Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1772 May 6


abstractWheelock writes that he has asked Occom to go on a mission to Muskingum with David Fowler. He also writes that only three of the College trustees are churchmen, and that he will honor his patrons by not bowing to opponents.

handwritingHandwriting is small and informal. There are several deletions and additions.

paperSingle large sheet is in good condition, with only light creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document is likely a draft.

  My dear^much^&Hond ſir 
laſt Evening y.r very kind Letter of march 27.th with the encloſ[illegible][guess: ed]  Characters of A.B.C. came to hand by the Special Poſt that bro't M.r Spencers  of which the encloſed is an Extract and which may in connection with what I have  lately wrote let you See the progreſs of the propoſed miſsion to muſkingam  I have wrote m.r Occom deſiring him to accept the miſsion of which I wrote  you lately, and take David Fowler with him as Companion & School maſter  I deſign these young Gentlemen (who will Set out in a few Days) Shall  go by mohegan and prevail with M.r Occom if they can to accompany  them I have promiſed him the Same Reward as Shall be allowed to them  my Hope is only in God he is my only prop the Storm that is raiſd  againſt me dont cant Diſmay me while I believe the cauſe is Gods  and See him proſpering it among the Floods. [illegible][guess: it is] ^and Seeking^ evident^[illegible]^[illegible]g ſet upon  them.   (There are but 3 of the Truſtees of this College that so much as bear the  Name of Church men and but one that ^who^ is tho't to be so in heart and  he is a very honſt man & far from party Sp.[illegible][guess: t] & Bigotry.)   If my Hond Patrons can ^find^ point out any alteration that can be made  with safety to the school in the Charter with ſafety to ye ſchool I will  do my utmoſt to Effect the Same — I cant conſent that So large an  Intereſt as is now held by it (which I verily beleive to be given ^by God^ in  anſwer to prayer), should be given up.   I long to have that done which will be honorary & quite Satiſfactory  to my Hond Patrons, one Frown from them, as I verily believe them  to be the Favorites of Heaven) ^& to have a single Eye to the Redeemers Cauſe would^ depreſs [illegible] & Sink [illegible][guess: ,] me more than [illegible][guess: than] all  the (Barking and) Slandering of thouſands who are inſpired from another  Quarter — Theſe Storms rather incourage & Strengthen me — I believe  Satan well knows that his Kingdom is in danger from this School, and  if poſsible will prevent the pious souls who are fitting to Storm his Caſtle,  their appearing in Arms againſt his Strong Holds —  (these young Miſsrs beg leave to tranſcribe your three Characters viz  AB&C which I allow them to do. but when I shall have leiſure to  anſwer your deſire reſpecting it I cant tell I have scarce a leiſure Hour  in a month. I am not able to anſwer half the Letters I receive from  Corriſpondents) — I know you will not ceaſe to pray for Hond ſir   
your obliged & very Humble serv.t   Eleazar Wheelock    John Thornton Esqr   
To John Thornton Esqr  May 6. 1772.