FryDay Febr 29:

I left Mount  Halley and left David there he  was not well enough to Set out  and it was very Cold, I got to  Trinton in the evening, Calld  at Revd Mr Armſtrongs but  he was not at Home So I went  to a Public Houſe, and Lodged —

Saturday March 1:

went back  to Burden Town got there Some  Time before Night, and I Lodgd  Mr Wilſons a Baptiſt miniſters  Houſe, but was not at Home, but  the woman treated me with all  kindneſs. — —

Sabb. March 2:

and it was  extreem Cold, I preahd in a  large upper Room and there  a large number of People for  the Cold Seaſon, and Some   
Time in the after Noon I left  the Place and went back to  Trinton and got there before  Night, and I was to preach  here this evening, but the Sea-  ſon was So Severe, they Conclud  ed defer it till the next Day  at 10 of the Clock in the morning  and So I went to my old Lodging^s^  and reſted Comfortably — —

Monday March 3:

about 10  we went into the meeting Houſe  and thre was Conſiderable Nr  of People and I Spoke from  Mark. V.4: and there was good  attention, after meeting went  home with Mr Armſtrong and  Dinned with, and Some Time  in the after noon I went back  to Draw Bridge and there I  had an Evening meeting and  there was a vaſt number of  People, and I Spoke from Sol,  Song VIII.5 and it was a Solem^n^  Time, —  I Lodgd at the Same Houſe. — — —

Tueſday March 4:

David &  I Sot off prety early, and  we got to [gap: omitted] and Lodgd  at a Ducth Tevern, — —

Wedneſday March 5:

we got  up early and got Victuals &  Soon after Sot of, and we got  almoſt to New Brunſwick  and David out he had forgot  his Bundle, and So he went  back and I went on, got to  N. Brunſweck before noon  and I put up at a Public H  and Soon went to See the Revd  Mr Munteeth, and there I din'd  with him, after Dinner we  went to See Docr Scott, and I was  recevd with all kindneſs, and  here I found Peter, who had  been Stragling from us almoſ^t^  a fortnit, and preſently after  David Came up with us, and   
and in the evening there  was a Society, and we went  to it, and I Spoke a few  words by way of Exhortation  and after meeting we return^d^  to Docr Scotts and there we  Lodged, — —

Thidrdsday March 6:

got up  early and went to Several  Houſes, a viſiting, and we  were treated kindly, Dined  with a Dutch Miniſter, and  was exceeding Friendly, —  in the Evening we had a meet  ing in the Preſbyterian meet  ing Houſe and there was a  large Number of People, and  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  I Lodged at Docr Scotts again  and David and Peter Lodged  in another Houſe — —

Fryday March 7

we got  up early and went to take   
Breakfaſt with a Certain  gentleman and Soon after  Breakfaſt we went back  to Docr Scotts and get ready  about 8: we tooke leave of  Docr Scott and his Family  and others and went on  our way, and we Stopt at  the Revd Mr [gap: omitted] in  Woodbridge and took Dinner  there, and Soon after eating  wa paſt on, and we got  to Eliſabeth Town Juſt be-  fore Sun Sit, and we Calld  upon Esqr Woodroffs a few  Minutes, and went on to N.  ark, and we got there Some  Time in the evening and  we put at a Publick Houſe  I went to Docr Mcwartters &  but was not well and did not  See him, and So went back  to the Tervern — —

Saturdady March 8:

got up  very early, and got ready  and went on Our way to  Newark Mountains got there  about 9: and Call'd on Mr  Chapman and took Break  faſt there, and Mrs Capman  was very Sick and So we wen^t^  to Crain Town and I put up  a Deacon Crain's, and we  were moſt kindly entertaind  David and Peter Lodgd in another  Mr Crain's Houſe — —

Sabb March 9:

about 9 went  to Meeting got to the Place as the  People began to Collect, and  there was a very large Numbr  of People and I preahd all  Day from Mark V.4: [gap: omitted]  and the People attended with  great Solemnity, — The Revd Mr  Chapman went to Newark  to preach, — and in the evening   
I had a meeting to attend  upon in Newark and there  was a vaſt Number of People  and I Spoke II Corin XVI:22  and the People were very Solem^n^  and we I went with Docr Burne^t^  and Lodged there and P & D  Lodged in the Publick Houſe  I went to Bed Soon. — —

Monday March 10

was at  the Place all Day, and in  the Evening I preahd again  to a multitude of People and  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended with  all gravity after meeting I  went home with Docter Burnet  again, and there Lodgd —

Tueſday March 11

Some  in the morning we took leav^e^  of our Friends and went on  our way towards New York  got over there Some Time in   
the afternoon and we  put up at the North part  of the City with one Mr [gap: omitted]  a Tevern keeper —

Wedneſday March 12:

went  to waited on Docr Rodgers  and other gentlemen upon  our Buſineſs, but there was  no proſpect of doing much  The good Friends or Quaker^[below]s^  Did more than any they gave  David and Peter Six pounds  to bear their Expences to Onieda  and they gave Some other things  to our People in the Woods —

Fryday March 14

Brother  David Fowler Peter  Pohquunnuppeet left me  at New York and theyre  turnd homward to Onieda

Saturday March 15:

in the  evening I preahd in Mr Gano^s^  meeting Houſe and there   
was a large number of People  and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well  Some with affection — —

Sabb March 16:

in the morn  ing went to hear Docr Rodgers  but I was diſappointed, I heard  Mr Miller from Some part  of the New Jerſey — in the  after noon I went to hear the  Methodiſts, and I heard a young  man but was not extraordina  ry in the evening went to my  Lodgings — — —

Wedneſday March 19:

Some  about 12 took a paſage in a  Boad to Eliſabeth Town, got  there Juſt Sun Sit, and I put  up at a Publick Houſe with  one Mr [gap: omitted] a Religious  man and was kindly Treated  by him & his Lady — —

Thirdsday March 20:

in the  morning Some Time, Mr [gap: omitted]   
took me in his Carrage, and  we went to Newark, to See a  about my Money that was to be  Sent ˄ Docr Rodgers in New York  for me; we got there Soon, but  I Cou'd not hear about ^it^ I Calld  on Docr McWa^r^tter, in the even  ining went back but I Stopt  at one Mr Lyon, and Lodged  there we had a meeting this  evening in a Baptiſt meeting  Houſe, this Place is Calld  Lyons Farms. — —

Saturday March 22:

in  the Evening I heard Mr Ogden  in Eliſabeth Town Church and  he is a good Preacher of the  goſpel of Jeſus Christ. — Lodgd  at my old Quarters — —

Lords Day March 23

Preahd  all Day in the Preſbyterean  meeting Houſe and there was  a large number of People  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]   
in the evening I attended  a Society, gave a word of Exhor  tation — and Lodged at the  Same Houſe — — —

Monday 24:

early in the  morning went to a Certain  Place 5 or 6: miles Southwar^d^  and preachd in a Certain m[illegible]  Houſe, and the Revd Mr Ogden  was preſent, and there was  a great Number of People  tho' it was very Cold, and as  Soon as I had done Speaking  Mr Ogden gave a word of  Exhortation, and there was  great Solemnity amongſt  the People I Spoke from  Psalm CVII:31: Some Time  after meeting I went with  a Lady in her Carriage, to  her Houſe, and from thence  to another Houſe, and in  the evening went to another  and there I preachd to a large   
Congregation and I Spok  from [gap: omitted] and the  People many of them were  much affected. I Lodged at  theſ Same Houſe, — —

Tueſday March 25

got up  very early, and got read, and  a Negro Carried me in a Car  riage to Eliſabeth Town, and  from there Esqr Woodroff Car  ried in his Carrage to the Point  and had a Paſsage directly.  and I went aboard, and was  at New York about 12: and  went directly to Docr Rodgers  to See whether my Money had  got there, but it was not, and  So immediately went to Pownal  Ferry Fand went over, and  took Stage Waggon, and was  at Newark before Sun Set  and there I found my money  at Mr Ogdens, and So I went   
to Docr Macwartter and he  was not at Home, and I went  to bed Soon being much w[illegible]ried  the fatigues of the Day, and  [illegible][guess: "]Some Time in the Evening the  Docr Came Home, and he Came  in to the Room where I Lay  and he was much Surprizd  to See me a bed, he knew not  I was in the Houſe —

Wedneſday March 26:

got  up very early and went to  Mr Ogdens to Lay out my  money, for it was Chiefly in  Jerſey Bills and Coppers, &  I was to go in Stage Waggon  again, but I was too late,  and went to the Landing, and  happily found a Sloop going  to New York, and I with Joy  went a Board, and was at  New York before Newight, &  went to my Lodging once  more — — 

Thirdsday March 27,

found  a paſage to London, and So  was getting. — —

Sabb: March 28:30

about 10  Sot Sail, and had good wind

Monday March 31:

had but  Small wind, till near noon &  then we had a fine wind &  and Juſt at Night we got  a ground on Oyster Bed, &  it was near my Home, and  So I went a Shore and the Capt  alſo, and we got Horſes, I had  a bout a mile to go, and the  Capt had about 5: miles to  go, found my poor Family  thro' the great goodneſs of  god, in good Health, Bleſs  be the Name of the Lord,  that I Lodge in my own Houſ^e^  once more after a long ab  ſence and had experiencd  much of the goodneſs of god

April 1

went to the Bridgge to  fetch my thing up, — 

Wedneſday April 9

My wife  and I went to New London in  order to go over to Long Island  and we got to New London Juſt  before Sun Set and we found  a Boat going over to Plum Is  and we went a Board directly  and was on the water all Night  juſt about break of Day we  got a Shore, and we went to  a Hutt and turnd in till broad  Day Light, and then we went  into Mr Bebees Houſe and there  we took Breakfast, the Family  was very kind to us, — and we  were very Soon Calld to go aboard  a gain, and Saild on for Na  peek and we arrivd there be-  fore noon, and we went to the  Pines and there we Saw  Siſter Phebe Pharaoh, and  Young David Fowler — and  So we all went together to eaſt  part of Hetherwoods and then   
we found Mother Fowler,  here are three or four Fami  lies of Indians and one Fami  ly Engliſh, — —

Fryday April 11

was at  Mothers all Day, was much  tired of Yeſterdays Journey —  in the Evening we had a meet  ing in Mr Hands Houſe, and  there was a Conſideraber Nr  of People Indians and Engliſh  and they appeard Solemn —

Saturday April 12:

about  10 I Sot out for Eaſt hampton  got there a little before Night  and put up the Revd Mr Buells  and we were glad to Se one  another once more — —

Sabb: April 13:

SWent to  meeting about 10: Mr Bu[illegible]ell  began and I finiſhd the  fore noon Service, in the   
after Noon I preachd from  Jona III:5: and there was  a great Aſembly and they  were exceeding Solemn —  towards Night I went to winſc^ot^  and there I preachd, Spoke  from [gap: omitted] and the was  good attention I Lodge [illegible] at  the[illegible] Same Houſe, the man name  was Mr Conkling — —

Monday April 14:

Sot off early  Calld a few minutes at Colo –  Hubberts to See Mr Woolworth  and he had not got up I juſt  Saw him, and went on again  Calld at the Revd Mr Williamss  in Southhamp[illegible]ton and to vic  tuals there, he was not at H  from there went to the Indians  in Cold Spring, and there  was a number of Indians  Some frome Weſtward, and  Some from Montauk, and  them that belong to the Place   
in the after noon I went to  Shenecock, and it began to  Rain juſt as got there, and  here I Saw one Benjamin  Townſend a New Exhorter  one that Came from New-  England. — in the evening  we had a meeting, and there  was a Conſiderable Number  of People tho' it was very Storm  I Spoke from Psallm CVII and  the People were much moved  Some made Noiſe — after  meeting the Spent Some in  Singing Psalms and Hymns  and Spiritual Songs — I lodgd  at the Same Houſe — —

Tueſday April 15:

I got up  very early, and went on my  way towards Montauk again  Stopt at Mr Williams and took  Breakfaſt [illegible]with them, and  Soon went on again, Stopt   
a few minutes at Mr Woolworth  and So past on, Stopt at Mr  Buells alſo, and ate my din  ner there and kep on, Calld  at Htwo Houſes in Ameganſet  and paſt on Spot at Mr  Benjamin Hedgess, and So  on got to Mother Fowlers  a bout Day light in and  went to Bed Soon I was good  tired and had a bad Cold — —

Wedneſday April 16:

was  at the Place all Day — —

Thirdsday: April 17:

about  9 took leave of our People  and went to Napeek, god  there about 10: and aboard  of Mr Horton, and went  Strate to New London, got  there Some Time before Nt  and we Slept a little while  and So went on to Pomme^[illegible]^cha   
and we went a Shore &  My wife and I went home  mother Fowler & Betty  Stayd at Mr Adgates — —

Fryday April 18:

in the  morning went with the  Cart to fetch our things  The Lord be thanked for  his goodneſs to us —

Monday May 26: 1788

about 11 I took leave of  my Family once more &  went on my way towards  Onieda, and got So far as  to one Mr Joness Juſt before  Night, and there I Lodgd:  I Juſt Calld on Mr Tuck as  I Came a long — —

Tueſday May 27

got me up  early and went on my way  Calld on Mr Huntington in  New Ma[illegible]lborough, and took   
my Breakfaſt there with  them, and Soon after went  on, Calld at Mr Stevenss, and  at Mr Eelss and took Dinner  there, — and Soon after went  on, and Calld on Mr Marſh  in Weatherſfield, and from  thence went to Esqr Welless  and was there Some Time, a  bout 4 o'c in the after Noon  went on again, and got to  Farmington Juſt after Sun  Sit, Call on Mr Pitkin a few  minutes, and So paſt on, and  got Solomon Moſsucks in the  Evening and found them all  well, and there I Lodged —

Wedneſday May 28:

was at the  Place all Day, and Searchd  into my Olives affair, and  Say Writings about it to my  Satiſfaction, — —

Thirdsday May 29:

after  Breakfaſt took leave of  the Family, and went on  my way, Stopt a little  while at Mr Wawdsworth,  and left Olive's affair with  him, — and So went on my  way again, Calld a while  at Mr Wiridards and he  was much Sick, and So  we[illegible]nt on again Soon, and  Stopt at Mr Meechems in  Hervington, and found  him a Strange poſture  alike a little Child, took  Dinner there, and Soon after  went on again, and in  the evening got to a Place  Calld wauven, and there  I Lodgd in a Public H   
and there was a number  of People, and they wanted  to have ^me^ preach to them &  I told them it was too late  and they inſiſted, I Shoud, &  I Sayd again it was too late  but if they woud get toge^r^ the  in the morning I woud gra  tify them, and So we left  the matter — —

Fry Day may 30:

Juſt af  ter Six I went to Mr Stars the  miniſter of the Place, and  the Pl People got together  a little after 8 and deliver^d^  a Short Diſcourſe to them, &  Soon after I went on my  way again, I Stopt atll  Mr Bodwells and took  Dinner there, and about  2 in the after, I went on agai^n^  and got one Mr Canfields   
a Publick Houſe and Lodgd  there and went to reſt Soon — —

Saturday May 31:

got up  early and went on my way  reach'd to the Hallow about 8  and took Breakfaſt, and Soon  after paſt on and Stopt a  little at Esqr Newcoms &  then went to Mr Caſe's and  Stopt there a few minutes &  on again Calld at Mr Firm  monds and took Dinner ther^e^  and Soon after left the Valley  and went on to Mr Gaſleys  in Bethel, and it Raind Con  ſiderably, got there there Time  in the after Noon, and we [illegible]  were Glad to See each other  and there I put up, — —

Sabb: June 1. 1788,

about 8  we went to meeting one [illegible]of  Mr Gaſleys Daughters Carry^d^  me in a Chair, and there   
was a great Number of Peop  Collected together, and I Spoke  from Jona III:5: [gap: omitted]  Soon after Meeting we went to  Colo Blooms and took Dinner  there, and after eating I went  home with Mr Elias Mulford  of Long Island, he was one of  Schoolars formerly at Montau^k^  and he entertained me with  all kindneſs, and ther I found  widow Betty Peter from Long  Island. — —

Monday June 2:

Preach at  Mr Mulfords and there was  a great Number of People —  Soon after meeting I went  of with Some People to another  Place and Stopt at Mr Sherrils  and Lodged there, — — —

Tuſeday June 3:

Some Time  before Noon I went on to oncee   
Esqr Ganſeys, and ther I  preachd began about 2  and there was a large Numb^r^  of People and I Spo[illegible]ke from  the words I have a meſage &c  and there was an affectionate  attention a mongſt the People  and Soon after meeting, I wen^t^  home with one Mr Hunting,  there I Lodged, and was exceed  ingly well entertaind — —

Wedneſday June 4:

went  on my way early, and I  So far as to kinderhook and  Lodged at a Tervern — — —

ThirdsDay June 5:

got up  early and went on my way  and got Esqr Woodworths a  10, and found them all well  and was there till Some Time  in the after Noon, and then  went to eaſtward, having  heard, that Mr Macdonal had   
not got, home from Philadilph^ia^  and I wanted to See him,[illegible] in  the evening to ^went to^ So far as to Mr  Tobiass, and there Lodged —

Fryday June 6

got up early  and was going on, and one  Mr Burdick In[illegible]vited me to  go into his Houſe and take  Breakfaſt with him, and I  did, and Soon after I went  on, and got to Mr Robbinſon's  a bout 10: and was there but  a little While, and Concluded  to keep the Coming Sabbath  in this Houſe, and So went  on ^to^ Mr Dymonds and [illegible]got  there Juſt before noon and  there I Stayd found my  good Friends in good Health  and was glad to See them — —

Saturday June 67:

was at Mr  Diymonds all Day — —

Sabb. June 8:

about 9 went  to Mr Robinſons to meeting  and there was a great Numb^r^  of People, and I Spoke from  Jeremiah X: 10: and Johnb ^XXIII.8^ XXIII 23  and the People attended with  great Seriouſneſs: — and after  meeting took Dinner, with  Mr Robinſon, and Soon after  I went to Mr Tobias's Mr Robinſ  went with me, and we found  a vaſt Number of People of  [illegible]All Sorts and I preach to  them from John XV:23: and  the People were, many of them  much affected — after meeting  I went with my good old Friend  Mr Phillip Lott, one who I  was acquainted with in  Noble Town, and now he has  Juſt moved in theſe Parts,   
and we were exceeding glad  to See one another, and there  I Lodgd; and had a Comfort  able reſt once more — —

Monday June 9

about 3 in  the after noon I preachd in  Mr Lotts Barn and there was  a large number of People  and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well,  I Lodgd at the Same Houſe  a gain — — —  Tueſday June 10: aſoon as  we broke our Faſt I went to  a Certain Houſe where there  was a woman Died Yeſterday  and I deliverd, a Diſcourſe up  on the Ocation, and thre was  a large number of People  and I Spoke from James, the  words were, for what is Yr Life  and there was a Solemn atten  tion, and Soon after I went to   
New Bethleham, and Preac^hd^  there thin a Logd meeting H  and was not a great Nr  of People and they were  Solemn I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People behaved well  Soon after meeting, I went  with Mr Mofat, to his Lodgings  at Mr Miress and there Lodgd  and was much Tired. —

Wedneſday June 11:

got up  early, and I went on to Esqr  Woodworths, Soon got there,  and took Breakfaſt with  them, and about 10 we  went to meeting at the oake  Tree, I preach'd in a New  Dutch Meeting Houſe and  there was a great mayny  People, it was a Day of  Faſting and Prayer a  mongſt the Dutch Churc^hes^   
thro' New York and Jerſey  States, and I Spoke from  Iaſaiah LVIII.[gap: omitted] & Acts [gap: omitted]  Soon after the Service was  over, I went on to Albany  got to the City Some Time be  fore Night, went to See Mr  Mc Donal, a Preſbutery mi  niſter, but I heard nothing  by him Concerning my Letter  I Seant to Docr Duffield. &  I went to See Mr Weſtorlo and  he was glad to See me onc^e^  more. from there went to  my Lodgings at a Public  Houſe & went to Bed Soon —

Thirdsday June 12:

went  to See Some Friends again  and about 10 I went out  of the Place, and went  on to Bought, and got   
the Place before Night  Some Time, Cal[illegible]ld on Several  Friends, Lodgd at Mr Ford's  my Friends were all very  glad to See me once more  and I was as Glad. — —

Fryday June 13,

I went  over to half Moon, and Lodg^d^  at my old Friend John  Vonderwarker — — —


was there all  Day, towards Night wen^t^  to See the old People —  Sabb June 15: about 9  went to meeting. to Half  moon meeting Houſe, and  there was a great Numb^r^  of People, and I Spoke  from John XVII.3: & Titus.I.16   
Soon after meeting went to [illegible]  Bought, and preachd there  and there was a vaſt number  of People, I Spoke from Jud 3:^20^  one Mr Striker a young Dutch  Preacher, preach'd here to Day  as Soon as the meeting was don^e^  I went home with Major Funda  and Lodged there and was very  kindly entertaind. — —

Monday June 16

viſited all  Day Juſt at Night went  to Mr Clute's near the Mohawk  River, and there Lodged, — —

Tueſday June 17

Some Time  after Breakfaſt I took leave  of my Friends and went on to  towards Neſkee[illegible][guess: u]ney got ther^e^  Some Time before Noon, and  Stopt at Mr Simon Fordts, and  took Dinner there, and about  3 went meeting, and it began   
to rain, about 4 we began  the Service, and there was a  large Number of People &  I Spoke from Lam. 3:40 and  the People attended with great  Solemnity. Soon after I went  over the River, and I put  up at Mr Fiſher's and they  were glad to See me and I  was as Glad to See them —

Wedneſday June 18:

Some Time  after Breakfaſt, I took leave  of the Family, and went to  Mr Peters — and took Dinner  there, about 1 went to meeting  at onee Mr Smith's about 4  miles off, and there was a  lardge number of People, and  I Spoke from Prver IV:[gap: omitted]  and there was a Solemn atten  tion among the People, Soon  after went towards Ball Town  in queſt of Mr Gazley, and   
juſt before Night I found  him, and we were exceſsively  glad to See each other, and wa^s^  there a few minutes, and a  Company Came, to Stay all  Night, and one Mr Naſh  invited me to go home with  him, and I went with him &  Lodged there. — — —

Thirdsday June 19.

after eating  I return'd to Mr Gazlays, and  taried there till Some Time  after Dinner, and I went  to Esqr Ganzys Mr Gazlay  went with me, and about 4  in the after noon, the People  had Collected, and we began  the Service, we met in Mr  Barnss Barn and there was  a great Number of People  and I Spope from John XV.23  and the People attended well  and Some were affected muc^h^  Calld in Esqr Ganſeys after   
meeting, and took Some  Bread and Cheeſe, and  directly after, weth home  with Mr Gazlay, got there  before Day Light in, and  Sot up a while, and then  went to Bed — — —

Fryday, June 20:

was poor  ly, yet Juſt at Night, went  towards the Lake, Calld at  Mr Scribners and Sot there  a while, and then went back  to Mr Gilberts and there I Lod  ged and was kindly Treated  went to Bed Soon — — —

Saturday June 21,

after Brea^k^  went to Mr gazl[illegible]ays, and the  Company that was at Mr Gaz  was geting ready to go home  to Albany, Mr Heart and Mr  Wineſs and there wifes and   
their Children, and one  woman Compoſed the Compa  ny, and they Soon Sot off, and  I was there till towards noon  and Mr Gazlay and I went  to the Lake a fiſhing, and we  took Dinner at Mr Kallocks  and after Dinner went to the  Lack and fiſhd, and we [illegible]Catc^h^  a fine Paſsel, and went back  got hom about 4 in the after  noon — and Lodged there once  more — — — —

Sabb. June 22:

about 9 went to  the meeting-Houſe, and there was  a large Aſembly Collected, and I  Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and there was a Solemn attention  Soon after meeting went back to  Mr Gazlays, Stopt at Mr Gilbert's  and took Tea there, and Soon after  went on, and the People Colleted  thick at Mr gazlay's and I Spoke   
to them from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well  I Lodgd at the Same Houſe &  was very tenderly Treated, —

Monday June 23:

Lay a bed  late, took Breakfaſt with  them, and after Breakfaſt  I went of to go to Schenactada Mr  Gazlay and his Siſter Diadama  went with me, got to the Place  a little paſt Noon, — and I did  my Buſineſs Soon, and a  bout 5 we return back and  directed our Courſe to Freehold  got to the Place in the Duſk of  the evening, I Lodgd at my  Daughters, — —

Tueſday June 24,

about 3 I p  in the meeting Houſe, and there  Conſiderable Number of People  and I Spoke from 2 Corin V:26  and the People were much affec   
ted, after meeting went back  to Mr Northrops, and there Mr  Gazlay and his Siſter took leave  of me with much affection, — &  in the Evening a Number of  People Collected together at Mr  Wilſon Northrops, and we had  a Short Exerciſe — and I Lodged  at the Same Houſe. — — —

Wedneſday June 25

got up  Some what late, and we got  re^a^dy, and my Son in Law  Anthony and I went to Ball  Town, and did our Buſineſs  and I went of to Schenactada  got there Juſt after noon, I  took Dinner at Mr John Glands

Wedneſday June 25:

Some Time  before Noon, I went towards Gal  laway, to attend[illegible] upon a meet  ing, but they no notice, and So  I went back to Freehold, got   
there Some Time in the after  Noon., and in the Evening  we a meeting in Mr Wilſon  Northrops, and the was Con  ſiderable Number of People  I Spoke from the word, thy  Kingdom Come, and there  was a Serious attention amon^[below]g^  the People, I Lodgd at the Same  Houſe and it was late — — —

Thirdsday June 26:

Some Time  in the morning, I went to b  Ball Town, Atho[illegible]ny Paul  wen with me, we Soon got  got there, and waited on  Mr [gap: omitted] upon our L  afairs and he gave us ad  wvice, and Soon after I went  on to Schenactada, got there  a bout 1: and did my Buſi  neſs, and went back to Free-  hold, got to Mr Rodgerss  Juſt about Sunt Set and   
they were very Glad to See me  and there I Lodged — —

Fryday June 27

was at the  Place all Day, and it was a  Rainey Day, Juſt at Night I  went to Mr Holmss and there  Lodgd, — — —

Saturday June 28

Some Time  in the ^after Noon^morning, I Sot off, and  went to Gallaway, Got to Mr  Otis's Juſt before Sun Set and  very kindly recevid. — —

Sabb June 29:

went to meeting  and we met in a Barn and  it was a Rainey Day, Yet there  was a large Number of People  and I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People behaved well  after meeting, wient back to  Mr Otis's and in the evening  had a meeting in Mr [gap: omitted]  Houſe, and there was a Conſide   
Number of People and I Spoke  words to them, — and I Lodgd at  the Same Houſe, and reſted Com  fortably. — —

Monday June 30:

went to Mr  Callocks and took Breakfaſt  there, and Some Time before N  Sot off and went to Scotchbuſh  got there Some Time before Noon  and put up at Mr Franklin  about 2 went to Mr Mans and  there we had a meeting and there  a large Number of People, &  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]  and the People attended well, &  and I Baptized four Children  two For Mr Franklin, by the  Name Sophia and Eliſabeth,  two for Mr Ehphraim Potter by the  Lucy ^&^ Lucinda, and Soon after  Meeting, I went with Mrs [gap: omitted]  a bout 3 miles off. and there &  was well entaind, and reſted 
Comfortably — —

Tueſday July 1:

got up ear  ly and took Breakfaſt and [illegible]then  went on my way, Stopt a while  at Mr Vedders by Mohawk River  and took Dinner there, and Soon  after Denner, went on again  Call on Capt Crages a little  while and So paſt on, — got So  far as to Domine Romine's and  Lodged there, was kindly re-  ceive and Lodged there — —  Wedneſday July 2: Some T  after Breakfaſt, took leave  of 'em and went on again  got to Esqr Maybees before N  and twas there a little while  and paſt on, and went Fort  Plain and did my Buſineſs  there, and turnd about and  towards Bowman's Creek &  got there Some Time before   
Night, and put up at Esqr  Kimbels and kindly recevd  and Lodged there — —

Thirdsday July 3

Some in the  morning I to fiſhing, and had  got Suckceſs, while I was  Buſy, I was Calld in, and as  I was going Mr Eliott met me  he is from Warren Buſh, &  we were glad to See each,  and when I had got in, behol^d^  Elder Mudge was there, and  a nother man, and we had a  greable Converſation. — about  3 in the after noon we went to  meeting, and there was Conſi  derable number of People &  I Spoke from John, Search the  S[illegible][guess: cr]ptures &c — and the People  attended well — Elder Mudge  and I Lodgd at the Same Houſe  where the meeting was, which  was Mr John whites, and we 
had a Cold night on it, —

Fryday July 4

Some Time  before noon took leave of the  People, and went to Esqr Young  Love's at ^a^ [illegible] oak hi[illegible]ll, and ther^e^  I had a meeting, and there was  a Conſiderable number of People  tho' it was a Rainey Time, I Spo  from [gap: omitted] and Soon af  ter meeting I went onto Cher^r^y  Vally, and Calld at Mr Way, he  he not at Home but the woman  was, and there I Taried all N  and was tenderly treated —

Saturday July 5

after Break  faſt went to Mr Nicholas Pick  ards and there Stayd till  Some Time in the after Noon  then I went to old Mr Pickard's &  there I Lodged — —

Sabb July 6

a bout 10 began  the meeting, and there was a  great Number of People &  I Spoke from [gap: omitted]   
and the People attended with  great Solemnity, — towards  Night went to Mr Nicholas  Pickards, and I Baptized 3  Children, one for him by the  Name Jona, one for Adolf  Pickard, by the Name ^Suſana^Wil  liam, and one for Mr Stokes  by the Name Suſana  William — and Soon after  I went back to Old Mr Pickard  and from there to Mr Crepins  and there was a meeting Mr  Frimman Preachd, and it  Raind very hard before he  had done, and many Lodgd  at the Same Houſe — —

Monday July 7:

Some Time  after eating I took [illegible]leave of  the Family, and I went on  my way and got Mr Fols  Juſt after Sun Sit and there  I Lodged — — —

Tueſday July 8:

a bout 10  Jeremiah Tuhy Came to me  and I got me ready and went  with him, to go thro the Woods  Elijah Wymby and Ben  garrat Fowler alſo went,  and we got to Brotherton a  bout Sun Set, and was glad  and thankful to See our People  once more; Thanks be to god  for his goodneſs to us. Lodged  at Brother David Fowlers —

Sabb July 13

about 10 we began  the meeting at the School-Houſe, which  was made for meeting Houſe too, and  there was not a great Number of  People, being a Rainey Day, and I  Spoke from CXVII Psalm, and I Cron:XVI[illegible]^10^  and the People attended with great ten  derneſs, many affected, — after meeting  went back to Brother Davids — —

Monday July 14,

Some Time in  the morning, I went to Clenton, &  Came back in the evening. — —

Wedneſday July 16:

in the even  ing had a Singing Meeting and  I gave a word of Exhortation to  the People from the words, do thy-  ſelf no harm — and I Lodged at  Siſter [illegible]Est[illegible]her Fowler's, and as  the People were returning, Elijah  Wympy was attaced by by G  Peter and Jeremiah Tuhy &  they abuſed him much, and it  was difficult to part them, and  fell upon Young David Fowler  but David was too much for him  and it was a Sad night with 'em  and very Sameful — — —

Fryday 18.

about 9 I went to  New Stockbridge; Stopt at Roger  Wauby and took Dinner there, and  about 2 went on again, got to  Stockbridge a bout 3, and towards  evening there was a meeting, Mr  Sergeant Preachd, and it was   
in Indian and it was no Edifi  cation to me — after meeting went  to Sir Peters and took Supper there,  and then went to Capt Hindrecks  and there I Lodged. — —

Saturday July 19:

was at the Place  all Day — Yeſterday the oniedas  a Number of them went to Bro  therton[illegible][guess: run] the Line — —

Sabb July 20,

a bout 10 began  the Service, and there was a large  Number of People, and I Spoke  from Judges III.20.[gap: omitted] and the  People attend with Seriousneſs, I  Baptized tow Children one for  Capt Hindreck Aupaumut &  the Name it was Joſhua, and  the other Child, was Joseph Qin  [illegible][guess: neys] and his Name is [gap: omitted]  and I Lodged at Capt Hindreck  again — — — in the  E[illegible]vening I went Home to Bro  therton Lodged at B: Davids

Monday July 21

Sot of very  early in the morning to go  to Fort Schilyrs, got there a  bout 12: and there I found  my Daughter Christiana &  her Family, I Lodged at a  widow Dutch womans Houſe  but they were unruly — —

Tueſday July 22:

Some Time  in the morning Sot off again  for Home[illegible], but wed did not  get any further than Clenton  I Lodged at Mr Lovels — —

Wedneſday July 23:

it was  Some Time before our Team  Came up to where I was, for  had a [illegible]hevy Load, and we  undloaded, and Stayd till  after noon, and then we  went on, left our Load, and   
got Home Some Time before  Night, and I went to meeting  Juſt at Night, and after  meeting went to Siſter  Esthers Fowlers & Lodged there —

Thirdsday July 24:

Some  Time in the morning I wen^t^  back to my Daughter and  towards Night our Team  Came to my Daughters, —

Fryday July 25:

towards Noon  I went to N. Stockbridge got there  a bout 3, near Night went to meet  g. Mr Sergeant Preachd, Lodgd  at Mr Peter Peets. — —

Saturday July 26:

about 9 we  met together to have a debate  with Mr Sergeant but he Chuſe  not to Debate, I deſired him to  pointed out the Errors he had  Chaged us with, but he declin'd   
and finally Conclugded, that  every one Shoud have full Li  berty to Chuſe and act in accord  ing to the Light and underſtand  ing he has in his Religious  Concerns, and So we parted in  Friendſhip, Concluded to agree  and to diſagree, and So we re-  turnd to Brotherton, got to my  Daughters before Night — —

Sabb July 27.

about 9 I went  to the meeting Houſe, and about  11 we began the Holy Service, &  I Spoke from Luke XX.6: Prov ^X.5^  and there was Some Seriousneſs  among the People — after meet  ing went bait to my Ds's — — —

Wedneſday July 30:

had an  evening Singing, and I gave  a word of advice and Councell  to the Young People. — —

Sabb Augt 3

went to New  Stockbri˄ge, got there Juſt as  the People were Collecting toge  thert and there was a large  number of People, and I Spok^e^  from Jerem II.12.13: John I.12  and there great attention among  the People, in the Evening went to  meeting again, and Capt Hendric^k^  and Sir Peter Peet rehearſed wha^t^  was deliverd in the Day — I Lodgd  at Cap^t^ Hendricks, — — —

Monday Augt 4:

Anthony Paul  Benoni and Andrew Gifford  Acompanied me to the Lake we  went there to Fiſhing, got there  Some Time before Night, and  there was a great Number of  of oniedas and Some Stockbr  at Colo Laweys, to receive a  preſent of Corn and Some Pork  Sent to them, by [gap: omitted] a French  Merchant, but ^I^ and my Sons   
went to the Lake, which was  but about half mile off, &  it was Juſt Night, and we  Fiſh'd, and we Catchd a fine  parſel of Fiſh preſently, &  made up a Fire by the Creak  and had fine f Supper of F  and afterwards Prayd, &  then we went to Sleep by  our Fire quietly — —

Tueſday Augt 5:

we Fiſhd  by Spels all Day, but we  got but few, — — —


we tried again  but we got but few, I killd  a great gray Eagle, and a  Raven this Day — — —

Thirdsday, wAugt 7:

we tryd  to fiſh a little while, and but  but 5:— and So we Sot off for  home, we Stopt at Mr Olcuts   
but they were not at Home  one of the Stockbridge women  was there, and She Cookd a  Dinner for us, and Soon after  eating we went on again & —  I Stopt at N. Stockbridge &  and my Sons went on — I Lodg^d^  at Sir Peter Peet's — —

Fryday Augt 8:

I was at N.  Stockbridge all Day, in the  Eevening we met and I gave a  word of Exhortation from the ws  and there was good attention  Lodgd at Peters again — —

Saturday Augt 9:

Some Time  before Noon I Sot off for Bro  therton got to Brother Davids  and found Young David very  Sick, to home before Noon —

Sabb Augt 10:

went to meeting  a bout 9. and the People Juſt   
to the Lake and went to fiſh  ing and we Caught a fine  parſel of Fiſh for the little  we to fiſh, and we made  up a fire by the Creek &  there we Lodgd, — 03 [illegible]

Tueſday Augt [illegible] 3 6

2-5-5  To [illegible][guess: 9] days works  3  18 8  27 3  B C [illegible]2-0  S C — [illegible][guess: 0]-1-6  [illegible][guess: 1-3 III]