Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1772 May 26


abstractWheelock asks Occom to join McClure and Frisbie on a mission to Muskingum.

handwritingFormal handwriting is not Wheelock's; it is bold and loopy though clear and legible. The trailer is in Wheelock's hand.

paperSingle large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy creasing and wear.


noteworthyAs noted on two recto, this document is a copy. The original is manuscript 772326.2.

signatureThe signature is not Wheelock's.

My dear Mr Occom. 
I have lately receivd  a long Letter from our great Friend E[illegible]sqr  Thornton in which he expreſses his Wonted  affection & tender Regard for your comfort  as well as uſefulneſs and seems to have his  Heart ^open^ for your relief. —  I have wrote him of the Appointment of  Meſsrs Maccluer & Friſbie to a Miſsion at  Muſkingum about 100 Miles west of Fort Pitt  and that I would write you & propoſe to You to accom-  pany them to a Tribe of Indians not far from Muſk‐  ingham who speak[illegible] your language —  It will be very agreeable to theſe Young Gentlemen  to have your Company as far as your way will be  together on Their Miſsion, And I doubt not but  it will alſo be very agreable to the Miſsionary whom  the Board of Coriſpondencets in the Jerſies shall  Send to accompany them, under the Patronage of  which Board [illegible]theſe Young Gentlemen are to  proceed, Whoſe Patronage and aſsiſtance I will alſo  beſpeak for you, and you shall have the same reward  as ſhall be allowed ^to^ one of theſe—  And if you will take your Brother David with 
you & imploy him as a Schoolmaſter. I will  give him at the Rate of £50. lawful Money  [illegible]⅌ Annum all the while he is in that Service  till he can make a settlement Among them &  after that as reaſon and his neceſsities shall  require. — —  I expect theſe young Gentlemen will set out  within a month, M.r Spencer a Comittee from  that Board left me about 27th of April in order to  meet the Synod at Philadelphia with deſign  to obtain Mr Duffield to accompany them in  Case Mr Brainerd should not be able, who  [illegible]Was taken sick at New York on his way with  Mr Spencer to Hartford. —  I now write in hast becauſe I would improve  this opportunity of Conveyance to you —  pray let me know as soon as poſsible whether  you comply with this propoſal or not, and if you  conclude to go let me know what your preſent  Neceſsities are and What will be Neceſsary to advance  at preſent — If You go it will be beſt you  Should have a Recommendation from the Revd  M.r Pomeroy as well as from me, & from any  other Gentlemen of Character Who are known  in those Provinces as you are not unſenſible 
of the Reports which have gone abroad of You.  The Lord mercifully incline Your Heart  to go forth to the help of the Lord againſt  ^[left]ye^ Powers of Darkneſs and make your hand  Strong. and your Spiritual Weapons  mighty to the pulling down the strong  holds of Satan —  Accept my Love to you & Mrs Occom  & your Children —  and be Asur'd I am   
Your cordial Friend &  ready Servant   Eleaz[illegible]ar Wheelock  A Copy  Revd Sampſon Occom 
To Rev.d M.r Occom  May. 26. 1772.   
To  The Revd  M.r Sampſon Occom  at  Mohegan