Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1772 June 16


abstractWheelock urges Occom to go on the mission to Muskingum, adding that he has no doubt John Thornton will clear Occom of debt.

handwritingHandwriting is small yet relatively clear, with some deletions and additions.

paperLarge single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, and water damage that results in some loss of text.

inkBlack-brown ink is somewhat faded.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has added notes to one recto; these notes have not been transcribed.

My dear M.r Occom. 
The Proſpects of the preſent Miſsion which the  Bearers have now undertaken to Muſkingham appear  more & more iencouraging. and I am almoſt perſwaded  you will be fired with Such Zeal to help it forward as  will induce you to break through many & great Difficul-  -ties to embarke with them in it.  If you will conclude upon it and Set yourſelf to prepare  for it, they will do any thing they can do conſiſtantly  to help you forward. and I will give orders to Captn  Backus to let you have Such Cloathing, and Horſe &c &c  as Shall be Neceſsary for you or your family to the  amount of ₤50. pounds, which he will do at the cheapeſt  Rate it can be afforded at, and if you are now in the  arears as to Debt, pleaſe to let me know what it is and  I will recommend your Caſe to Eſq.r Thornton who I  doubt not will, agreable to what he has so kindly expreſsd  towards you, either clear you of Debt out of his private  Intereſt or See it done Some other way. — —   Who ^[illegible]^ knows my dear man what glorious things are  in the womb of Providence, & ready to be brought forth  by your Inſtrumentality. I have a precious number of  youths preparing for the Service, deſigned to follow one  another as fast as Doors shall be opened for them. and  who knows but that in a few years we may have a ſtring  of godly Miſsionaries & Schoolmaſters from Muſkingham  to Montreal. 
It Seems to me my dear Sir If I were at Liberty  from my Chains as you are & had your Color and  Tongues, that the offer of Crowns and Kingdoms  would   
would not withold me from taking my part with  them in the glorious Cauſe. 
It is my Judgment that your Brother David Fowler, has  no Door of usefulneſs open that [illegible]^exhibits^ in any meaſure the  Proſpect as this does, nor of comfort and good to his  Family. I underſtand it is but a Small pittance he has  from the Boſton Board, and muſt be but a tenant on  the Lands which he improves — Whereas here is a moſt  fertile Soil & enough of it for him only for having it.  I will do by him as I proposed in my former Letter to you,  ie will give him at the Rate of ₤50. pr annum, while  he continues in the Service of School Maſter and his  pay begin from the Time he Setts out, till he leaves the  School. and if he will ingage in the Service he ſhall  take [gap: stain] half of Cap.t Backus when he Setts out. 
every Member of this College & School have with  the greateſt cheirfullneſs agreed to Spend Special ſeaſons  of prayer for the Miſsionaries & Succeſs of their Miſsions  to begin half an hour after Six o Clock on Saturday Evening  and at ye Same hour on Sabath Evening of which  theſe Young Gentlemen can give you a more full and  particular Acco.t — to whom I muſt also refer you  for an Acco.t of all my Affairs. 
pleaſe accept kindeſt Salutations to yourſelf and 
Mrs Occom From 
your real Friend and Serv[gap: faded][guess: ant]   Eleazar Wheelock 
Rev.d Sampſon Occom. June 16: 1772