Samson Occom, Journal, 1785 December 5 to 14


abstractOccom details his travels as an itinerant preacher.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible. There are several uncrossed t's and crossed l's, which the transcriber has corrected.

paperSeveral small sheets folded into a booklet are in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining and wear. There is some repair work on the heavy central crease of the outer pages.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity.

noteworthyThe booklet is bound with a small pin, which is visible on the images of three verso and four recto. There is a red wax-pencil mark on one recto. An editor, likely 19th-century, has added notes and overwrites in black ink; these edits have not been included in the transcription.

MondDay Decr 5: 1785

got up  very early, and Prayd together &  Soon after Prayer I went to Mr  Clarks. and from there to Mr  Holmss, I [illegible]rid Mr Clarks mare  and Came directly back, for  Mr Dake was waiting for me  to Carry me in his Slay to Balls  Town; about 9: we Sot off, &  to Balls about 12: and I put  up in Mr Weeds Houſe, and  he receivd me kindly; (abou^t^  [gap: tear]2 went to meeting and there wa^s^  a little Number of People  and I preachd to them from  Acts, XIII. 30: and there was  great Seriouſneſs in the aſem‐  bly. after meeting went to Mr  Weeds and took Some Victua^ls^  and al) Lodged Some Time  in the evening, a man Came  to the Houſe and deſired me  to go to See a man that was  very Sick, and I went directy  and Soon got there, a bout   
eight O: C, and found the man  very Sick his Name is Mr  Theophilus Hide, and was  greatly Deſirous to be Baptiſd  and I [illegible] Examind and found  him much Diſtreſt about his  Soul, and I endeavourd to  Explaind to him the Nature  of Baptiſm, and finding him  to underſtand Some thing of  the Nature of Baptiſm &  he earneſtly Deſirin[illegible]g it, So  at laſt I Concented it and I  Baptiſed him — and his  wife was alſo greatly Exer  ciſed a bout her Soul, and  they wanted to have their  Child Baptiſed alſo, but I  declined — and I lodgd there  and Docr Jerviſs was there  all Night. — 

Tueſday Decemr 6:

after Brea  faſt went to Mr Weeds in a Slay  Mr Hide Carried me, got to Mr   
Weed Some Time before noon  about 1 went into the meeting  Houſe, and there but few People  the Smalleſt Congregation I have  had in theſe parts, and I Spoke  from Acts VIII: 30: the People attend  ed well, — went with one Mr Hollister  and in the evening, there a Num  ber of Neighbours Came in and  my good old Friends Mr Larkins  and his wife Came in alſo, I was  well acquainted with them on  Long Island, and we were very  glad to See one another, and 2  of their Children Came in alſo  a Son and Daughter, a likely  young Folks, — and we had very  agreable Exerciſe with my Cards  and we Sung and Prayd together  and then I went home with Mr  Larkins and Lodged there and  was extreamly well receivd &  Treated, went to bed late and  Slept Comfortablely —   

Wedneſday Decr 7:

after Break  faſt Mr Holliſter Came to Mr Larkins  with a Slay to Carry to meeting  Mrs Larkins and her Daughter  Bettſey went with us in the  Slay,; we got the meeting a bou^t^  10: and the people had not got  together but few, and we Stayd  till a bout 12 w and went in to  a School, Houſe and there was  prety good number of People &  I Spoke from 1 Peter 1:24 —  and there was great Solemnity in  the Asembly, Soon after I went  to one Mr Jeremiah Bettys Houſe  and a number of People went  alſo, and the man deſired me to  Baptiſe his Child, the woman  was of Baptiſt Perſwaſion, Yet  She gave her ful Concent, and  after Examination, I got up to  Show the Nature of offering a  Child unto god in Baptiſm &  the woman was much afected   
and I Proceeded to Baptiſe the  Child, — after that, I Sot down to  eat with them, Soon after, I went  to Mr Palmmers, and in the  Evening, w[illegible]e again [illegible][guess: w]I had Ex  erciſe with my Cards there  was a Number of Young People  and they behaved well, — late in  the evening I went to Bed quietly  once more, the Lord the^be^ Praiſed — 

Thirdsday Decr 8:

got up very  early, and Mrs Palmmer got Brea^k^  faſt early and Soon after eating  I went of to a meeting North  part of Ball's Town, to Preach  got to the Mr weeds Some Time  in the morning, and Stayd Some  Time, and one Mr Sprague Come  with a Slay for me, and we went  off Directly, and got to Mr  Spragues a bout 12: and took  Dinner with them, and then  directly went to meeting, and  there was a great number   
of People, and I Spoke from  John XVII. 3: and there was a  great and moſt Solemn attenti  on there were many Tears —  Soon after meeting I went di  rectly back with Mr Spragues  Folks; and went directly to  Mr Turners, and had a mee^t^  ing there in the Evening, and  there was a Number of People  again they Crouded the Houſe  and I preachd. from Hebre –  2: 3: and I belive the Lord  was preſent, I had Some Senſe  of Divine things, and the People  were greatly affected, there  was a flood of Tears, — I Lodgd  at the Same Houſe — 

Fryday, Decr 9:

Some Time  after Breakfaſt, I went of a  young man went with me I  Call on Colol Gordon, and  he Treated me very kindly   
woud had me Stay to Dine with  him, but I Coud not Stay, and  So went on Soon, Calld on [gap: omitted]  but Stay but few mi[illegible]ntes and  So went on, got to Mr weeds be  fore Noon, and was there till  a bout Sun Sit; and then Mr  Holleſter Came with his Slay  for me, and we[illegible]nt with him  directly, and got to his[illegible] Houſe  and got there Some Time in  the Evining. and when, we ^got^  ^there^ found a number of Friends  together waiting for us; and  I Sot a litle while, and I began  with them with my Cards and  we had Very agreable Exer  ciſe, and we Sot up late and  finally we brok up, and I  went to be[illegible][guess: g]d quietely once  more; Bleſsed be the name  of the Lord for his goodneſs to  me   

Saturday Decr 10,

Some Time  after Breakfaſt went to Mr  Larkins and took Dinner with  them, and Soon after Dinner  I went back to Mr Ho[illegible]lleſters  Call, an Mr Bettys, and Sot  only few minutes, and went  on, — and Some Time in the afr  noon, Mr Holleſter got his Slay  ready and we went on, Mr  Amos Larkin, Mr Ely and a  woman went with us, and  we got to Mr Rogerss juſt  before Sun Sit, and we Stopt  there a while, took Tea with  them, — and Soon after Tea we  went on, and Calld on Mr  Clarke, a few minutes and then  we went on to good old Mr North^rop^  and there I Lodgd, we had Some  agreable Exerciſe with my Cards  only with the old People and  one young man, I read   
a great Number of the Cards  after they had Choſen each of  them a Text — 

Sabb: Decr 11

After Breakfaſt  went to Mr Clarkes and abou^t^  11 the People began to Collect  faſt, and a Prodigious numbe^r^  of People Gathered, — and  I began the Exerciſe about  1 and I Spoke from, Cant, 2 ^16^  and I think the Lord was pre‐  ſent, the People attended with  all attention, and there was  great Solemnity and many  Tears were Shed, and I beli^v^e  the People will not forget this  Sabbath Soon, eſpecially Some  after meeting took Dinner  with Mr Clark — and in the  evening, I went to one Mr  Brown, to attend ^upon^ the Young  with my Cards and there was  a Prodigious Number of Peop^le^   
old and Young, and we had  had very agreable Exerciſe  it was a Solemn Night, and [illegible]  the People, old angd young  I believe will not forget it  all their Days, and I hope &  pray, that it may be a Night  to be rememberd to the Glory  of God — Choice Portions of  Scriptures were Sown [illegible]this  Night among the People  as they never had; — we broke  up near midnight, and I  went to Mr Benjamins, and  it was Rainy, — and went  to bed late 

Monday Decr 12:

Some Time  in the morning, I went to Mr  Clarkes, and from thence to  Mr Holms's, and was there till  about 2 in the after noon  and there was a Young man  Came to fetch me from Galla  way, and I went off with him   
directly, and we got to Mr  Andierſon's near night where  I am to marry a Cupple of Scotch  Folks and they receivd me  with all kindneſs and Friend  ſihp, Lodged there and had  a Comfortable reſt, — 

Tueſday Decr 13:

we all got  up very early, and they got  Breakfaſt Soon, — and we wait  ‐ed for weddeners, and about  1 o.c they Came, and a young  man went out with a bottle  to meet them and treated them  round before they Came into  the Houſe, and Soon after they  got into the Houſe, we proceede^d^  in Celebratidng the ordernance  of Marriage, — and as Soon as  it was over we Sat down to  Dinner, and w^h^en that was  over, the weddeners Sot of   
to the North end of galla way, — and I returned to 5000  A[illegible]ires, and got to Mr Holms  juſt before Sun Sit, and in  the evening a number of Peop^le^  came in and we had exerciſe  with my notes, and it was  quite agreable, and wen^t^  bed late, — 

Wedneſday, Decr 14:

This morn  ing Converſation, with Mr  Coffin, the Univerſaliſt Prea^ch^  er, the Same I had Conver‐  ſation with the other Day,  he is a very bold Creature  about 10: I went of to go to  one Mr Wakemans and  had a meeting there, and  there was ^[illegible]^ a goodly num  ber of People, [illegible]after meeting