Samson Occom, Journal, 1786 June 26



abstractOccom details his travels during the second half of 1786. As Occom notes, he spends a great deal of time among the Dutch.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. There are several crossed l’s and uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSmall sheets of paper folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine are in good-to-fair condition, with some staining and wear, mostly on edges and outer pages. The cover of the booklet is loose, and shows some repair work on the top of the crease.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity over the course of the journal.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has made notes on the front cover; these notes have not been transcribed. The final transcribed page is not a journal entry, but rather is a list of people (including those for whom Occom has peformed baptisms), and a draft of a message to the people of Kanawalohale. Individuals and places with names that are not legible have not been tagged. Individuals who are not named, and whose names cannot be deduced (for instance, an unnamed daughter) are not tagged. On 18 verso, Occom mistakenly notes the date as September 6 rather than October 6. On 33 verso, he mistakenly notes the date as November 2 rather than December 2. On 39 verso, Occom has written “[illegible]liana, Wealth, Levene and }Griffin.” As the meaning of these words are unclear, they have not been tagged.

James Proud[illegible][guess: f]it Mr Simon Fordtt [illegible]
Blank page.

Monday June 26:

Some Time in the morning I went over the River, and 'rid down the River, Call'd at Mr Cragues, and he was not at Home, but Mrs was at Home, and She knew me and was glad to See me, and I was glad to See her after She told me whoſe Daughter She was, for I had been to her Fathers Houſe in Blooming grove, many Yrs back, when She was a little girl, and She Showd me a Book, which I gave her, at her Fathers Houſe, She is a prety little, handſome dis creet Woman and talkd very Senſible; Sot there a while, and then went on got to Mr Vedders Some Time about 12 and there I took Dinr
with them, old Mrs Vedder & her Daughter Molley Came to me at her Sons Soon after I got there, and after a while the old gentleman Came, and we Sot together all the after noon, Juſt at Night I went with the old Lady to her Houſe and there I Lodged and was kindly entertaind they are Dutch, and exceeding agrea ble Family, old and Young a Christian Like Family —

Tueſday June 27:

It began to rain a bout Break of Day it rain'd till near Noon, and as Soon as it Slatchd, I went on to Esqr Harper's inat Hunt ter, got there about 12 and about 2: we went to ^meet^ at fort Huntter, and there was but few People; and I Spoke from John 12:[gap: omitted] and after meeting
went with Esqr Harper and Lodged there again —

Wedneſday June 28:

Some Time after Breakfaſt, went to the River, and went over at Mr W[illegible][guess: am]ps, and the River was quite Lowhigher, rid over very well, for all went down on the North Side; calld at Capt Crage^ues^ at the Door of Mr Young Vedder and So past on, and Stopt at a Tavern and while I was there I diſcoverd my ^Son^ Anthony and his his Family John Tuhy with them in a Connoo going up the River and So went down to the R and they Stopt a few minutes and past on, and I went back to the Houſe, and got up my mare and went back and Stopt a while at Mr Vedders and they paſt on, Juſt at
at Night I went over the River and directed my Courſe Southw and it was Juſt Night, and alit way, I Calld a Certain Houſe to en gire the way to one Esqr McMaſters and deſired ^me^ to Stay and I acepted his kind offer, his name was Mr [gap: omitted] and was kindly treated found them very agreeable People went to Bed Soon —

Thirdsday June 29:

got up very early, and it was very Lowerry and it began to rain Soon, and after Breakfaſt, I Sot out, and got about to the Houſe where I was to preach, and I was inform^d^ that they had not heard of any meeting appointed, and I turn^d^ right about, and went back to the northward, — Call on Capt Crague, and he was at home and I Dind with them, the Capt is very agreable man, this is the man that was killd at Fort Standwix in the last war, he wa^s^ Shott, by an Indian, thro' the back, Tomy Hawkd on the Head, and Scalp'd, yet is a live, and well, and is as likly to live
to the Common age of man as [illegible]any man. — Soon after Dinner I went on again, and I overtook my Folks Juſt be fore Sun Set near Major Fun- dee's and I went over the Ri ver there, and went on to Esqr Maybee, and there I lodgd, and they were glad to See me and took Supper with them & after Supper I went to bed once more quiely —

Fryday June 30

was at Eqr MayBee, till after Dinner and then I went of to go to B mans Creek, got to Esqr Kem bels Some Time before N. and was kindly receivd by them, and Lodged there —

Saturday ^July^ 1

was at the Esqrs till about 10 and then I went to See a Remarkable Spring about 3 miles of got there Soon, tho it was a very bad way, and it was amazing Sight to me, it is Sulferous
it Boils right out at a bottom of a mountain, Cloſe by a little Creek, the hole is near as beg as a Barel's head, and it ma^kes^ all the Stones ^are^ white with Brim Stone, I Drank of the water & it was very ugly taſte and it is Cold as Ice, all the poor Toads that Come to the water dies . — I Scraped Some of the Brimſtone of the Stone, and put in Paper; and I Carried it to Esqr Ki[illegible][guess: b]bels I put on a Cold of Fire and it Burnt and Smelt like B, after a while I returnd to the Place, and this Night I Lodgd at one Mr John Whites and was kindly treated —

Sabb July 2,

about 9 went to meeting at Mr [gap: omitted] Barn and there was a great Numb of People, I Spoke from [gap: omitted] [gap: omitted] and the People at tended with great Solemnity and affection — Soon after meeting I took Dinner, and then went of
Springfield got there Sun about two hours high; the People had been waiting for me, and ahad juſt diſparſd, and they gave out word directly, that I woud preach, and they immediately Collected, in a Certain Ducth m' Houſe, and there was a large Number of People, and I Spoke from Ecleſi i. 15 and there was a deep attention among the People, after meeting I went home with two Mr Winters tow Brothers Youngerly folks, all have a hope of Experamental Religion, and they talk and ap pear as Such —

Monday July 3,

took Breakfas^t^ early, and Soon after went to meeting, to a Certain Houſe in the Woods and there was a large Collection of People, we began the Exerciſe a little after nine I Spoke from the words what think ye of Christ — and there was an affectionate melting
attention amongſt the People & Soon after meeting, I Baptiſed three Children, one by the Name of Joſeph and the^Mr Nakolas Piohits Son^ the Children Mr Griffin and^Hanna^ Mr Miller^& Isaac^ , — then I went home with Mr Griffin, (and Baptiſed another for Mr griffin), took Dinner with them, and Soon after eating, I Sot of for the Garmanflats, Got to Mr Conrod Fols after Sun Sun Si[illegible]t. Some Time, and there I Lodged & had Comfortable reſt —

Tueſday July 4,

went to See my folks at Mr Tygert's and Wedneſday was there there yet. —

Thirdsday July 6

in the morning Some Time we Sot of to go thro the Woods, near 12 we reachd at Ch[illegible][guess: uccaugui]^de^ we turnd out our Hoour Horſes and my mare run away
and we were obligd to Stay there all Night, we Coud not find her, —

Fryday July 7:

we went of prety early, and got to our Settlement Some Time in the after noon, and we were glad to See one another, but many of our People were gone a way ^to^ Seek after proviſions for food is very Scarce —

Saturday July 8:

Anthony and James Fowler Waucus went after my mare —

Sabb July 9:

we met to go then [illegible]at Abraham Simon's there was but few of our folks and good many Stocbridgers were with us, I Spoke from Cron [gap: omitted] Rom VIII and there wa^s^ good attention amongst the People —

Monday July 10:

In the evening Anthony and Jame Came back without my mare, they found
her in a mire, Dead, Sunk almoſt all over, there is the end of her. —

Fryday July 14

Andrew Corricom^b^ had a Son Born

Sabb July 16,

Preachd at Brother David Fowler's, Spoke from Matt, Jeſus Cried. and from Romans, if god be for us &c most of our People were there and a great number of Stocbred gers, and and there was grea^t^ and Solemn attention, —

Sabb July 23

went from Roger Wawby's to the Town of Stockbridgers, and many of our People went and we had alarge Aſembly, Mr Dean and four with him Came to meeting they live about Six mi[illegible]les of, and I Spoke from Matt VI: 9: and Psalm 133: 1 and the People attended well. we had a Shower juſt as
meeting was Concluded, and we Sot till it was over and that was Soon, and then we puſht on homeward, I got Jacobs Fowler's about Sun Set, and I was Some what woried — —

Sabb July the 30

About 9 I went to Brother Davids & there I preachd, and many of the Stockbridgers were there and four young Onoyda men were there, inand were dreſt Compleat in Indian way they Shind with Silver, they had large Claſps about their arms, one had two Jewels in his No[illegible][illegible][guess: o]ſe, and had a lardge Silver half moon on his Breaſt; and Bells a bout their Legs, & their heads were powderd up quite Stiff with red paint, and one of thiem was white as any white
man and gray Eyes, his appearance made me think of the old Britains in their Heatheniſm, — I Spoke from Hoſea XIII: 9: & [illegible] Ecleſi XII. 1 and there was great attention among the people, after meet ing the Singers Sang Some Time and then we all dis perſd —

Monday July 31

a number of us went to the Flats, we got there before night, and I put up at Mr Conrod [illegible] Fols, Tueſday was [illegible]at the place all Day —

Wedneſday Augſt 2

Sun a bout two hours high we Sot again for hom, and I got home Juſt about Sun down, all well, and found our Folks well. Thanks be to god . —

Sabb ^Augt^ 6:

Preach'd at Jacob Fowlers in fore Noon, and there was but few, People it was rainy morning. — In the after Noon we went to David Fowlers, and there was a large number of Peop^le^ Several of the Stockbridgers Came, I Spoke from Rom [illegible][guess: v]II.28 29: & Luke XVI 13 — and the People attended well. in the evening I returnd again to Brother Jacob. —

[illegible]Tueſday, Augt 8:

Some Time in the morning I went to Fiſhing at Oriſco Creak, and I Catchd 5 Dozn and five Salmon Trouts, — and Juſt at Night I removd to Broth^er^ David Fowlers to Stay a while, — .

Saturday Augt 12

In the after Noon I Sot out for Stockbridgers, Stopt a while
at Roger Waubys, took Dinner there, and after eat ing, went on, got ^to^ the [illegible] Place Some Time before Night, Lodgd at Sir Peter Pauk quunppeats. —

Sabb Augt 13:

About 10 we began the holy Exerciſe at the Houſe of Jacob Cunk cuppot, and there a large Collection of People, Some white people, — I Spoke from Jerem XXXV 14. in the after noon from Luk X. 42 and the People attended with great Solemnity, and with Some affection; and it it was a Rainy after noon, I Lodgd again at Sir Peters — —

Monday Augt 14:

got up very early, and Sot of for Brotherton, — Stopt at Roger Waubys, and took Break faſt, and Soon after eatg
I went on again; got at Brothe Davids abot 10 & found them [illegible] all well —

Wedneſday Augt 16:

Towar^ds^ Night, the Young People Came together at Jacob Fowler^s^ to receive Inſtruction; and I gave them a Short Diſcourſe from Proverbs IV. 13: and they attended exceeding well, they behaved becomingly, and were Solemn, and theſre was Some affection, with Tears after I had Spoke and Prayd I orderd them to Sing, and they Sung three Tunes, with great Decency and Solemni ty, and as they were going out, Elyjah Wimpy ^firſt^ gave me thanks, and all mani feſted thankfulneſs; The Lord Bleſs them, and give them teachable Hearts, that they be Wiſe unto eternal Sal[illegible][guess: va]

Sabb Augt 20:

Went to [illegible]Da vid Fowlers Some what early and about 10 began the Holy Service, and there was a large Number of People many Stockbridgers Came and there were four out of Mr Deans Family, and one more what man, — I Spoke from Luke II:10:11 and Psalm XXXI: 1 and there was great and Solemn atten tion in the Aſembly; after meeting our People Stay'd Some and Psalms — near Sun Set I went down to Brother Jacobs, and to bed soon and reſted quietly once more —

Wedneſday Augt 23

Towards Night the Young People Came to Jacob Fowlers, to receive in ſtruction; and I Spoke to them from Prover [gap: omitted] a little whi and then we Prayd, and af
ter Prayer I Exerciſed with my Christian Cards with them, and they were agreable to them, and they Awd with the various Texts of Scripture, and I believe they will not forget the even ing very Soon, there was one Stockbridge Girl Came on purpoſe, and there was one Engliſh Girl, and they alſo Choſe each of 'em a Text; and they Conclud ed with Singing Several Tunes, and the whole was Caried on with Decency, & Solemnity — —

Sabb Augt 27

Had a meeting at Abraham Simon's ofn a coun^t^ of his wife's Sickneſs; he was not at Home, he has been gone five weeks tomorrow, — There was a great Number of People a number of Stockbridgers was there, and tow white Men
from the New Town, I S[illegible]poke from Gene. XXII. 12 and in the after Noon from John III. 16 & I believe we had the Preſence of god with us, there was uncommon attention, and great Solemnity and many Tears flowd down the Cheeks of many; after meeting a Number of Singers went to Jacob Fowlers and Sung a while, and then we Prayd & So every one ^went^ Home Soberly & quietly —

Wedneſday Augt 30

Soon after Breakfaſt thirteen of us Sot out into the Woods they went after Ginſhang Roots, and I was going to Mr James Dean's we travild together a bout 3 miles, and there they incamp^d^ made up great Fire, and Soon after I went on, Siſter Hannah Fowler went with
me and then we went thro' a Hedious Wilderneſs for three or four miles, we had only markd Trees to go by and there was but very poor Trac we arrivd to Mr Deans Some Time in the afternoon, found them all well, and we were receivd with all kindneſs, and I[illegible][guess: that] Evening^Sund down^ Brother David Came runing in pufing and Blowing and all of a fome with Sweat, he had treed a Couple of Ra coons and he for a gun ^[below]and one young man^, and went right back; and Some Time in the he Came in with one Racoon — —

Thirdsday Augt 31

about 11. we took leave of the Fa and went to New Stockbridge —- got there Some Time in the after noon, we Calld on Sir
Peter Pauhquunnupeat [illegible] & I put up there, —

Fryday Sepr 1:

Som Time in the after noon, we had a meeting, and I Spoke from Psa^l^m, 32:9 and there was very good atten tion — I the evening they got together to Sing, and after Singing, we had exer ciſe with Christian Cards, and it was new them and very a greable, they attended with great Solemnity, but all did not [illegible][guess: C]draw that intended to draw. it grew late. and So we broak up. — —

Saturday Sepr 2:

I was at the Place all Day long, I viſited Some Families, as I did yeſterday, in the evening
we met together again to go thro' the Exerciſe we began the laſt Night, with my Christian Cards and it was very agreable, Some were much affected, we Concluded with Singing a Psalm. —

Sabb: Sepr 3.

About 10 we began the Divine worſhip of god and there was a great number of People for this wilderneſs Some white People. — I Spoke from L Matt XI. 12 and 1 Kings XIX.13 and I ^be^ the Lord was preſent with us, I Some Senſe of the great things [illegible][guess: I] delivering, and I believe many felt the Power of the word, for ther^e^ was great Solemnity, and
Auful Atention thro the Asem bly many Tears flowd from many Eyes, — as Soon as the meeting was done, I went Home with our People, we got Home Juſt before Sun Sit; and our Singers got together and they Sung Some Time, we had Some new Comers, at the Singing meeting, — Laſt Saturday 13: of our People Came to our Place to Settle, a Family from Mohegan & a Family from Montauk and Some from Naroganſet and one from Farmington

Wedneſday Sepr 6:

towards Night, I attended upon our Young People, and ten Stock bridgers Came to the meeting old and young, and many of our old People Came too.
We begun with Singing, and then Prayd, after Prayer the Young People rehearſed the Texts and verſes they had Choſen at our Second meeting, and they were very [illegible] Solemn, and when they had done, I began a Diſcourſe with them, from 1 Timothy VI.19 and it was a Solemn Time with the People, many were muc^h^ affected. Concluded with Prayer and Singing. —

Sabb Sepr 10

In the morn ing we went Abraham Sim^ons^ to meeting, began about 10 and there was a great num ber of People, many from Stockbridge and we had to white men at the meeting they were going to Niega^ra^ from Johns Town, and
and there was a Solemn attention thro' the Aſembly I Spop[illegible]ke from Matt IX [illegible] In the after noon we went to David Fowlers, and I Spoke from Job XXI. 14. 15 and there was greater at tention many affected deep ly, after meeting the Sing^rs^ Stopt and Sang Some Time and Concluded with Praye^r^ and So we parted —

Monday Sepr 11.

I went down to the garman [illegible]Flats Young Elijah Wympy & I went together, we got thro Juſt before Sun Sit, and I put up at my good Frien^ds^ Mr Conrod Fols[illegible][guess: 's] was Some waried and went to bed Soon but had uncomfortable Nt of it there were So many Virn

Tueſday Sepr 12

got up very early, and it was very Lower ry and So did not Sot out So Soon as I intended, took Breakfaſt, and about 10 I Sot out for Springfield, and juſt before I got to the Place I miſt my way, got to South weſt of the Place good way[illegible][guess: ,] and towards Night it began to be Sowerry, and juſt at Night, I Calld at a Certain Houſe, to of the way, and it began to rain, and ask'd me whether I Might Stay there and I thankd him told I wou^d^ and So I Stayd; took Supper with them, — and went to bed Soon, and had Comfortable reſt, —

Wedneſday Sepr 13

Got up very early and got ready and they woud had me Stayd
to take Breakfaſt with them but I told them I woud take it another Time — The man^s^ Name is Mr Nicholas Lowe they were very kind to me the man had heard me at New York above 20 Years back. So took good leave of them and went on my way got to the Place about 9 and Calld on Mr Winters but they were not at Home, the Women were at H[illegible][guess: ouſe]ome, and they got me Breakfaſt, they were exceeding kind, ,— and from thence I went to mr grif fins, and was there till near Sun Sit, and then I went to Mr Stanſels, where a meeting was a pointed, and there was a large Number of People Collected to- gether, and I Spoke from Rom II. 28-29: and the People attended with all gravity, and believe
Some felt the Power and Love of god, — I Stayd at the Same Houſe, it is a Dutch Family and there is one Young man in this Houſe, Very Remarkable in Religion. he is a living Christian I believe is not aſhamd of his Lor^d^ and maſter, he was Converted last Winter, and he is much oppoſd by the moſt of the Family, yet he keeps on — he and I Lodgd toge- ther this night, after we had a long Converſation in the Family; I was Treated well by the Whole Family, Reſted Comfortably —

Thirdsday Sepr 14

and Fryd was at the place went to See Some Families Lodgd once at Mr Dicks and once at Mr Crippins. —

Saturday Sepr 16:

Juſt after Dinner we went to one Mr
Nicholas Pickards where the Chriſtian People were to have a Conference meeting, the People Collected Some Time in the after Noon, and they began by Prayer and Sung, and they began to relate their Experi ances, and there were 12 men and three women, that related the work of god on their Souls and it took them, till near Mid Night, and it was the moſt agreable meeting that ever I was at, there wasere Several Nations and Denominations & yet all harmonious, there was no Jar amongſt them, but Peace and Love, there experi- ences were acording to the Doctrines of the goſpel, — I Lodgd at the Same Houſe & was very kindly entert[illegible: [guess: a]]ing the man is a Dutchman & his is Ire[illegible][guess: i]ſh woman, and both I believe were Sincere
Chriſtians —

Sabb Sepr 1617:

Near 10 we wen^t^ to meeting, at old Mr Pickards in his New Houſe only Coverd o ver head, and there was a Pro digious Number of People, and I Spoke from Acts XV XI. 26 in the after Noon from the last Psa and the laſt verſe — after meetg went to Deacon Childs, and in the Evening, a number of young People Came to the Hou^ſe^ to receve Inſtrution, and I Spo^ke^ to them from Some paſages of S[illegible]cripture, and after [illegible]that we had Exerciſe with my Notes, and there was great So lemnity amongſt them, they were moſt all Dutch People they Stayd late — —

Monday Sepr 18:

It was a Rainy Day, and I did not Sit out, towards Night I went to Mr Pickards from Mr Crippe^ns^ Mr Nicholas Pickard went with
me the old gentleman and his wife recievd me with all k–ndneſs — and in the evenig the Young People Came together again for Inſtruction, and I Spoke to them the words Re- member thy Creator &c and after that we had Exerciſe with my Cards again, and the People were much Solemn niſed, we Sot up Some [illegible]what late again, I reſted Comfort ably once more —

Tuſday Sepr 19:

got up early, and got Breakfas^t^ and then Sot off, and got to Mr Fols juſt after Sun Set, went to Bed Soon —

Wedneſday Sepr 20

Sot of Some what early old E Wimpy went with me and we got thro before Night we overtook a num
of Stockbridgers juſt Come from there old Settlement, found our Folks well —

Sabb Sepr 24

Had a meeting in David Fowlers Barn, and there was a large number of People Collected, great many from old Town, the bigeſt Aſembly we have had Since I Came to this Place. I Spoke from 1 Corin VII 29.30.31: & Acts XVI. 28, and I believe we had the preſence of god with us many were deeply affected there was flow of Tears from many Eyes, — in the evening the singers went to Jacob Fowlers to Sing, and I went there too, and they Sung near two Hours and theren gave them a word of Exhortation and prayd, and things were done decently and in order; and So we
parted once more in Peace and Love, I went back to Brother Davids and Soon went to bed quietly one more The Lord be Praiſed —

Monday Sepr 25

Sot of about mid Day for old Town David went with me in order to the Lake to Fiſhing, — Lodgd at widow Quinnys, —

Tueſday Sepr 26,

I did not feel well, and it lookd like for Storm, and so we retur^nd^ back got home Some time before noon —

Fryday Sepr 28:

in the morning went to Stockbridg ers, and toward Night Preach^d^ a Diſcourſe to them, I Spok from Gala VI.15 and there
was great Solemnity in the Congregation — Lodgd at Sir Peters —

Sabath, Octor 1:

Had our meeting in Jacob Concoppots and there was a Prodigi ous large Congregation for this wilderneſs, Some white People — I Spoke from Psalm 58: 15: in the after noon from Ezek XXXII: 11 and we had an Awfull Solem nity in the aſembly, there was a Shower Tears, I felt Bowels of Compaſsion towards my poor Brethren; in the Evening the Stockbridgers met at Sir Peters, and they reharſd what they heard in the Day, and they were Very Solemn; at the end of their reharſal, Sir Peter Pokquunnuppeet made a Confeſsion of his wanderings
from God, and Askd the Peoples forgiveneſs, and he was very Solemn, and the People receivd him in their Charity —

Wedneſday Octr 4:

had a meeting with our Young People, and there was many old People alſo, — I Spoke from Prover XXII. 1 and there was uncommon attention a mongſt the People, Especial ly the Young People —

Saturd morning Sepr 6:

af ter the reading a Chapr I took notice of Some Paſ Sages and Spoke to the Fa mily, and there was a So lemn attention, and then I attempted to Pray, and I had an auful senſe of our^the^
Miſerable Situation of mankind, and the goodneſs of god which [illegible]melted down my Soul before god, and there was much affection in the Family,, —

Sabb Octor 7:

Had a meet ting in Brother Davids & there was but a little num ber of People by reaſon of the uncommon Floods in all the Creeks and on the Land [illegible], most of the Bridges were Carried off, for it had been Raining Several Days laſt Week; and it Rains Yet; Some Stockbridgers Came to meeting for all all the dreadful Traviling ther^e^ five women and four men
I Spoke from I XL 22 and I think I had an Auful Senſe of the Deplorable State of Sin ful race of Adam, and Some Senſe of the greatneſs and goodneſs of God, and there was an Auful attention and flow of Tears — in the after noon I Spoke from Gene XXIV. 58: and there was again a gmoving among the People; I hope they they will not Soon forget the Day, — In the evening they Sung at Davids, and af ter Singing, I Spoke to the Young People in particu lar, and they were great ly bowed down before the word, Some were deeply affected; and it was Some
before we broak up the meeting, and they went home with Solemnity, —

Wedneſday Octr 11:

towards Night had a meeting with the Young People, and we had Exerciſe with Chriſtian Cards out of the Old Teſtamt and there was an uncommon affection amongſt them, I believe there was Scarcely one but what was Some what moved, and old People were moved too, — we Sung a little after the Exerciſe — and So parted —

Sabb Octr 15

Had a meeting in Brother David Fowler's and there was great Number of People, and we had a Solemn Meeting, I Spoke from Matt 5 and

Monday Octor 16:

a number of us, I think Sixteen, all men, went to New-Town to have a Treaty with the onieda^s^ we had Calld them to our Town but they to ^Chuſe^ have us Come to their Town, and we d[illegible]rove one Creature to them to kill we got there after Sun Sit went directly to the Councell Houſe, David and I Lodgd there, and there reſt were orderd elſewhere. I had but poor reſt all Night, they have too many Vermine for me —

Tueſday Octor 17:

Some Time in the after noon, were Calld to appear before the Councell, and we were permitted to Spea^k^ for our Selves, — and we rela ted the whole of our tranſacti ons with them about the Land they gave us — for they had a notion to take it back a
a gain last Summer, and only allow one mile Square which we utterly refuſd, and when we had[illegible][guess: Cou'd] not got thro that Day, and we were diſmiſt in the evening, we all went together in a Certain Houſe to Sing and Pray together, & after prayers ^B^ David and I Back to the Councell Houſe to Lodge —

Wedneſday Octor 18

Near mid Day we were Calld again to the Councell, and we reſumd our relation and Soon finiſhd and then we went out, and were Calld again Soon, and they began to reharſe we had deliverd, and they Said it was all good and True, and then they made a New offer to to us, to live on the Same Spot of ground, but to be bound by any Bounds, but live at large with them on
their Land, which we re fuſd, and we told them, we Chuſe to bounded, and they had bound us all r[illegible][guess: on]d, all most all round, and we want^ed^ only to be bound alround w[illegible]he^re^ we were, and they took it un der Conſideration, —

Thirdsday Octr 19:

We wer Calld again, and, about 11 o c: we recived the News of the Death of our oldeſt man in our Town, old un cle Cornelus Dead the evening before, and So we were obligd to Drop our Buſineſs, and wen^t^ home ward; I Stopd at old T Lodgd at Sir Peter Pokqun–^s^

Fryday Octr 20.

I went off Early to our Town about 10: Towards Night we all to the Houſe of mourning, and I deliver a Short Diſcourſe from XXXIX.4.5 and from
thence went to the grave, and we finiſhd Buriing after Sun Sit and I went home —

Saturday Octr 21:

Soon after Breakfaſt, Sot of for old Town Sally Skeſuck and I went toge ther got there before Noon, I Sot a while in Widow Quinnee^s^ and then went to Sir Peters— and was there a while, and there Came a man, and brought a Maloncholy word; Concerning Sally as She was returning and had Juſt got out of the Town the Mare got a fit of kicking [illegible]up her heels, and Crouded up againſt a fence, and She fell Backwards and broak her right Arm; I went directly to See her and found her in great Miſery, we Splinted up her arm, and So left in the evening, we^n^t again to See her, and She was in great Pains, and I tryd to bleed her but I Coud not make out

Sabb Octr 22,

at uſual Time went to meeting and our Folks had Juſt Come and moſt of them went back to try to Carry home Sally the aſemb[illegible]yle was not So large as uſual by reaſon of the above mentiond accident And I Spoke from 1 Corn. X. 21 in the after noon from Matt III: 11 and there was moſt Soled at tention thro the Day, I Baptiz ed Sir Peters wife and Child, — In the evening a Number of [illegible][guess: men] met at Sir Peters, and there were 9: or so Manifeſted, their Exer ciſes of mind, they never were So awake^n^d about their Souls affairs as they are now, there never was So many men brought to Such Conſideration as they are now, they Confeſt, they have been [illegible][guess: are] vi[illegible]le Sinners, and determine, by the help of god, to turn from their [illegible] evel ways and Seek god, They say, they
it is by hearing me Preach to them; one old woman Said, She had, Some thoughts about Religi on, and was Baptizd Some time ago, and She thought it was well enough with her, till She heard me, She thinks now, She never has met with any thing, and She thinks it is a gone Caſe with her; I gave her encouragement to preſs forward if at eleven Hour with her, She may Yet Come in — we Sot up a long while at last we broke u up, and I went to bed Soon, —

Monday Octr 23

A little paſt Noon four of our men Came to old Town on their way to New Town, and I Sot of with them di- rectly, and we got there Juſt be- fore Sun Sit, and the Councell was then Sitting, and were orderd to a Certain Houſe, and in the Duſk of the evening of the even ing we were Calld, and after we Sot there good while, they read their Speech and Concluſe on, and it was if did not accep^t^ of their offer they woud take
the Land back again, and we woud not accept of their offer it was take the Land at large without any bounds — —

Tueſday Octr 24:

our men ^went^ to Ca[illegible][guess: n]aſerake to Fiſhing, and I Sot of for home, Sotpt at the old Town, and intended to paſs along, but they deſired me to Stay to have a meeting in the Evening, and I Conſented; in the evening they Collected toge ther I believe moſt all the old People, and many Young P. I Expound upon II Corin. XIII: 11 and there was deep attention with flow of Tears, after I had done [illegible]two or three Spoke in their own Tongue, reharſeing what I had diliverd, and thei^r^ Chief man aſkd me, as I was about to leave them, how they Shoud go on in their religious Concerns, and I told
them, as they were not formd into Church State, they Shoud inter into Chriſtian Fellowſhip and put themſelves under watch Care of one another, and Cary on the public Worſhip of god in Singing Praying and read ing of the word of god, and [illegible][guess: Some] Exhortation, and Some Explination of the word of god and maintain Family worſhip Conſtantly — —

Wedneſday Octr 25

Some Time in the morning I left old Town and went to our Town, got there a little before noon, and found Davids Family well, but one Child, was unwell, but not very Sick — —

Saturday Octr 28:

Our People pretended to have a Con[illegible][guess: ver]ence meeting, but one man who was moſt Concernd in the meeting did not Come, and So they did nothing, they Concluded to Cut the Road thro to the Flats
Juſt at Night two white men Came to our Town from Spring Field, about forty miles from h[illegible][guess: er]e, they Came on purpoſe to give us a Christian Viſit, we expected them and according they Came, and we were Glad to See each other, In the Evening we had a meeting, and there were Some Stockbridge Brethren with us, and there was great moving and Some making, and wthere was Some Crying out, had the meeting late, —

Sabb. Octor 29:

Many Stock bridgers Came to meeting, about ten we began the Exerciſe and there was great Aſembly. I Spoke from [gap: omitted] Matt XXIV: 14: and we had a Solemn meeting many were affected — in the evening we had another meet ing, and there was great mov ing, and Some making up, and many were affected, but I belie^ve^
there was more Natural affecti on then Gracious Gracious afn there was Conſiderable Noiſe we were late before we left the Place, —

Wedneſday Novr 1,

I had a meeting with the Young Peop at David Fowler’s, and they repeated the verſes upon the Texts they Choſe, the laſt Time they met, and it was a Solemn Time with us, many Tears were Shed, Several indeed are Deep Convictions, and been So for Some Time —

Saturday Novr 4:

near [illegible]noon I Sot of for New Stockbridge Stopt a while at Brother Ro ger Waubys and took dinner there, and after eating paſt on got to the Place towards Night, put up at Capt Hind
in the Evening we had a meetg I dropt a few words, and many diſcover’d their Spiritual Exerciſe^s^ and it was a Solemn Time, many Confeſt and lamented their paſt Conduct, and deter mind to live a Regular life in Time to Come &c —

Sabb. Novr 5:

People bega^n^ to Collected together, and there was a great Number of P we began the Exerciſe about ten. I Spoke Jouſhua XXIV: 15 and I believe the Lord acom panied his word by his Divine Spirit, the People were Bowd before the word, — after Speaking I Baptized [gap: omitted]
[gap: omitted] in the Eving we met again I did not Say much, and there was a number again that diſcoverd their Cocern and re ſolutions, and it was a Solem^n^ Seaſon, and we held the mg late, Lodgd at Capt Hindrick^s^ again — —

Monday No[illegible]r 6:

We had another meeting quite ear ly, and there was much af fection, I Spoke to them a bout the Nature of Baptiſm very Cloſe, and I Baptized [gap: omitted]
Some Time towards noon I left New Stockbridge, Stopt a little while at Roger Wauby’s and So paſt on, got to Brother Davids Some Time in the after Noon, — in the eving we had a meeting, and it was a Com fortable meeting; — — —

Tueſday Novr 4

was geting ready to return homward, Viſit ed Some Families — —

Wedneſday Novr 8:

Viſted again and was buſy geting ready — —

Thirdsday, Novr 9:

Sot of early Sir Peter Puhquennappeet, [illegible] Catty Quinney Betſy Fowler and Elizy Corricomb went with me, and we were obligd to Lodge in the Woods we Coud not get thro’, and it rain’d Some we found a good Hutt, and
made out to make fire, and we lodged quite Comfortable I had good reſt — —

Fryday Novr 10:

got up Some Time before Day, and as Soon as it was break a Day, we ta cled our Horſes and went on we got to Mr Folss Juſt after Sun riſe, took breakfaſt at Mr Folss: and a bout 8: we Sot off again, Stopt a little at Esqr Franks, and near 12 we went on again, Got to Spring- Field, Some Time in the Evening we put up at Brother Crippin^s^ and we were Gladly receivd and we were glad to See them — —

Saturday Novr 11:

We we were at the Place all Day, in the Evening, we had a meeting in Mr Crippin's Houſe, and we had a Comfortable Time, the Christians were much refreſh’d, and there
was one Boy Spoke, he was much Exerciſd in his mind, John Tuhy Came here juſt before meeting began, — we of my Company Lodgd at Mr Crippin's — — — — —

Sabb Novr 12:

About 9: we wen^t^ to Mr Pickards where the meeting is to be about 11: [illegible]we began the Exerciſe, and there was a great Number of People, and I Spoke from John XII: 36: and the People attend with great Solemnity and many were much affected, — in the Evening we had another meet ing in the Same Houſe, and the People were greatly movd, Seve- ral Cried out, the Christians were much Strengthen’d. I Lodged at Mr Pickard’s — — — —

Monday Novr 13:

Betſey Fow– and Eliza Corricomb Came to me very early, they were go ing home, and I got up, and went directly to mr Crippin’s
and As Soon as they got break faſt they went of, poor girls they were all in Tears, when we part ed, and I went back to mr Pick ards: and from thence I went to Brother Nicholas Pickards, and and after a while Brother Tuhy and Peter Came to me, and Sot there a while, and then took leave of Siſter Pickard, and we went on to Mr Ways where meeting is to be, he lives in Cherry-Vally we got there before Night, we were receivd with all kindneſs and Brotherly affection, — took Dinner there, — in the evening a few People Came together, I Spoke to them from the words what will Ye that I Shall do unto you, and we had a good meeting —

Tueſday Novr 14

Some Time after Breakfast we Sot of and
our Courſe to Bowmans Creek we got to Esqr Kimbels about 12: and took dinner there, and soon after Dinner, we went on again and we got Esqr Maybee’s in the Duſk of the Evening and I lodgd there, and John and Peter went over the River. — — —

Wedneſday Novr 15:

got Break early and Soon after, I went over and got to Major Fundees Soon, there I found my Company and was there Some Time; and then Peter Pokquonnoppeet and I Sot of and went down, we Call^d^ on Capt Grig, and was there a few minutes, and went on again, and I Stopt at Mr Albert Vedders, and was kindly recei^v^d, Peter past on, — —

Thirdsday Novr 16,

Time after Breakfaſt, I went over to Mr Bartlets and was kindly rece[illegible][guess: v’]d, and Concluded to have a meeting on the next Day at Mr Keenes: towards Night, I went back to Mr Vedder’s and Lodged there again and had Comfortable reſt — — —

Fryday Novr 17,

about 12 we went over to meeting, got there about 2: and Soon began the Meeting, and there was a Conſide rable number of People, I Spoke from Mark V. 4: and many were affected, it was a Solemn Time, — after Sermon we attended upon the ordernance of Baptiſm I Baptiſed two white Children and one Negro Child, one for Mr David Wright by the name of Sarah, one for Mr John Robbin ſon by the Name of Martin, one Cato Quaſh by the name Simon
after meeting I went home with Mr Eliot, and there I Lodgd, and was very kindly treated, — —

Saturday ^18^,

Some Time in the morning a number of Neigbours Came together, and had an Exer ciſe with my Cards, and it was very agreable, and Solem^n^ towards night I went to Mr Bartlet’s and there I lodged and Lodged Comfortably once more — — —

Sabb Novr 19:

About 9 we went over the River, and so went down to Mr HaAhaſuerus Mercelus, and there was a great Number of People and we begun the Service about 12: I Spoke from Rom: II. 28-^29^ and the People attended exceed ing well and was affection,
after meeting took dinner at the Same Houſe, and there was one Mr John Connoot Dine there alſo, he is a Reader of Divine Service, on Sabbaths, among the Dutch, he is filing and Pre- paring, to be a Preacher, he is a Zealous Young man, — after Dinner I went back to Mr Vedder^s^ and Lodged there onece more was very kindly entertain’d — —

Monday Novr 20:

Sot of early in the morning, and we found it had to get over ther River, there good deal of Ice Came down the River, I went down the river and got Mr John H[illegible][guess: o]eg[illegible][guess: e]boom’s about 12: and there I had a meeting, there was Conſidera- ble number of People; I Spoke from Mark VIII. 36: 37, and the People were much affected, they were Chiefly Dutch, and Mr John Cannoot was here again
I Lodgd at the Same Houſe and was very kindly Treated — —

Tueſday Novr 21:

Some Time after Breakfaſt, I took leave of the Family, and went on to Schenactada, Call’d on one mr Elias Guiſley, but was not at Home, thiere was only Mr Vedder^s^ Daughter at Home, and I soon paſt on, and got Mr John Poſt’s about 12: and there I put up —

Wedneſday Novr 22:

was at the Place, got Some Cloah for a grea^t^ and a Jacket, and got them made up, and had a Shirt made alſo,. — —

Thirdsday Novr 23:

wa abou^t^ to Set of, but the Engliſh Poep [illegible]Deſired to Stay over the Sabb and I Conſented, — — —

Sabb Novr 26:

about 10
went to meeting, and it was extream Cold, and was but few People, I Spoke from Mark 6^6^ in the after noon from Jonah 3:5 and there was great Number of People, and they attended with great Solemnity, — — —

Monday Novr 27:

Some Time in the morning, I took leave of my Friends and went on to Neſquney, got there about 12: and about 1: went into the meeting and there was great Number of People, and I Spoke from J Hebrew XI: 6 and the People were much moved many of them, it was in deed a Solemn Time, they made a Some Collection, — Soon after meeting, I went with one Mr Fordt about a mile &
Eaſtward from the meeting and there I Lodged, and was very kindly treated; we Sot up Some w[illegible]hat late, and went to bed at laſt, and had Comfortable reſt — —

Tuſday Novr 28,

It was very Cold, and Some Time after Breakfaſt, I took leave of the Family, and went on to Be[illegible][guess: u][illegible]ght, I Calld on [illegible]My old Friend Mr Sanford, and took dinner with him; and Soon after Dinner, I went on and call’d on Mr Cornelius Vendenberg[illegible]h, and Stayd there Some Time took tea there, Juſt at Night, I went to Mr David Feros, and kind ly receivd, and Lodged there
about Sun Sit we went meeting at the Houſe onee Major Fondee and there was a large number of People, and I Spoke from [illegible]1 Epes of John V. 10. and the People at tended with great Solemnity, and Shed Tears, Soon after meeting I went back with Mr Feros Family in a Slay, and there I Lodged, — —

Wedneſday Novr 29:

Some Time after Breakfaſt, Mr Henry Fero and I went to See the Falls, and it is a grand Sight, the Power of god is to be Seen in it, after a while we went back, and I took Dinner with him; and towards night, I went to Mr Jacob Lawnſons; and I had no thoughts of a meeting, but Soon after Duſk, the People b^e^gan to Come in and there was large num ber of People, and I preachd to them from, Mark V: 4: and
and there was great Solemnity and affection among the People and I believe they will Soon forget Evening. I Lodgd at the Same Houſe, and was exceead I ingly well treated, went to bed Some what late, and had Com- fortable reſt, — —

Thirdſday Novr 30:

was at Mr Lawnſons till about 10 then I went to meeting, I Stopt a little while at Mr Levinus Lawnſon, and about 11: we went to the meeting Houſe, and there was a large numbr of People, and I Spoke to them from Diniel: V. 25 [gap: omitted] and there was a great Solemni ty, and may were I believe felt the Power of the word, after meeting, went to Mr Levinus Le[illegible][guess: e]ghſons again[illegible], — and took Dinner with them
and Some Time towards night I went to Mr David Fero’s, and the People Collected together again for a meeting, and there was a larg^e^ Number got together; and I Spoke from Rom. II. 28-29 and the People attended with much affection, I believe they will not forget the Night, very Soon — Lodged at the Same Houſe and reſted Com fortable — —

Fryday Decr 1

got up very early and we were geting ready to Go to Albany, one of Mr Feros Sons one Daughters and a Daughter in Law; we Sot of in a wagon, before Sun riſe, & we got to Albany, near 10, it is a bout 9 miles, I Calld at a Certain Houſe, from thence I went into the City, one Mr Blackney went with me, and as I was going a long ^I Caſt^ my Eyes down Street and
and Saw my good Brother Peter Pohquonuppeet, and another man with him they were returning to Oneida, and we Spent Some Time together in a Certain Tavern, and there I Saw Mr Kirkland a minu^te^ or two, about 12 Sir Peter and I parted, I went to See Mr McDolna^l^ a Miſniſter of the Preſſbeterian [illegible] Congregation, found him very Sociable, and a lively gentleman took Dinner with him, and Soon after Dinner, went of to took my Company, and went to the Same Houſe, that I went into firſt, & was there but few minutes and had an opportunety to return to Debought in another wagon and we to Mr [gap: omitted] and preſently after I we got there there was a number of Neighbou^rs^ Came in to hear Something from the Word of god, and I dropt a few words to them, and I Lodge there and was exceedingly well
Treated, and the People of the Houſe appeard and talked like Chriſtians, there was one old gentle man, helpleſs, has been So for Some Time

^Saturday Novr 2^.

Soon after Breakfaſt the man of the Houſe got his Horſes & Wagon ready and he carried me to Mr Fero’s, and I was there a while, and then took leave of the Family, and left the Place & went to half Moon, Stopt at Mr Leighſen’s and took Dinner with him, and Soon after Dinner I went on and Stopt at Mr Fundees he keeps a Ferry, and he was not at home, and preſently after Mr Le[illegible][guess: e]ghſen, came to me, and So we went on together to half Moon he went afoot, and we got to Mr Clute’s Some Time before night and I was kindly receivd; and in the Evening, we went to MrColol [gap: omitted] and there was a num ber of men, and we had very a
agreable Converſation, took Super there, and Some after I returnd with Mr Clute, and there I Lodgd and a Comfortable reſt — —

Sabb Novr^Decr^ 3:

about 10: went to meeting, about a mile, and there was a large Number of People, tho’ it was a Cold Day, [illegible] I Spoke from Marke VIII. 36. 37: and the People were greatly bowd before the word, many were deeply afect ed, — after meeting I with one Mr Comſtock, and took dinner there he is an Engliſhman, after Dr we had Exerciſe with my Christian Cards with a few People, and it was agreable to them; — In then Evening, went to meeting to a Certain Houſe, but there [illegible]were So many People, we were obligd to go to Meeting Houſe again and there was near as many this evening as there was in the Day Time and I Spoke
from 1 Kings XIX 13 and there was greater Solemnity than in the Day Time. it was a Night to be rememberd, — after meeting went home with Mr Clute, went to bed Some what Early, and had a Comfortable Sleep — — —

Monday Decr 4:

Af[illegible]ter Break faſt, a Number of People Came in, and we had Exerciſe with my Chriſtian Cards and it was very agreable to them — Some Time towards Noon I took leave of the Family, and of, & went to the Point, intended to go over then[illegible] River there. I went to Mr John VenVkan R. Vender^war^ken and they had a great Mind to have me Stay so as to have a meeting inening, and Finally I Con cluded to Stopt, and so in the evening I went to meeting
So in the evening we went to the City and had a meeting in a large [illegible][guess: uper] Room, very elogant and there was a Conſiderable of People and I Spoke from John XII and the People attended with great and Solemn attention; and after exerciſe I Sot down a while by the Fire, and Capt Morgan the man of the Houſe began to aſk me Some Queſtions, in favour of univerſal Salvation, and we had a mile Converſation, and many People heard us, and they may Judge between us — and So after a while I returnd home with Mr John R. Venderwarken and it Snowd quite fast, and we Sot a long while after we got hom, and we had very agreable Converſation, and at lenght I went to Bed quietly once more — — —

Tueſday Novr 6^Decr 5^:

We found Con ſiderable depth of Snow this [illegible]Morning, and it Continued to
Snow, — This morning I Baptized a Child for one Mr Stephen Picket by the Name Stephen Gregory, I Stayd here all Day. it was Cold Day, and it Snowd till about 12 in the Evening, we had exerciſe with my Cards, and it was very agreable to the Company and was much Pleaſd; we Sot up Some what late, and it was very Cold all Night — —

Wedneſday ^Decr^Novr 6,

It was ex tream Cold, and I Continued to be here all Day again, in the Evening a few Neighbours Came in, and we exerciſe with my Cards and we had quite agreable even ing, the Company was much gra tifed, and well Pleaſd. —

Thirdsday ^Decr^Novr 7:

Soon after eat ing, Mr Venderwarken [illegible]Got his Slay ready, and took me and Carried me to Mr Fundee’s ferry I calld at mr Fundees, and
and took Dinner there, Soon after Dinner, Mr Funde took me in his Slay, and we went to Mr Fero’s, we Calld at mr [illegible]Le[illegible][guess: n]ghſens and he went with us, and we Came back Soon, and we Stopt at Mr John Lenghſens, and there we took Tea; Soon after Tea, we went a long; and I Stopt at Mr R. Le[illegible][guess: n]ghſen, where meeting is to be this evening. Juſt at Duſk, the People began to Come together, and there was a large number of People, and I Spoke from III [illegible]Heb two laſt verſes, and it wa a Solemn Time, the People attended with great affection — I Lodged at the Same Houſe and was Treated with
great Tenderneſs and Friend­ſhip, went to bed in good Sea­ſon and Comfortable reſt — —

Fryday Decr 8:

I got up a great while before Day, and a Young Woman, a Houſekeeper got up too, and as I was going down Stares, She took hold of me, and helpd me down; & the old gentleman got up too Soon after, and we had very agreable Converſation, upon Religious Concerns; and before Day we had our Breakfast; after that we had Exerciſe with my Cards, there was only one white perſon, and Several Negroe^s^ and after that we prayd, and it was broad Day light, and [illegible] my Horſe was got up, and be fore Sun riſe Some Time I was on Horſe back, and I Juſt calld
on Mr John Lenghſen, and So past on, Call’d at [gap: omitted] a few minutes, and so paſt on myy way to Albany; got there a lilte after 9: put up at a Ta- vern, — went to See Some Friends — about 2 I left Albany, and went over the River, got to Esqr Woodworths juſt after Sun Sit and found them well but one girl, and there Lodgd — It is remarkable, that Since I left Onoida; I have been ^with^ Dutch People almost altogether I have lodg’d in Engliſh Familys but twice, and I never was treated better by any People nor So well, — and I have prea^chd^ amongſt Chifely, and there is a remarkable attention a mongſt them, as ever was Seen amongt hereabouts, indeed there is great moving among^st^
them in Several Places, eſpeci al at Debought, I preahd there Six Times, Yea, theye woud get together, where ever I am, to get inſtruction, they Seem to be real ly hungry after the word of god. at half moon, the Dutch People are the forwardeſt for meetings there are a great Number of Engliſh Families, but not half So forward for meetings, as the Dutch are, — I believe the Ld is about to Call them by his Divine opperations in a more Remarkable manner, than they have had Yet in this Country, they have been lookd upon, in general, both by Christian People and Heathen Indians, as a Careleſs profane People, as any that [illegible] pretends to Christianity, or thoſe that are Calld Christian People

Saturday Decr 9

was at Esqr Woodworths all Day, and it Snowd all Day, and it was quite Cold —

Sabath DecrDecember 10:

It Snowd Still & there was a great Body of Snow on the ground, it was about 3: feet and 3 [illegible]Inches Deep upon a level and it was exceeding Cold, about 10 the People gbegan to Come toge ther, and there was afew got together Yet as many again Coud be ex- peted for the weather and Snow, and about 12: we be[illegible]gan the Service, and I Spoke from 2 Corin VI. 17. 18 and the People at tended well, — Lodgd at the Same Houſe again, and it was extrea^m^ Cold Night, I was [gap: omitted]
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[illegible]liana Wealth] Levene ^[right]}Griffin^ Brethren of the ^N^ Town, Called Brotherton, Send greetings to the Brethren of Canaharoha^re^ and invite them to Come, to our Town Mr David Write [illegible] Sarah John Robbinſon..Mertin Cato QuaſhSimon Seth Vedder of Neſquney
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