Ralph Wheelock, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1771 October 11


abstractRalph Wheelock updates his father on his travels and his illness. He mentions his sorrow at Maltby's death and a meeting with Occom.

handwritingHandwriting is very clear and legible, though letter case—especially with regard to the letter S—is occasionally difficult to discern.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyOn one verso, it is uncertain to whom Wheelock refers when he mentions the Colonel, and so he has been left untagged.

Rev.d and ever Hono.d Father. 
Last Fryday ab.t 10 oc I heard y.e h^e^avy and  maloncolly News of y.e death of My Dear de =parted Brother Maltby, (tho' it was leſs heavy  yn it wo'd have been had I not have had y.t  agreeable interview, I was favd wth at my  hono.d Uncles at Long Meddow, on my way  to Connecticut) in whose Company & Fraternal  love I had promiſsed myself much delight  & satisfaction; But He is gone, & I believe  Sir, gone to his Father, therefore I as I love'd  him I cannot wish him back — Little did I  think wn we parted, und.r our respective States  of Bodey it w.d have been my part to have  carried wth me daily y.e Mourners Garbe,  but God still governs, & I think, Sir, I still  feel a glow of strength & vigour rising from  y.e tho't while I write. 
I have never yet had an oppertunty to write  You wn I have had strength of Bodey, as is y.e  case now, viz an oppertunity, tho' I hope for  one by White, wre I have been some time; &  found y.e Parent & y.e Friend. D.r Huntington  shew'd a discouragm.t wn I first apply'd to him for  help, however would attempt it a close applicatn  of Medicens might be attended to, wh has been  my steady care till now — & und.r y.e bleſsing of my  divine Lord I find myself gaing, am able to  walk wthout fear as far as miſs Gagers &c —  yet find my Nervous System much decaed, &  spent wn y.e D.r says my Fitts wth all my  other disorders have lain from my Infancy,  wh he thinks may (after my late distreſs.g Sick =neſs) be help'd, by a change of all — my Fitts are  lighter, my mind more my own, & my Nerves  stronger   
 Stronger, tho' I am but just able to keep abt, &  converse wth my Friends. y.e D.r daily longs to see  You, Sir, once more before he meets You in Heaven 
I found nothg new at Hartford as I came  down — All are well at Hebron, w.t M.r Pomeroy  thinks of a removal I can't yet learn ,— I lodg'd  at y.e Colos one night, M.r Buckminster says he  really thinks, things have been wrongly represent  ‐ed of y.e Col:o y.t his friendſhip for You Sir & Yos  are greater Yn is tho't — I have spent several days  in Norwich, bleſsed be God. I find Friends abroad  uncommonly kind & affectionate. I spent an after  noon wth ^Mr^ Occom, his mind has been filld, & from  abroad, tho' I did not see his Letters, wth many  th.gs wh to him he calls very hard, & appeard to  me to be easy whether he was still connected wth  y.e School or not, he means to justifie all his  conduct in his treatm.t of You, viz, y.t it has been wth  honesty as to a parent & greives y.t Y.r Heart as  a Fathers is gone; I attempted to mention some  things of his conduct to You but to little purpose,  He is, he says, at Y.r Service at all times wn  You call for him as for other Miſsarys &c — 
Col.o Jabez = I hear, will send a Son to Y.r care,  as will Col.o Dyer & Col.o Conant = the Cause has  its friends, as well as its enemies in y.e Goverment  — I saw M.r Kirtland last week at Esq.r Grays   as he calld to see me, vastly kind affectionate & friendly  designs to see you on his way home — 
I am now at y.e Crank, it is y.e same; &  its Inhabitants are y.e same, friends & enemies  tho'   
tho' I am happy eno'f to keep out of y.ir Jars,  M.r Brockaway told me Yesterdy he designd to  leave 'em after two Sabbath, an agreeable  man, but an ungreatfull pp: — 
I meet my Sister Abby y.e 2nd Inst.t on  my way from Norwich to Windham she was  well & in good Spirits — 
Bingham obtains a good Name from  y.e Neighbours, but has lived an unhappy  life wth M.r Loomiſs in y.e House, tho' I hope now  for better doings — 
I am setting out for Hartford wth Gurley  (who gives Duty) to Visit my friends & keep on  y.e move as y.e Doct.r says — I hope by Divine  leave to return before winter to You, Sir, &  be able to do someth.g to ease Yr burdens. 
Please present unfeigned Duty to my  hono.d Mother, Love to y.e Brothers & Sister^[below][illegible][guess: s]^  & to all, M.r Woodward I w.d greatfully rememb  =er his kindneſs in his Letter, & w.d write but  have not strength now — 
And Accept much Duty to Yourself  hono.d Sir, from   
Your [illegible]Dutyfull & Obd.t Son   Ralph Wheelock 
Lebanon   Oct.r 11. 1771.   Rev.d D.r Wheelock   
From  M.r Ralph Wheelock   Octb.r 11. 1771