Samson Occom, journal, 1787 September 20 to December 5



abstractOccom describes his activities as an intinerant preacher and community leader in the fall and early winter of 1787.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. There are uncrossed t's and crossed l's that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSmall sheets folded together into a booklet and bound with thread or twine are in fair-to-poor condition, with moderate-to-heavy yellowing and wear. The outer pages are especially worn, resulting in some loss of text. Repair work has been done on these outer pages.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity throughout.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten Occom's hand in spots, and added the note “ Sep. 20, 1787 Thursday to Dec. 5, 1787 Weday” to one recto. These edits have not been transcribed.

Kings XVII. 33 Isai 43: 21 Matt VIII: 36. 37 John Conell New Town James Tuck of Albany
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Thirdsday Sepr 20. 1787

Just at Night had a meeting at widow Fowlers, and there was not many People, and I gave them a few words of of Exhortation, from Luke VI. 8 and the People attended with great Solemnity, and Some affection — after meeting I went to Brother Davids & Lodged there — —

Fryday Sepr 21

Some Time in the morning, went to New-Stockbridge, David Fowler Jur went with me, we got there about 2, Call on Mr Sergant, and he appered good Condition'd, and So to Sir Peters, and direct[gap: tear] from there, we went to m[gap: tear][guess: eet]
ing and there was Conſiderable number of People, and I Spoke from Mark V. 9 and there was very good attention, This meeting was Deſignd, Chiefly for the young People,— Soon after meeting went back to Sir Peter's, and took Some refreſhment, and Soon after Sunt-Set, went to meeting again, and there was great Number of People and there was Several, that related there exerciſes of mingd; three men, three women, relate their Exerciſes, a Young man, and a maried woman, manifested their de‐ſire of Bening Beptized, and Some Children, were to be Baptized all alſo,— Mr Serjant [gap: tear][guess: m]ade Some o[illegible]bjection, agai^nst^
two[illegible] Being Baptizd, but the Profeſsors, gave their fellowſhip, to their Deſire, — & So we broke up our meeting Some late in the Evening, I to Peter's and their I Lodged, and had good reſt — —

Saturday Sepr 22

was all Day at the Placke, — —

Sabb Sepr 23:

about 10 we went to meeting, and there was a large number of People, many of our People from Brotherton Came alſo, and Some PWhite were there, and Mr Serjant, read a Diſcourſe to the Indians, in their Tongu^[gap: worn_edge][guess: e]^ and read it alſo in Engliſh, he read his Prayer alſo in Indian, and he prayed partly in Engliſh — — — —
In the after noon I tried to Preach, I Spoke from Acts X. 34. 35 and there was very great Solemnity, Some were much affected,— and I Baptized, at this Time Eight perſons two adults & the reſt Children; The Na^me^ of the Young is Solomon and the woman [gap: omitted]
Soon after meeting I went to Sir Peters. — In the evening we had another meeting, one of the men reharſd, what had deliver'd in the Day, after meeting went back with Sir Peter and Lodged there again — —

Monday Sepr 24,

I took Breakfaſt with Mr Serjant and Soon after Breakfaſt I return'd to Brotherton, Betſey Fowler rid behind me and got to the Place near Noon Stopt but few minutes at Brother Davids, and paſt on to my Daughters — —

Tueſday Sepr 25:

eleven Stockbridgers Came to
our Place to help and Some of our men Came alſo. — —


I had help again till after Noon —

Thirdsday Sepr 27

in the Evening, had meeting at Widow Fowler's, there was but few People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and there was a Solemn attention after I had done Speaking two of our People Spoke a words one after another. & when they had done a white man got up and Spoke, and he Spoke with a feeling Senſe of Divine Concerns, he gav^e^ an account of a remarka
ble Remarkable reforma[illegible]tion in Vergena — He Came from Stockbridge after meeting, I went up to Brother David Fowler's & Lodged there. — — —

Saturday Sepr 29

about 1 in the after Noon, my Son in Law; Anthony Paul and Daughter Christiana and Betſey Fowler; Sot of for Whites Bourrow, but we were overtaken with Night at one Mr Blanchets and there we Lodged, and ware exceedingly well en‐tertaing, and we had a a little Exerciſe with a Christian Card, — we went to Bed in good Seaſon, and I had
a Comfortable Reſt — —

Sabb Sepr 30

got up very Early and Prayed together and then we Sot of. we had near four Miles to go and it was extremely Bad ridin^[below]g^ Dreadful miry,— we got to the Place juſt as Esqr White was about taking Breakfaſt, and we Sot down with them — and Soon after Breakfaſt, we went to meeting to another Houſe and there was a large Nr of People, and I Spoke from Isaia 43: 21: and wthere was great attention in the Asſembly I b^e^lieve the felt the weight of the word,— after meeting, I went home
with Mr Weatmore, and took Dinner with them, in the after Noon meeting was removed to this Houſe on account of a funeral that is to be attened in this Houſe, for an Infant juſt Born Dyed in this Houſe last Monday, it livd about two Hours after it was Born, and they have kept the Corps to this Day, for they expected me here this Day, this is the firſt Death that happened in this Place. Since it has been Settled it has been Settling three years, and it is now a large Sittlement. this
after Noon I Spoke from Isaia 38: 1 and it was a Solemn Time indeed many were deeply affectted there was a Shower of Tears, Soon after meet ing we Carried the little Corps to the grave it was but a few Rods from the Houſe, after Burying returned to the Houſe,— in the Evening went to Mr L[illegible][guess: e]vingworth's and Spent the evening there,— about 10 wen^t^ back to Mr Weatmores and Lodged there —

Monday Octor 1

got up early took Breakfaſt with Family, after Breakfaſt went to Esqr Whites, and
got ready, and about 9 we Sot off for Home, Lieut White ^&^ Mr Leavett went to our Place,— as we pas^t^ a long, took Notice of the Settlement, and it is a fine Spot of Land, and a very large Spot too, and the People has made a rapped Progreſs in Cultivating the Land, if the People were as ingagd in Religion as they ^are.^ in their Temporal Concerns. this Settlement would be very ^much^ like the garden of Eden, which was the garden of god. the Lord be with them and Bleſs them
that they may indeed be a Peculiar People unto god, that they may be Lights in this Wilderneſs — We Stopt a While at Clenton,— and we got Home juſt as the Sun was Setting. — —

Thirdsday Octr 4:

in the Evening had a meeting in Widow Fowlers, and there was but few People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and we had a Comfortable Seaſon —–

Sabb Octr 7:

had a mee ting in Brother Davids
and there was not many People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and we had a Solemn meeting; Lodg'd at Brother Davids — —

Tueſday Octr 9:

about 1 in the after noon, I Sot of for Clenton, got there Some Time before Night Stopt a little while at Mr GJoness to See his wife had been Sick Some Time and She was very poorly, and went from there to Capt Foot's and in the Evening the People Collected together and I Spoke to them from John XXI: 22
and there was great Solemnity amongſt the People I believe Some felt the weig^ht^ of the word,— the Begining of last March there was no Houſe in this Place, a perfect wild Wilderneſs, Now there are 20 Familie^[below]s^ and there were Seventy odd Perſons in the meeting this evening. and have made great apperance in their improvements. there are Chiefly from New England and youngerly People — —

Wedneſday Octr 10

Stayd here till after Dinner, and then went to a Certain Houſe between this Place, and
Whitesbourough about half way, the mans Name is Blanchet, I got there Some Time before Night, and had a meeting, and there was a Conſiderable Number of People, and I Spoke from Psalm CVII. 31: and the People attended exceeding well, this was all a [illegible]wild Wilderneſs in the beginning of laſt Spring & now the People are Settleing alalong from Whitesbourgh to Clenton — in few Years this will be Settled thick as any part of the globe the Land is so good, it draws all Sorts of People and
Nations are flocking here Continually — —

Thirdsday Octor 11

Some Time Breakfaſt I Sot of for home,-– Stopt a while at Capt Foots in Clenton and took Dinner there. and Soon after Dinner went on again, got to my Daughters — and in the evening we had a mee^t^ing Siſter E[illegible]ſther, and was not many People, and I Spoke from Psal CVII. 31 and there was an uncommon attention, many were deeply affected. —

Fryday Octor 12

Time in the morning I Sot of for N. Stockbridge and had a meeting there in the Evening, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and there wa^s^ good atention, Lodgd at Sir Peters — — —

Saturday Octor 13:

About 2 in the after noon I went to Deanville, ^got^ to the Place about Sun Set ^Peter went^ ^[below]with me^ found Mrs Dean exceedingly diſtreſt with uncommon Difficulties in her Pregnancy, and Peter and I went to mr Jonat Deans and Lodged there, and 2. o. c. in the Night I was Calld up, to the other Houſe, and Bleed Mrs Dean and I went directly, and
found her much diſtreſt and took Blood from her foot, and Bled exceeding well,— and her diſtreſes begun to mitigate direct ly, and I Stayd the reſt of the Night and She was Some what Comfortable — I was Calld up again be‐fore Day to write ^to Docr^ for them, for they were Sending to Albany for one, and were Sending for Mr Dean too for he had been gone Some Time to Spencertown — —

Sabb Octor 14:

about 10 the People got together, and there was a large number of People, many white
People from other Places and many Indians from Both our Towns, I Spoke from Matt V. 20: & 5 and there was a Solemn attention all Day. Soon after meeting Peter and I went to Clenton got there a little after Sun Set, we put up at Capt Foots and the People Collected directly and there was quite a large number, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] we lodgd at the Same, MondayHouſe & had Comfortable reſt —

Monday Octor 15:

Soon after Breakfaſt went to milel, and was there Some Time, before we
we Coud get grinding — we got to our Place abou^t^ 1: and Sir Peter paſt on to his Place —

Thirdsday Octor 18:

had a meeting at Widow Fowlers Went to Stockbridge to a wedding Juſt before Sun Set, attended upon Marriage the young man was, one the Sachem's Son and the young woman was of noted Family, and there was a vast Concourſe of People of many Nations, it was Said, there were ten differen^t^ Languages among the people and the People behaved decently, but the Onoydas be
gan to behave unſeamly, and in the Night the had a t[illegible][guess: err]ble froleck even all Night — — —


was all Dady at the Place,— in the evening we Collected together at Capt Hindrecks I Spoke from Matt 6: 22:23 and there was a Solemn attention, after I had done Capt Hindreck rehe^a^rſed the Same, Lodgd at the Same Houſe — —

Saturday Octor 20:

Some Time in the morning ^after noon^ I retu^rnd^ to Brotherton, Mr Warmſly went with me, we Stopt at Roger Waubys and there took Dinner, Soon after Dinr
I went on and Mr Warmſly went back, I got to Brother Davids before Night and I Lodgd at David's — —

Sabb. Octor 21:

about 10 the People got together & was a large Number of People Some white People and I Spoke from John XIII ^17^ [gap: omitted] and the People were very Solemn and many were affected, Lodged at the Same Houſe — —

Monday Octor 22,

in the evening had a meeting in Siſter Fowlers, and there was not many People and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and the People attended well Lodgd at the Same Houſe

Tueſday Octor 23.

People from Stockbridge Came to help me. the were 5 of them and the workd two Days

Thirdsday Octor 24:

we were Calld Suddently to appear before the Chiefs of the onoyd, that had Juſt Come to our Place, — and we eat our Breakfaſt in hast, and went directly to widow Fowlers, and there the Chiefes meet with us, and it was about our Lands But there was Such Confuſion, I would not Say a word about it, it was a party Scheam, Contrivd by a few of our People, they been agreeing with the
the onoydas for a Piece of Land; without the know ledge of the Headmen of the Place, Some of the Contrivers of this miſchief were much intoxicated and they drove on the Buſineſs with all fury in no order, it was like Whirlwind, Some Time towards Night we brok up and every one ^went^ his way: in great Confuſion of mind,— I went to Br Davids and there Lodgd with a Sorrowful mind. — —

Fryday Octor 25

was at our Places all Day

Sabbturday Octor 27 Octor 26

Towards Night Juſt as I was going away to Clen^ton^, Brother Chrippin and Br Swane Came to my Son in Laws and we had a little Converſation, theſe Brethren are from a Place Calld Springfield, Going to Cherry valley; So I left them and went on to >Clen^ton^ got there about Sun Set, put up at Capt Foots, found them all well. —

Sabb Octor 27

about half after 10 we began the exerciſe, and there was a large Number of People Some from other Places, & Several Stockbridgers were
with us, and there was very great attention, both be‐fore noon and after noon I Spoke from John, I kno^w^ you that the Love of god is not in you, in the afternoon from Mark VIII. 36.37 as Soon as the meeting was done, I went [illegible] of to Brotherton, the Stockbridgers went with me, we got there about Sun Set, we eat a few mouthfulls and went to meeting. at Siſter eaſters and there was not much moving there Seemed to be Some party Spirit in the meeting.—

Sabb Novr 4

Preachd at New Stockbridge & Spo[illegible]ke from [gap: omitted]
and there was very Seriouſs attention all Day

Monday OctoNovr 5:

went back to Brotherton

Sabb Novr 11:

Preachd at Brotherton once more and Baptized Brother David Fowler's Children Six of them, and we had a Solemn Day of it, in the evening we had a nother meeting, and it was a Comfortable meeting — —

Monday Novr6 12

this Day intended to Set out for home but it began in the morning, and So
Stopt for the Day —

Tueſday Novr 13:

got up very early and got ready, and we Sot out Son about an Hour and half half high, Betiy Fowler [illegible] Jeruſha Wymp^e^ and Henry Stenſel a you^ng^ Dutch man went with me we had exceeding fine warm Day, got thro' the woods before Sun Sit I put up at Conrad Folss Jeruſha and Betſey went to Mr Smiths about 2 miles further. — —

Wedneſday Novr 14

got up very early and went on Stopt a little while at
Esqr Franks, and So paſt on, and Stopt at Andrews Field and there we took Dinner, and paſt on, and we got to Mr Thomas Creppin^s^ Juſt before Sun Sit and we Lodged there, and we had a meeting this evening, and there was a Conſideral Nr of People,— and it was a refreſhing Time I Spoke from theſe words, Love is the fulfilling of the Law,—

Thirds Day Novr 15:

we were at the Place all Day we went to See Some Frieds — Lodeged at Mr waulrods — —

Fryday Novr 16:

Some Time in the afternoon had a meeting in Mr Pickar^d^s and there was a large Nr of People, and I Spoke from Matt, [gap: omitted] he doeth the will of my Father the Same is my Brother &c: and the People attended well. — —

Saturday Novr 17:

was at the Place, Towards night went to Brother Nicholas Pickards, and in the evening a few People Came together to sing, and we Lodged there. — —

Sabb. Novr 18

had a
meeting at Mr Dyks and there were So many People we were obliged to meet out in the Field, and it very warm, I Spoke from Psalm cxix. o how Love I thy Law &c and it was a Solemn meet ing, — towards Night I married a Copple, and it was a Solemn weding, Cunducted very agreeable, Supped with them — and Soon after Supper, we went to old Mr Stanſels, and there we had a meeting, and there was a large Collection of People, and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] and the attended well we Lodgd at the Same Houſe — — —

Monday Novr 19:

took leave of Some of my Friends and So went out of the Place, the girls rode along with me a little ways & took leave of them, They went on with Tears, and I went on my way Stopt at Brother Swans and took Breakfaſt with them, and Soon after eating I went on. and was going on, but was oblig^d^ to wait Some Time for a girl that was going with me, but they Coud not find the Horſe that She was to ride, and so I took her behind me, and went a Little way, and a young man overtook us and I deſired him to take
her behind him, and he readily took her and we went on, and Soon got to Bowmans Creek, where I was to preach, and the People had been waiting Some Time and So I began the worſhip of god directly, and there was but few People, I Spoke from [gap: omitted] I Lodged at Mr Whites, — —

Tueſday Novr 20:

got me up early, and went to Esqr Kimbels and there took[illegible] Breakfaſt,— Towards Night I went to Esqr Younglove's and juſt in the evening People began to Come in and there was a large Nr
Collected, and I Spoke to them from, Matt 6: 33: and there was a Solemn attention. I Lodgd at the Same Houſe but lay uncomfortable all Night. — —

Wedneſday Novr 21:

got up very early, and had my Horſe brought, and I went to Cherry Valley, and it was rainey, and I won faſt and Soon got to the Place Calld on Colo Cambel, & there took Breakfaſt, and about 10 went to meeting at [illegible]one Mr Rechee's and there was a Conſiderable of People, and I Spoke from Psalm CVII and the
People attended well, and Soon after meeting went to Colo Cambels again and there Dined; and was detained by a Black Smith he was Shewing my Horſe, and I Coud not get a way till the Sun was going down and then I went to Bowman^s^ Creek got there Some Time in the evening, it was very bad riding, and Some few People got together, at Mr Whites. and I Baptized a Child for one Mr Griſwool by the Name of Joenna, and Lodge at the Same Houſe and reſt well.—

Thirdsday Novr 22

got up early, and went over to
to Eqr Kimbel, and took Breakfaſt, and Soon after eating, went of and, got to Mr Romines Some Time in the afternoon, and Stop^t^ there a while and took Some Victuals, and Soon after went on again, got to one Mr [gap: omitted] and Lodged there here I met with a woman that was much in exerciſe of mind and had Some Converſation with her, and found under great Concern of Soul, and I gave her advice and Councel — —

Fryday ^Novr^ 23:

got up early in the morning, and wen^t^ on, got to Capt Grigss about Breakfaſt Time
and took Breakfaſt with him, and Soon after went on again, and got to Mr Vedders before 10: and wen^t^ over the River, and Stopt at Mr Bartlet's and there took Dinner and Soon after got up my Horſe. and went to Yangey Hill, and Lodged at Mr Mudges the People got together directly, and I obligd to preach to them before I went to Bed, and it was a Solemn Time, the Chriſtians got quite warm Some Spoke. — —

Saturday Novr 24:

Roſe very early, and I went to Esqr Harper's Mr Mudge went with me, Soon got there and
found them all well, there took Breakfast, and Stayd till after Dinner, and then went back to Mr Mudges and was there but few minutes & I paſt by and went to Mr [gap: omitted] and juſt in the evening People began to come in & the Houſe Soon filld, and I was obligd to preach to them, I Spok from the words Set thiy Houſe &c. and there was great Solemnity, and affection amongſt the People, I Lodgd at the Same Houſe, and reſted Comfortably. — —

Sabb Novr 25

about 9 to the Place of meeting & there was a prodigious Nr of People and I Spoke fr
Job: XXIII. 8: 1 Joh 1: 6: and there was great Solemnity amongſt Soon after meeting I took Dr with Mr Frank, and then wen^t^ to Mr Bartlet's by the River, and had another meeting there. and there was a large Number of People. and attend well, but juſt as the last Singing was began, Mr Bartlets Daughter fainted, and we diſſiſted Singg and I Lodged ^not^ at the Same Houſe, but I went over to Mr Vedder's eaſt Side of the River, and reſted well.— —

Monday Novr 26:

got up early, and after Breakfaſt, went over the other Side of the River, and Juſt Calld at Mr Bartlets and got my up and took leave of them
Calld on Mr Keenys a few Minutes, and paſt on, — in the evening had a meeting at Mr Andrew Eliots and was great many People. and I Spoke from [gap: omitted] Viſited a Young woman that was very Sick, pray with her,. — — —

Tueſday Novr 27:

got up early and to Viſt the youn^[below]g^ woman again, and She was Some what better, and then took leave of them and other Families, and to one Mr [gap: omitted] and there was many People, and Lodged there — —

wedneſday Novr 28:

towards Night went over the River to one Mr Groot and Preachd there in the Evening, and there was great many Peop and Lodged there, —

Thirdsday Novr 29:

went bac^k^ to weſt Side of the River, and got up my Horſe at Mr Mertin Vanolendas; and took leave of them, and Juſ^t^ as I got on my Horſe, I ^heard^ Some one hallow and I looked to the River, and behold I Saw my Saw my Son Anthony and his Family, and the^[below]y^ went Down the River they a Connoo. and I went on
to Sckenactada, I got there Some Time in the after Noo^n^ and put up at Mr John Poſts Juſt before night Anthony got there alſo: I Viſited Some few Friends, Lodged at old Mr Poſt's my good old Friend. — — —

Fryday Novr 30

got up early and Mr John Poſts and got up my Horſe & went down the river a little and went over. and so on Downwards, to a Place Calld put at Mr [gap: omitted] here Lives Mr Joh^n^ Mudge a Baptiſt Preacher, in the after Noon Preachd, and there was great many Peop Spoke from what is thy Name
in the evening had another meeting there was a large Nr again. Lodge at the Houſe where the meeting was, — — —

Saturday Decr 1:

after Break faſt, went on towas Neſquan Church, got to Mr Fiſhers early in the Day. and took Dinner there, after Dinner went to See Mr Peters in the evening wen^t^ back to Mr Fiſhers and Lodged there and went to bed Soon — —

Sabb: Decr 2:

after Breakfaſt, went with the Family in a large Connoo to Church over to Neſquana. and there was large gathering of P and I Spoke to them from [gap: omitted]
and as Soon as the meeting was over, I went back to Mr Fiſhers and took Dinner with them, and Soon after, went to back in the woods, and Preahd Twice, and Lodgd at the las^t^ Houſe I Preachd in — —

Monday Decr 3

went to new Town and Preahd at Mr [gap: omitted] Spok from [gap: omitted] and Soon after meeting went to the Southward, and [illegible]Stopt at Mr Conell, and took Dinner [illegible] there, and then went to another Houſe and Preachd there, and Soon after meeting went back to Mr Conells and Lodged there — — —

Tueſday Decr 4:

got up early and went to onle old School‐Maſters and there took
Breakfaſt, and Soon aft[gap: tear][guess: er] went to half Moon Church,[gap: tear] Stopt at one Mr Clules a[gap: tear][guess: nd] from thence to Colo [gap: omitted] and to Capt Compſtocks[gap: tear] [gap: tear][guess: w]as there a while, and [gap: tear][guess: J]uſt as I was going a way Brother Peter Pokquanuppeet Came to me, and was glad to See him, and then Came alſo Mr John Venderwarker and wen went with him to his Houſe, and Lodged there

Wedneſday, ^Dec r 5^

in the after noon went to the Church and Preah[gap: tear][guess: d] there, but there was not man[gap: tear][guess: y] People, I Spoke from [gap: omitted] Soon after meeting went ba[gap: tear][guess: ck] with Mr Venderwarker a[gap: tear][guess: nd] Lodged there —
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