The Trust in England, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1772 May 1


abstractThe Trustees acknowledge their approval of the progress of the great design, the college, and the reconciliation with Kirkland. They remind Wheelock to keep the accounts for the college and the charity school separate, and note that they have granted Occom 50 pounds a year.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperTwo large sheets appear to have once been one large sheet folded in half to make four pages. The paper has been reinforced, which makes it difficult to gauge its condition; it appears to be in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear that results in a minor loss of text.

inkBrown ink is dimmed somewhat by the reinforcement.

noteworthyThere is, in addition to a trailer in Wheelock's hand (lower of the two on two recto), a trailer in an unknown hand that has itself been amended in yet another unknown hand.

signatureThere are multiple signatures; each appears to be in the hand of the signatory.

  Rev.d Sir, 
We have now before us your Letters of June  Septem:r 3:d and Decem:r 3d ^1771^ and have deferr'd writing to this Time, —  because we found nothing in them that ſeem'd to require an immediate  Answer. 
We have great Satisfaction in hearing as well from Yourself  as from other hands of the Succeſs with which the great and difficult  Work of your Removal has been attended hitherto, and of the Suppo[gap: worn_edge][guess: rt]  and Encouragement which your important Designs have met with  in America and we flatter ourselves that it is not neceſsary for us  to repeat to You the Aſsurances of our entire confidence in the —  Disinterestedneſs and Steadineſs with which they will be conducted,  as long as they remain in your hands. In regard to that particular  part of them in the which We are immediately concerned, The Instruction  of Indians in the Knowledge of Christ and his Gospel, we have  nothing to ſuggest to You for the furtherance of that Object, in  addition to what we have intimated in our former Letters; trusting  entirely to your Care and Attention to go on as you have begun, in  keeping a ſeparate Account of every Thing that relates to that Design,  that we may at all times be able to give a clear and explicit account  of our Proceedings to those who have entrusted us with the management  of their Contributions for that excellent Purpose. As to what concerns  the Charter of Incorporation, we avoid saying any Thing on that  Subject which is a matter of more general Concern, and does not  relate to the Busineſs of this Trust. 
We have been lately taking into our Consideration, the Account  we have received of the present Condition of M.r Occom, whose past  eminent Services in the Prosecution of YOur Purpose, as well as the  peculiar Advantages which the Circumſtances of his Birth and Situation  give him for promoting the Design, entitle him to a very particular  Regard and Consideration from us: We have therefore agreed to order   
him immediately the Sum of Fifty Pounds, and to continue the ſame  to him annually during our Pleasure. We lament with You the  Offence that in two Instances of his Conduct M.r Occum has unhappily  given, but we cannot help imputing them in some Degree to the great —  Difficulty of the Circumstances He was then in; and, depending upon the  account you give us of his sincere Remorse, and the Shame he has taken  to Himself, which is corroborated by a Certificate we have received signed  by a considerable Number of respectable Persons at Norwich of the of  November last, of his good Behaviour since that time We flatter —  ourselves that this Provision will greatly contribute to prevent any —  Repetition of the same Misconduct. 
Nothing can be more pleasing to us than to hear of the return  of good Understanding between You & M.r Kirkland we cannot but admire  the indefatigable Zeal, and Aſsiduity of that worthy Man, as well as  the uncommon Instance that he has lately given of his disinterested  Regard to the good of the Cause in which he is engaged: we promise  ourselves the happiest Effect from your concurrent Labours to promote  the same good Ends and we wish him the same Prosperity and —  Succeſs under the Direction of the Boston Board, as we could do, if he  was ^still^ employed by us. The Lord of the Harvest is the same, & we  cannot but bear the same good will to all the Labourers, whom he  shall think fit to honour with Employment in his Vineyard. 
We ſhall depend upon your Promise of continuing  to give us from time to time accounts of your farther Proceedings,  and of any Occurrences that may happen that You may think  materials for the Information of   
Rev.d Sir   Your obedient humble Serv,ts   Dartmouth  SS Smythe.  John Thornton  Cha.s Hardy  Danl West  Sam.l Savage  Robt Keen 
^[left]Rec.d Septr 25 1772^  Lord Dartmouth   & others of the [illegible]Trust. —   May 1, 1772   
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