John Thornton, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1772 June 10


abstractThornton writes of his belief in unity among sects, mentions that he has paid bills drawn on him by Wheelock to the extent of 175 pounds, and notes that he has had a letter from Occom.

handwritingFormal handwriting is heavily stylized, yet clear and legible.

paperPaper is in fair condition, with moderate wear and heavy creasing, resulting in minor mitigation of text. There is some repair work evident.

noteworthyOn one recto, paragraph one, line 23, the last word is "Ap," which is an abbreviation for "anno praeterito," meaning "the year that has just passed."

  Dear & Revd ſir 
I was unwilling to omit the present oppo of thanking  you for yours of 14th April from Norwich in your way to  Hartford & it gave me pleasure to hear you left all well  & that Mr Avery continued with Mr Kirkland (I hope it  will please God to restore perfect Unanimity, for indeed  contention is the bane of vital Religion & when the  Enemy can prevail on us to lend an Ear to Whisperers  we get on unhallowed ground & are led into a Maze that  neceſsarily bewilders us), may the Lord ever keep us simple  hearted, ceasing from Man & having our Eye ever fixed on him  The Lord our God is merciful gracious long suffering abun  dant in goodneſs & truth, the various Societies of Believers  are united in one for we have one common Lord one faith  & one Baptism & the Gifts & Graces of the Spirit are not  confined to any Sect, but the beauty of Holineſs is discernable  throughout Gods Universal Church, in all that love the  Lord Jesus Christ in Sincerity, let us then be careful that  we grieve not the least of his Children whose Name is Jealous  & above all take heed that we make not a Covenant with  his Enemies, but may we look up to God for a bleſsing that  he may give us a right Judgement in all things.  (Your Bill from Norwich of 14th April for £100 to Nath  Backus Junr as also one dated Hanover 5th December Ap  to Wm Mather for £75 are both taken care of)   I have since writing you last received a well wrote  Letter from dear Mr Occom, who stands high in my  good opinion for that honesty & simplicity I have 
ever remarked in him, as I sent you a Copy of my last Letter  to him I trouble you once more, with what I have now wrote  him, as I shall rejoice to hear, you think favorably of him  The Bands of the wicked have robbed God, but now he has broken  the Gates of Braſs & burst the Bars of Iron asunder, that impeded  the promulgation of the glorious Gospel, I doubt not but he will  make his great power known, may Judgement mercy & faith be  ever in exercise & preserve us from every evil way may the  Lord guide us by his Counsel & afterwards receive us to glory 
I am always with sincere regard  Dear & Revd Sir  Your much devd affecta Sert  John Thornton 
Blank page.
From John Thornton Eſqr.  10 June. 1772.  Received Septr 25. 1772   
To  The Revd Dr Wheelock