Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Joseph Johnson, 1774 February 4


abstractWheelock rejoices at Johnson’s improved character and wishes to have him and Jacob Fowler visit Hanover.

handwritingHandwriting is mostly clear and legible; however, letter case is frequently difficult to decipher, particularly with regard to the letter Y.

paperSingle sheet is in poor condition, with heavy creasing, yellowing and wear. A tear along the bottom edge results in some loss of text. The watermark is prominent.

inkBrown ink is faded.

noteworthyA note written in a different, likely 19th-century, hand reads “Dr Wheelock’s” and “Feb. 4 1773.” This note has not been included in the transcription.

signatureSignature is partially missing due to tear.

  My dear Joseph Johnſon 
I cant tell you how much Satiſfaction it  has given me to hear that Satan is like to be diſapoint  -ed of all that Miſcheif he deſigned againſt you, and your  by your Fall, to your poor Savage Bretheren. God  grant, th[gap: tear][guess: a]t Grace which has prevented you, & recoverd  you may Still be afforded to you, & Sufficient for  you — I now hope from repeated accounts of you  that God mercifully deſigns you Shall be an Inſtrument  of much Glory to his great Name in the world —
I want much to See you once more before I go to  reſt, if it be the pleaſure of Heaven —
God has made every thing I have taken in Hand here  to proſper — My Indians are quite Orderly, & much more  So than they used to be in Connecticut — what if you  and Jacob Fowler Should take a Ride up hither and  get Some Idea of, and Acquaintance with my Affairs.  give my Love to Jacob Fowler and propoſe the thing  to him. I am perſwaded it would be of use to you both  if you purſue the Deſign of removing into the indian  Country, to be acquainted with my Plans — M.r Occom  has been long telling of coming but has diſappointed  my Expectations hitherto, —
Give my Love to M.r Occom, his Wife & yours and all  the Family I would have Wrote to him but have  neither Time nor Strength for it. I have had exceeding  good Letters of late from London   
I am with much Affec-  -tion  yours moſt heartil[gap: tear][guess: y][gap: tear] [gap: tear][guess: Eleazar Whee]lock 
[left]P.S. I wiſh you would  write me, & tell Jacob  Fowler also to Write  give my Love also to D[gap: tear][guess: David]  Fowler tell him to [gap: tear]
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