Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1772 July 28


abstractWheelock writes that he has drawn on John Thornton for £50 to cover Occom's debts, and that he hopes Occom will go on a mission. He has heard that Jacob Fowler and Joseph Johnson have become pious, and questions whether he should send Jacob to be a schoolmaster to the Oneidas.

handwritingHandwriting is small and informal, with many abbreviations.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThis document is likely a draft or copy.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

M.r Occom  My dear Man. 
Yrs of y.e 3.d Inſt t is before me. I have wrote  Esq.r Thornton in y.r Favr & drawn a Bill on him to diſcharge  yr debts of £50 Sterlg wc I beleive will be beſt y.o ſho.d ſell  to capt ^N^ Backus as he will uſe yo as generouſly as any man  and also as I ſhall depend on him to ſupply yo if y.o ſho.d ingage  in ye Miſſn to y.e ſouthwd wc has been propoſd — I ſhall eſteem  nothg y.t is neceſsy for yo, too much to do for yo while yo appear to be  weak & lowly, & honeſtly ingagd to do w.t y.o can to build up & inlarge  ye cauſe of ye Redeemr — But yſ I tell yo agn y.t While thoſe  Tribes wo are und.r ye care of ye Boſton Board are profeſsedly  yr only Objt I cannot conſiſtantly, nor with out givg ofence  & expoſg myſelf & Patrons to reproach, Support y.o by y.e money  collectd for ye use of my School in great Britain, pleaſe to  let me know w.t y.r Determination in ye mattr is.
I rejoyce much to hear w.t yo relate of y.r B.r Jacob, & Jos  Johnſon, ye Latter has coſt me floods of Sorrow, as well as  much Toil & Expense, if ye Wk in him be genuine I ſhall likely  hear more of it.
M.r Auſtin by a Lr datd Albany 11. Inſtt on his way from  Montreal to Connecticut informs me of an openg there for  a School Maſter among the Indians. Johnſon's Character is ſuch  among their Brethn ye Onoidas y.t it wont do to ſend him, but  perhaps y.r Br Jacob, is ye very man pleaſe to let me hear from  yo & aſsure yrſlf y.t however uncharitable, unbrotherly,  & in Some Inſtances cruel yr Treatmt of me has appeard  I have Steadily endeavord to ſhow myſelf to be & continue to be 
yr beſt earthly Friend.  Eleaz.r Wheelock 
To M.r Occom July 28  1772